Weight Loss Success Stories For Women Can Start With A Few Simple Strategies

If you have been carrying a few extra pounds for several years, it is time to take a hard look at your diet. You cannot just push a button and start losing belly fat. Just like any project you undertake, there has to be some background data available to establish direction.

Yes, weight loss success stories for women start in the kitchen, but you have to go through the Planning Room to get there. Educate yourself about what foods provide energy and build lean muscle (which increases your metabolism naturally) and what foods are most easily deposited on your waist and hips as fat.

Weight Loss Success Stories For Women

Something has got to go.

You cannot go wrong by getting sugar foods and processed foods out of your current diet. These two groups do more to sabotage your fat loss efforts than any other. Yes, both of these groups taste great, but that is about where it begins and ends.

Sugar foods (pastries, boxed cereal, desserts, pop, energy drinks) are loaded with calories and jack-up your blood sugar levels which spikes insulin release. These foods are carried right to fat storage.

Processed foods are usually high-carb, high-fat, high-calorie...and bloated with chemicals you cannot even pronounce. Even though it may taste delicious, do you really want that lump lying in your stomach all evening?

Natural foods are the backbone of fat loss for women.

Replace sugar foods and processed foods with those produced by Mother Nature. Fresh fruit and raw vegetables are your best source of carbs for energy. Just eating one apple can make you feel full for a couple of hours, and it is certainly better than chocolate-covered doughnut.

Be conscious of what you eat at each meal and snack. If you include at least one fruit, one vegetable, and one solid protein source each time, you are on your way to lifelong nutrition.

Fruits and vegetables contain a load of vitamins, fiber, and anti-oxidants. Truly, you will NOT find that in a bagel and cream cheese. Solid protein sources make you feel satiated (full) and are the building blocks of lean muscle tissue.

Educate yourself about eating healthy unsaturated fats and Omega-3's.

Natural foods are the "go-to" source for Olympic and professional athletes. Trust me, figure skaters, 200m butterfliers, and heptathletes are NOT loading up with foods out of boxes and plastic containers to win gold medals.

Eating less does not mean starving.

Losing belly fat is not about starving yourself, but it is about reducing the intake of foods that are not good for you and creating a "calorie deficit" each week. The great thing about eating natural foods is that you can eat as many raw vegetables as you wish. (You can't do that with chicken nuggets or pizza, can you?)

Eating less bread and pasta will also help accelerate fat loss. Yes, I know they are promoted as energy for athletes, but unless you are training each day for a sprint competition, you can reduce your consumption down to one or two small portions each week.

Eating natural foods to lose weight also keeps you from extreme dieting strategies that can be harmful.

Meal planing is a key to weight loss success stories for women.

Plan you meals, don't just grab food on the fly. Until quality food choices become automatic, use a pencil and paper to plan out several days of eating...and stick to it!
Start with your basic one fruit, one vegetable, one solid protein (like turkey, grilled chicken, or wild fish) and add in others. You will be surprised how an apple, several celery sticks, a few almonds, and a grilled chicken breast will fill you up.

Eating out can lead to pigging out.

Eating out puts you in an atmosphere where you can easily stray from your nutritional path. You go into a nice restaurant where the smell of burning fat is seductive, the pictures in the menu look out of this world, and people are laughing and having fun. It is really hard to resist food that doesn't do anything other than sit on body as fat.

Yes, I know many restaurants promote their menu as "healthy for you", but unless you are ordering a house salad with light oil dressing EVERY time, you will sabotage yourself.

Why set yourself up? Save money and save the progress you've made by doing something special like a small picnic. You'll thank yourself at the end of the year.

Weight loss success stories for women require lifestyle changes.

Weight loss success stories for women happen because changes are made for a more positive lifestyle.

Dieting simply does not work because it is a short-term fix. You want to lose belly fat and thigh fat...and keep it off forever. You can do it by adhering to basic nutritional guidelines, and turning them into lifelong eating habits.

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