Get Great Abs - How to Get Killer Abs in Just 12 Weeks - Expert Tips

Want the perfect washboard abs? Have you spent hours in the gym with little or no result? Here is a real plan for getting hard abs in as little as 12 weeks.

Get Great Abs - How to Get Killer #Abs in Just 12 Weeks - Expert Tips


The truth is, if you do not cut down on your body fat, you will not get well defined, ripped abs. You can do exercise all day long, but without watching your diet, you will have very little to show for it. This means cutting out the sugar, junk food, fats, snacks and sweetened drinks. Swap those for fruit, salad, healthy carbohydrates (pasta, vegetables, brown rice). An apple before your meal helps make you feel full and will reduce the amount you eat at the table. Likewise, warm, 'slurpy' liquids like a good vegetable soup will make you feel satisfied and thus less likely to gorge at mealtimes or head for the snack machine.


This might be another cold hard truth, but you have to exercise at least four times a week to see fast results. Do not listen to those TV ads for stomach gadgets which promise a washboard stomach with only 10 minutes a day. Exercise for 30-40 minutes, four days a week and with intensity. You will need some kind of cardiovascular activity to burn off the fat. Running, cycling, swimming, hiking, skipping, rowing...there are enough cardiovascular exercises to keep you from boredom.

Talking of boredom, this is one of the key reasons why people do not exercise regularly or for long enough. Pick an activity that interests you. For me, I find running on a treadmill or around a racetrack/circuit quite boring. However, if I run a linear route, I find there are more things to see around me and I almost forget that I am running. Plus, if I start at one end of town, I am forced to get myself home no matter what and therefore I am less likely to give up.


The Fartlek system of continuous and interval training is worth trying. Fartlek is a Swedish exercise method developed in the 1930s in which you vary the speed and intensity of your exercise in intervals. For example, you may start with a 10 minute warm-up job, then run hard for 4 minutes, jog for 1 minute, run hard for another 4 minutes, jog for 1 minute and continue this way 5-8 times depending on your fitness level, before ending with a 10 minute cool down jog. I started out with 20 seconds of sprinting, followed by 1 minute of jogging and built up from there.

Start out slow, take it a day at a time and gradually build up your stamina.


At least four times a week, preferably five times, do at least two sets of standard, reverse and oblique crunches. Aim for 15-10 reps per set. Make sure your middle and lower back stay on the floor and that you are using your stomach muscles, rather than your hands or neck to pull your head up. Do not let your chin touch your chest.

Once you get used to this, add 10 reps of jackknives. This is a crunch that also involves bringing your knees up to your shoulders, preferably with your lower half balancing off a bench (beginners should start on the floor). Then introduce side bends in which you stand up straight with both arms to your side (you may carry a dumbbell in one arm for extra resistance). Using your obliques or side stomach muscles, lower one side. Repeat on the other side.


Small, barely noticeable changes in your routine will make all the difference. Park 10 minutes further away from your home or office so you have to work a little farther, skip your daily snack attack and always pick the stairs over the escalator. Swap your latte for ice water. Drinking ice water burns extra calories as your body uses energy to heat it up, and an action as simple as chewing gum can burn off 11 calories per hour.


Perhaps you went away for the weekend trip and overindulged. That does not mean you have to write off your health and fitness routine. Just start again immediately (do not wait until 'tomorrow' as we all know that never comes!) and keep persisting. The results may not be evident immediately but if you keep at it, those killer abs will come.

Gemma Swansburg wishes you success in your quest for the perfect washboard abs. Gemma is a writer/researcher mainly in the areas of health and beauty. Read Gemma's latest article, a Luminess Tan review about the at-home self tanning system featured in Allure Magazine. For the best prices, special offers and step-by-step tutorials on the best airbrush tanning equipment, visit her site at

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