Losing Abdominal Fat - 7 Things You Need To Know About Losing Abdominal Fat

Fats? Oh no! Oh my! I want it gone soon. Truly, fat has always been terrifying most people, men and women. As such, losing abdominal fat is one fitness goal people are dreaming to achieve sooner. What people do not know is that fats are needed by the body; the only thing is, up to where the fats accumulate.

Unfortunately, fats from foods we consume love to accumulate in our midsection (buttocks, hips, tights and abdomens). More so, carrying fats around the abdomen is unpleasing to look at, thus losing fat from it is necessary for many.

True enough, the most common area that both men and women are wanting to correct and change is their abdomen. Even if people have less belly fat, more belly fat and a desire to tone the abdominals, almost majority seem to be discontented and dissatisfied with the looks of their abdomen, not until they work out for it. Just like any weight loss program, there is no such thing as quick fix most especially when the fat is in the abdominal area, but to achieve a greater result is possible.

When you want to get rid of abdominal fat and eventually lose it, patience and time are of the essence given the fact that the abdominal fat or love handles are two of the most stubborn areas of the body which are highly resistant to change. You may see a lot of people exercising to death all throughout the day with the new and latest abdominal fat gadget, doing sit-ups, crunches, side bends, leg lifts, planks, and all other means just to get rid of your old time enemy - abdominal fat. However, that alone cannot help you, the very way to lose it is through the combination of proper diet, cardio training, abdominal trainings and resistance training.

What You Need To Know...

1) The reason for having those stubborn fats is related to genetics and gender. When obesity is in the family, you are most likely affected too. When you are a male, your fat storage is common around the abdomen, and when you are a female, your fats are commonly found around the thighs, buttocks, lower arms and abdominals.

2) Excess fats in the body can pose danger to health. It can increase your risk for heart diseases and increase blood sugar (diabetes).

3) Abdominal fat is the easiest to gain, but the hardest to lose, which is why for most people, no matter how hard they work out, changes are still not evident.

4) Many people have gone miles and miles on trying to exercise specific areas of their body including the abdomen. They believe in the idea that fat will be burnt directly from the area they are actually working. What it does to the abdominals will just tighten and tone your muscles and do not tend to lose the fat.

5) Spot reduction is not effective; remember, there are no magical treatments, no miraculous creams, and no wonder drugs that can help you lose the fat overnight.

6) Dieting through food restriction is not healthy; it will not work to lose your abdominal fat, it will worsen the condition as the body is in a starvation mode and it cannot work fully to burn fats.

7) Contrary to those myths and beliefs that have led people to fail, the best way in losing abdominal fat should include the following:
  • Cardiovascular exercises are the best exercise to burn belly fat not because they work on the belly alone, but because they allow working the total body. That means you do aerobic, brisk walking, jogging, tread milling, biking, elliptical exercise and stair climbing. What makes it effective is that they help body's metabolism to become faster, and the faster the metabolism is, the faster the fats to be burnt.
  • Do some abdominal exercises to enhance and add up the burning process of the abdominals such as sit-ups, crunch, plank,
  • Don't give up too soon when exercising. Remember, within 15-20 min. of cardio exercises that's' the time you'll start losing fat. If you want to burn your fat and lose it, do exercises between 30 to 60 minutes daily for 5 days weekly.
  • There is no SINGLE way you can lose your belly fat by practicing sport. Without a proper diet you'll see no results at all. You should know that to burn belly fat you need to concentrate and improve your diet plus exercise. Your diet must be in high protein, fiber, moderate carbohydrates, and less fat intake together with cardio activities and abs training.
  • A proper diet has to be low in calories. The number of the calories you are eating has to be less than the number of those burnt during sports and exercise.
  • Don't ever starve yourself to death. It will do you no good, to your body and health; your body will not be able to work at its fullest in burning fats, and you will become just too weak do practice sport or do anything else such as exercise. Eat more vegetables, grills, fruits and fish. Do away with fast food, sugar, microwave foods, cola (soft drinks).
  • Drink always plenty of water, 3 liters daily. Remember, when you are working out, you have to lose a lot and you don't want to get dehydrated.

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