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How to Maintain Weight - Simple Steps to Maintain Your Weight

How to Maintain Weight
How to Maintain Weight? weight loss is not the easiest thing to do. You worked your butts off (literally) over the summer in order to achieve a slimmer, firm, toned body but as soon as the summer holiday approaches you become obsessed with how to maintain your weight. Well good news is, winter weight gain is not a requirement. The same things you did to lose weight will also help you maintain your weight and keep those unwanted extra pounds from coming back, the only difference though is that you must have a plan and be more determined to stick to your plan even when things get rough as it would along the line.

Here are some tips to help you maintain your weight.. (How to Maintain Weight)


1. Set Up an incentive for achieving your weight maintenance goal

Let's assume your goal is maintaining your current weight without gaining any extra pounds. Then think about anything that can serve as an incentive that will motivate you to remain focused. You can write out your goals and post a picture of the incentive which may be anything from books, a new dress, shoes, fitness equipment or a trip to your favorite country or state. To stay motivated. It is important that you post a picture of your incentive where it is visible. Seeing it all the time keeps you going.

2. If you have got a party to attend, then eat small meals before attending.

Prepare yourself for success by eating small meals before you attend parties where you are sure to be served fattening, decadent, unhealthy meals. I know going to parties or social gatherings is inevitable but you can always eat small meals before leaving home in order to tame your hunger and urge for those unhealthy meals. Before heading to that party, decide what you would eat that would not amount to set back in your journey maintain your weight and abide by it.

3. Take your meal with you whenever attending holiday gatherings.

Are you visiting a family member, or a friend for Thankingsgiving and you are scared of the huge temptation of those calorie- laden Thanksgiving meal? Then prepare for yourself a meal that will suit your goal and take it along with you in order to have a healthy option that you will enjoy. You may be criticised for bringing along your meal to the gathering(s) but an explanation of your goal to maintain your weight will help solve the problem.

4. Plan workout routines that you can do while travelling or too busy to go to the gym.

Download guided exercise plan to your ipod that can be done on your own whenever you don't have the time to go to the gym. You can use objects around you such as water jugs, cans of food, and some other heavy objects. And also remember to go for a walk, a vigorous walk is a great weight maintenance exercise and it will help you stay focused.

5. Reward yourself whenever you abide by your plan

Set up small rewards as part of the motivational incentives needed to help you stay on track in your journey to maintain your weight. Always remember to reward yourself whenever you say "NO THANK YOU" to a coworker or a friend who offers you homemade sweet breads and other unhealthy foods.

(How to Maintain Weight)

Never Ever :

1. Never ever Set Unrealistic goals for your weight maintenance

Setting unrealistic goals is the sure weight to back track or lose focus whenever those goals are not achieved. Always remember that losing weight wasn't easy and maintaining your present weight would never be easy either. Be kind to yourself, remember that change is challenging and takes time and effort.

2. Never ever Skip Meals

Skipping meals would make you want more the next time you eat. The key to maintaining your weight is eating more often. Frequent, small, healthy meals will help you tame your craving and also fire up your metabolism.

3. Never ever Try to Do It Alone

Never try to go your weight maintenance alone. Enlist the help of a good and loyal friend and be accountable to each other. Give yourselves conditions but never allow unhealthy eating habits in each other.

4. Never ever Focus on what you shouldn't eat

focusing on those foods that are not healthy for you would make eliminating them more tougher. Focus instead on those wonderful, flavorful, healthy food choices that will help you maintain your weight.

5. Never ever Punish yourself if you should yield to temptation

Sometimes we fall down, but beating yourself up will not help you to achieve your goals. Acknowledge where you feel that you could have done better and let it go. Focus on how proud you will feel when January arrives and you have already achieved the goals you set for yourself.

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