Thursday, November 12, 2015

What Is the Best Way to Get Rid of Love Handles?

I remember one morning, waking up, looking at myself in the mirror and I saw my belly hanging over my waist. I knew that I needed to make a change immediately. I kept on asking the question, "What is the best way to get rid of love handles?" I did some research on the internet and started a fitness blog so that I can get an idea of how to lose weight quickly. After doing some experimenting, I finally found the best way to lose those love handles, without sacrificing the food that I love.

What Is the Best Way to Get Rid of Love Handles

Here are 10 fitness tips that will help you lose weight in a week. These are the same tips that I followed that helped me to lose 10 lbs. in one week. Your results may vary, but if you follow these guidelines, you will definitely shed some serious weight.

1. Start your day with a rigorous, cardio workout. It doesn't matter what type of workout program you use so as long it gets your heart rate up. Be sure to drink water before, during, and after your workout.

2. Do not eat breakfast before your workout. Some of you may say that you need to eat before exercising, but what I have found out that your body will burn more calories and fat when you do not eat anything after waking up.

3. Eat a normal, high protein breakfast. Your body will need the nourishment to refuel after an intense workout.

4. At some point in the day, eat a healthy serving of oatmeal. Oatmeal acts as a sponge that cleans your arteries and blood vessels of harmful cholesterol. It also provides the good carbohydrates that will keep your energy running high. Eat a bowl full of oatmeal once every day.

5. One of the advantages of working out in the morning before breakfast is that no matter what you eat for lunch, your body will burn the calories.

6. Drink lots of water during the day to keep your body hydrated. Cold water is best because it will make your body burn more calories.

7. Eat a normal dinner.

8. In the evening, engage in another round of cardio or muscle-building exercises. At this point, it is best to have a protein shake before and after your evening workouts.

9. This choice is up to you, but I would prefer that you stay away from caffeinated drinks.

10. Before you go to bed, drink a cup or two of water, not only to burn the calories, but to prevent a heart attack or stroke.

I started a blog last year and I asked a question about whether I should do Team Beachbody's Insanity program two times a day. The answer that I received was that it would be OK to engage in a rigorous exercise routine twice a day.

What is the best way to get rid of love handles? Follow these steps and you will achieve your weight loss goal!

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