5 Tips to Lose Lower Belly Fat

Body fat is bad but lower belly fat is a nightmare for many. It makes us look very bulky and loose. Especially for women it becomes the killer of their beauty. People who unintentionally piled up fat on their lower body and want to get rid of it should know that it's not an easy task. The fat on hips and lower belly are the hardest to lose but it's not impossible. You can lose the lower body fat through a consistent healthy pattern. Below are some of the healthy ways which will help you in getting rid of lower belly fat.

5 Tips to Lose Lower Belly Fat

  1. Start eating the right fat. Fat is not bad for the body but it should be the right kind of fat that provides energy to our body. It comes from fish, soymilk, sesame oil, green olives peanut oil, almond oil, avocado oil, corn oil and walnuts. These are poly and mono saturated fats and they help our body to actively run its system.

  2. Increase the consumption of water because it does not let fat stick to your body. Everyone should drink at least 25-30 glasses of water daily if they want to look fresh and healthy. 12-13 glasses of water are recommended by doctors as crucial for body functioning. Do not go below that level at any cost and cut of the carbonated drinks and energy drinks.

  3. Change in your life style is also very important. Try to make you environment as healthy as possible and surround yourself with people who are conscious about their health. Join a health club or a gym. Your environment changes your affect. Go for a short walk after having lunch or dinner. It will help your metabolism to fasten up. People who get lazy after eating have more chances of accumulating body fat.

  4. Make exercise your daily routine even if you can not do squats or crunches. You can adapt yourself to jogging or running. If this is hard for you try walking for 45-60 minutes everyday. That will be enough for a person of any age. Any kind of exercise works as a fuel burning machine and the fuel is our fat. Plus it acts as antitoxin and it clears out toxics from our body through sweat.

  5. Cut down your food in half. Eating more than our body needs is also a main reason for lower body fat. Over eating is a killer of your body shape and health. It can cause you many heath problems later in life. Try to eat two times a day. Never miss your breakfast have a healthy break fast but do not over eat. Have some cream free salad for lunch and then go for good dinner at night. Do not eat unless you feel hungry and always drink two glass of water before you start eating.
All these tips will help you maintain a good shape and healthy life style. Lower belly fat is a threat for you and your successful life.

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