How to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks

Lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks seems to be impossible mission. But there are solutions to help you achieve your goals. You guessed probably because it is sport, a healthy diet and an adapted regime.

Practice sport

Sport allows to quickly burn your calories too. For a substantial loss of weight,choose a daily program. But do not force yourself if you are not used. Go gently,and increase the pace gradually. Then, don't forget to spare you from time to time by drinking water.

Endurance sports are highly recommended, as they are losing 600 calories in an hour. Also, you can go swimming, cycling or aerobics. Otherwise, basketball and speed allow you to let off steam and lose weight at the same time.

Dancing, walking and golf are not tiring, but allow to lose 400 calories in an hour. You can practice 3 times in a week for thirty minutes per session.

Boost your daily life to the rhythm of sport. Dance by setting the table, doing the pumps watching TV or take the time to look after your car.

Watch your diet

You're more likely to quickly lose weight by watching your diet. Below are some tips that will benefit you:

Prefer the homemade dishes. This will allow you to measure the calories you swallowed at every meal and eating. In this way, you can for example cook with organic oils. And it will be easy for you to avoid foods rich in carbohydrates and lipids.

Don't skip any meal of the day. Be aware that to get to the diet can affect your health. It can even make you gain weight. Indeed, when you are hungry, your body uses its energy reserves and burns fat slowly.

Eat fruits and vegetables: these are foods that provide few calories.

Choose fish or chicken if you can not do without meat. They are poor in protein and compensate your light fat intake.

Balance out your diet and exercise you are doing.

Make a plan

A proper diet will allow you to quickly reach your goals. Do help you by a specialist. A nutritionist will prescribe a diet adapted to lose weight in a limited period of time. He may prescribe food fast fat burners coupled with a proper sport. There are also specific plans developed by specialists. 

The list is long yet need to remember that a drastic diet that it is low calorie or high calorie contains significant risks, it can go up to cause cardiovascular diseases or deficiencies. 

The yo-yo effect is also a consequence of the sometimes too private.However, some plans by choosing well, may actually help to lose 10 pounds in 2weeks.