Can Massage Therapy Help With Weight Loss?

Weight loss is a big issue for a lot of people. There are many different motivating factors for losing weight. It could be purely a vanity reason or perhaps you are a triathlon mad athlete committed to getting the best out of your body or you might even be on doctor's orders to lose a few pounds.

Can Massage Therapy Help With Weight Loss?

Whatever your shape and size and whatever your motive is, it doesn't always come easy. You will hear of many different messages, different ideas and a lot people claiming the best way to lose weight.

The truth is there probably isn't a 'best way' at all. There are just different methods that work well for some people and methods that work better for others. In this article I want to look at the role massage therapy can play in losing weight.

Different types of weight loss

Just to be clear weight loss doesn't necessarily mean fat loss. Fat loss isn't always necessary and can be damaging to the body. It is very important to have a healthy body and having too much fat or too little fat does not make a healthy body.

In most cases however it does mean fat loss. We are primarily looking at the role massage can play in fat loss.

Massage therapy will not directly result in you losing weight

It is important to stress that massage alone will not do anything to make you lose weight. You can't just book yourself on a massage session and expect the fat to fly off your body as if by magic. To lose fat you need to do two things, eat well and exercise. However that is not so say massage can't play an important role in any plan.

weight loss massage therapy

If it doesn't directly result in weight loss, what does it do?

While any massage therapist worth their salt will never boldly claim massage is directly responsible for weight loss, there are many ways it can help facilitate it.

Firstly the physical benefits of massage. It can help your skin firm up, and it can potentially eliminate cellulite by breaking down fat. This will aid your body's transformation.

Another physical benefit is a healthy body. As I stressed earlier, exercise is a key part of a weight loss programme, you need to do it to succeed in healthy weight loss. However all too often people will get sidelined by injury or fatigue.

A regular massage session will help you avoid this by looking after your body. As well as preventing injury, your body will be able to push harder and therefore get more out of exercise. All of this is very helpful.

The final and significant way in which massage plays its role in losing weight is the mental side of things. A regular massage session will help firm in a new regime/routine. It will help you make a habit out of healthy living; it will help you stick to a bigger plan.

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