HIIT Training Workouts Using Dumbbells

If you're asking yourself what HIIT Training is (pronounced "HIT") it stands for "High Intensity Interval Training". It is a type of "sprint" training. All this means is it came from a type of training that was designed to add power and quickness and coordination to the trainee. It is a great way to improve your cardiovascular capacity (capacity for your heart and lungs to do work efficiently) and for you to increase your metabolism and burn fat (in the recovery process a day or two after training).

HIIT Training Workouts Using Dumbbells

HIIT training isn't for everyone... but it can be taught and can be used very effectively. It is also great for people who don't really prefer to do cardio because the intervals are very short (15-30seconds) with rest or active rest periods in between each round or set.

What did that all mean? Well to better understand HIIT Training and how to design a HIIT Training workout with weights, lets design one together.

The most simple and classic type of HIIT Training would be strictly for Cardio and Power. This will spike your metabolism and accelerate fat burning post-exercise due to the needs of the recovery process.
Workout #1 *Need a track/Long Yard/driveway. No Treadmills.
Always warm up... do a set of 50 jumping jacks and stretch your legs before beginning.

Begin your sprint training

1) On your mark, get set... SPRINT! All Out as Hard and Fast as your legs go. Use your arms to cut through the air like your in the Olympics trying to cross the finish line! (15sec)

2) Take a complete REST by walking it out up and down your drive way.

*If you are using your driveway, spring to one end and back (like shuttles you did for the physical fitness test in school).

Complete AS many Rounds as your body can stand.

*A workout can last anywhere from 10-30minutes*

**Make sure you eat 45minutes prior to a HIIT Workout (Carbs & Some protein).

THAT was just CARDIO Based... but what about incorporating weights into your HIIT training?
Ah this is where it gets tricky because GOOD form MUST be maintained... SO I would suggest doing a HIIT Training session with your trainer first so they can watch you and make sure your FORM is strict and good.

OKAY... SO... lets do this!

UPPER BODY HIIT TRAINING *I suggest using a buddy so they can time you or a trainer
Round 1:

1) PUSH-UP'S: Do them FAST and HARD. You want as many as you can do in 30 seconds! (FAST on the CONCENTRIC or UP movement... slower on the LOWERING phase)

1a) 30 seconds - 1 MINUTE breather/rest

2) INVERTED ROW/BENT OVER BARBELL ROWS (as many as you can do in 30 sec). Again... FAST on the PULL and SLOW on the "Lowering". Keep those backs nice and neutral!!!! We don't want to pull a back muscle or strain it!

2A) 30 seconds - 1 MINUTE breather/rest

(REPEAT 3-6X depending on your level of fitness)

Round 2

1) BICEP CURLS (follow same protocol as above) - no rest-go right into number 2
2) SKULL CRUSHERS (FAST on the way UP slow bringing the bar back DOWN) - 1 minute rest - REPEAT 3-6X

Since I prefer to do my HIIT Training separate from my WEIGHT training, when I train my own clients this is a typical workout I would prefer to use. I basically COMBINE HIIT Training Intervals (cardio) with regular traditional Strength Training Exercises.


1) SPRINT (15 seconds) REST (15seconds)
2) WALKING LUNGES (30x) Rest Legs (2 minutes)
--REPEAT 3X--and Move to #3 and #4--
3) BOX JUMPS (15 seconds) REST (15seconds)
4) SIDE-STEP GOBLET SQUAT with 20lb Weight (or heavier) (20-24x) Rest (2minutes)
--REPEAT (3&4) 3x--

Walk It Off and Stretch to Cool Down... recover by having a nice protein shake!!!!

HIIT Training really is an incredible tool if used with precision and care. It can really add incredible depth to your cardiovascular capacity, endurance, and overall strength and stamina. It is a great way for athletes to develop fast twitch muscle fibers that are often used in Sprint type sports where sudden and explosive moves are necessary. HIIT Training can be taken to heights of your wish as long as you come up with your own styles as a coach for your athletes... you can add agility aspects or coordination aspects with ease.
Simple ways would be that your athletes would sprint by command.

Have them jog in place and wait for your direction; "Sprint Left!!!" and they sprint left. STOP. Sprint RIGHT! and they have to quickly respond and sprint right.

Simple changes make a great impact. HIIT Training shouldn't be done more than 3x/week.
Allow the body to fully recover and rest for couple days. Fuel up after with some protein and carbs (2:1).

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