Saturday, March 26, 2016

Losing Weight After 50 - Often Ignored Facts About The Fast Ways To Lose Fat And Excess Weight

The truth about losing weight after 50 is the same for Boomers now as it's always been; the goal posts haven't been moved. The fact is our metabolism slows down when we get older. Added to this slow down is the sedentary lifestyle so common in western society. Both these factors account for why we tend to put on weight when we get older.

I presume you are here because you want to find out if there are any fast ways to lose fat? The good news is yes, there are indeed safe, healthy fast ways to lose fat and control your weight. Read on to find out more about losing weight after 50:

Why does our metabolism slow down when we get older? A slow down in metabolism for Boomers is all down to the aging process, unfortunately. Our metabolism slows down by as much as 2% every 10 years from when we are 30 years old.

Why do we put on the weight in our Boomer years? In addition to a slow down in metabolic rate, we also lose muscle mass when we get older. Muscles use up calories. Excess fat develops when your metabolism slows down and your muscles shrink. You simply do not burn up as many calories as you did when you were younger.

How do you overcome a slow metabolism? There is plenty of good news when it comes to losing weight after 50, so don't despair. Boomers can tap into fast ways to lose fat by reducing their calorie intake as well as doing the best exercise to lose fat.
Men require 2500 calories and women require 2000 per day. If you reduce your calorie intake by only 300 - 500 calories per day and include the best exercise to lose fat into your daily activities you will see results even quicker. It's a simple equation: exercise combined with a calorie controlled diet is the best way to reduce body fat.

What is the best exercise to lose fat? First you need to understand that muscle weighs more than fat. Your weight might not drop that much if you gain muscle mass but your improved muscle tone and fat loss will be very noticeable.

The best exercise to lose fat is cardiovascular exercise and strength training, so try to do both:
1. Cardiovascular aerobic exercise includes walking, cycling, running, swimming and stair-walking. Try to do cardiovascular exercise at a brisk pace for 20 minutes, to raise your heart rate to between 55 - 90 percent of its maximum capacity. This will strengthen and enlarge your heart muscle, pump more blood around your body to your organs and, most importantly, it burns calories.

2. Strength or weight training builds muscle mass and firms and tone those muscles. The increase in muscle mass will help you lose fat faster because muscles burn more calories. This is without a doubt the best exercise to lose fat and is not restricted to the over 50's.

Finally, to be able to look forward to a fulfilling and healthy retirement you cannot go wrong by following this fat and weight loss guide. Make a decision now, chubby Boomers. Firming up and losing weight after 50 is an achievable goal easily within your reach.

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