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Not Losing Weight? Know Why?

Not Losing Weight
Not losing weight, read on to know why. Don't worry if you are over weight. Now a days being over weight is very common and there is nothing very serious to worry about. All you need to get down from the ladder of weightiness is to put control over your diet. Here by saying so, I am not advising you to go on starvation but rather telling you to take healthy food.

In order to lose weight you should first know the cause which made you over weight. For every thing there is cause and effect relationship. So get to know the likely causes for not losing weight.

First of all, there are no one or two factors governing from which we can point out the real cause for not losing weight. There are dozens of factors for getting over weight.

So now let me pose few questions to you before you get down to burn away your fat.

Do you have insomnia?
Symptoms of not being able to get proper sleep are fatigue, low energy levels, nodding of easily, feeling irritable. When you are tired you cannot be to able to handle stress easily, so you reach for food as a coping mechanism thereby increasing in your calorie intake. Rest is very important for your body in order for your body to store fat more efficiently. Due to physiological stress fats in your body gets accumulated inefficiently, thereby making the needle on the scale go up.

Strive to get at least 8 hours of sleep daily without fail. Along with good sleep you need to add moderate amount of exercise to your daily routine.

Are you under any kind of stress?
The pace of life has increased dramatically since the advent of information technology, we live in a society which demands more from us thereby increasing stress in our lives, which indirectly effects our health. Everyone has different capacity of coping with stress. In response to stress whether it may be emotional or physical stress triggers a biochemical process where our body goes in to survival mode. In such situations our bodies store fuels, metabolism rate comes down, and our body dump out chemicals which are more likely to cause 'abdominal weight gain'.

Stress also could be responsible for not losing weight.
Relaxation techniques like meditation and moderate level of excise helps in burning excess amount of fat and increase other health benefits.

Are you on any type of medication or drugs ?
Before I say anything about drugs, first I would like to say that every drug behaves differently when it comes to adding weight to your body.
Some prescription drugs used to cure depression, mood disorder, seizures, diabetics, migraine, blood pressure can cause weight gain from moderate to immoderate amount. Every drug works a little differently to cause weight gain, from increasing appetite, altering the fat stored, to how insulin level change.

Not all drugs have same side effects on all people. Some drugs can cause fluid retention which give false indication of fat gain and can easily be corrected.

Experts say that some of the most common types of medication that may result in weight gain are:
o Steroids
o Antidepressants
o Antipsychotics
o Antiseizure medications
o Diabetes medications
o High blood pressure medications
o Heartburn medications

If you suspect any of your medication for causing weight gain then consult your health care provider to see about changing your prescription.

Are you suffering from hypothyroidism?

The most common medical condition for weight gain is 'hypothyroidism'. What actually hypothyroidism does is, it considerably decreases the amount of metabolism rate causing loss of appetite and weight gain. The most common symptoms are headaches, feeling tired, lethargic, sleeping too much , intolerance to cold then you must consult your physician in first place. Then it is likely that you might have fallen prey to this disease. If you are not losing weight then hypothyroidism could be the culprit.

Much rarer is a condition known as 'Crushing's syndrome - a disorder caused by excess of the hormone known as 'cortisol' - that can also result in weight gain.

Have you reached menopause ?
Women reach menopause at range of ages and most of them are in midlife and are often less active then when they were younger. The metabolic rate slows down with age. When women go through menopause they lose the hormone known as 'estrogen' causing their change in shape - usually loss of hip and thigh weight. And they start to gain more weight in the middle.

Estrogen favors fat deposition in the lower body and when they lose this hormone the weight gets deposited in the midsection of the body. Low levels of estrogen hormone could be responsible for not losing weight in women who have reached their menopause.

Experts say women need to understand how critically important weight lifting and strength training is to their health. Don't worry doing strength training doesn't make women muscle-bound.

A healthy calorie-controlled diet rich in vitamin D and calcium along with little workout is the answer to menopausal weight gain. There are the most important and common reasons for not losing weight.

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