Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch Review

One of the fastest growing markets in health and fitness right now are fitness watches. The newest era of wearable technology brings in some very impressive fitness gadgets, and the Fitbit Surge is at the top of its category. In this article an experienced Surge wearer will give the down low on this fitness superwatch.


The Fitbit Surge has capabilities such as GPS tracking, continuous wrist heart rate monitoring, workout tracking, and sleep monitoring, all packed into the functional and sleek watch design.

How it Stands Out

The Surge stands out for multiple reasons. The heart rate monitor is one of the first of its kind to offer constant, and very accurate heart rate monitoring without the use of any separate chest strap. The surge also boasts a very accurate and useful daily step, calorie, elevation, and distance calculator.

A stand out feature for the Surge is its multi sport capability to track the users exercise metrics during numerous types of activity, such as hiking, biking, running, rowing, weightlifting, yoga, and many more. The battery lasts multiple days to a week depending on how often the users tracks their workouts and the overall design itself is sleek and fashionable for fitness enthusiasts.

What Needs Improvement

The main issue that arises with long term use of the Fitbit Surge is skin irritation from repeated wear.

The Surge band requires washing at least every other day in order to ensure that bacteria does not build up on the band. This is a general issue across many other types of fitness bands and watches, and is easily mitigated by washing the band each time you take it off.

Why You Should Get One of Your Own

The Surge is a magnificent piece of wearable technology that really will inspire its wearer to exercise and track their progress. It makes tracking your workout and daily lifestyle easy enough, so any person can make the right kind of changes with their life in order to live healthier. As an added bonus, with the Fitbit app integration, users can add other friends who wear Fitbit technologies and enter weekly and daily fitness challenges which boosts morale through friendly competition. You can challenge friends during individual workouts, daily challenges, or even week long challenges.

Ultimately the Fitbit is a great way to encourage yourself to workout and live a fit life, while enjoying it and being much more educated than you would be otherwise.

Overall, the Fitbit Surge is a fitness product ahead of any other in its category, and well worth the money for any person who cares about fitness in their life. It does not take a fitness fanatic to optimize what this watch can do, it was built for everyone.

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