Stay Fit and Healthy With a Balanced Diet

Healthy and balanced diet must be enjoyed; it's not like what other people say that it's hard and not a good idea to have a balanced diet because you can't eat the foods that you like. You can still enjoy food, meals, snacks, candy, cooking, and desserts and eat them without indulging with healthy diet. Just be careful what you eat per day and randomly because your body needs certain nutrients, a balanced diet is a great way to control your weight and keep you fit and healthy.

If you want to change your lifestyle and want to live healthier there are many foods and nutritional supplements to consider helping you follow a balanced diet. You also need to deeply understand about food and food groups, food preparations, food choices, what are more balanced and nutritious. The food pyramid guide is one of the useful tools to ensure that you are on the right track in your healthy diet. There are 5 food groups that your healthy diet should have:

• Dairy
• Fruits and Vegetables
• Fats, Oil and Sugars
• Pasta, Bread and Grains
• Meat, Nuts and Protein

A balanced and healthy diet must contain the food groups listed above. You must also remember that there are food groups that require more servings than other food groups. Just consult an expert about the amount of serving of food groups to your daily diet because the serving also varies to your health status.

A Healthy and balanced diet can easily be a part of your life if you understand and accept its principles. You can start your healthy diet with vegetables and fruits. You can also add meat, bread and milk to your menu and you discipline yourself to stay away from junk foods and other foods that are high in calories and preservatives. Here are foods that you should eat for your healthy and balanced diet:

• Eat fresh, steamed, lightly-cooked vegetables.

• Eat different types of vegetables and increase antioxidant intake.

• Eat more fruit and vegetables each day, raw form is best and full of nutrients.

• Consume 2 to 4 servings of fruit per day and 3 to 5 servings of vegetables per day.

• Increase your consumption of natural foods, vitamin and food supplements, minerals and essential nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy.

• Include 1-2 servings of dairy products like yogurt and cheese to make your teeth and bones stronger.

• Eat whole grains like oats, wheat, buckwheat, barley, quinoa, brown or wild rice each day. You can add these to a vegetable stir fry, salad, or your favorite pasta dish.

• Eat small amounts of lean fish, poultry, pork, eggs, meat, beans, nuts and tofu 2 to 3 times each day.

• Also include healthy vegetable oils like olive oil and fish oils.

A Balanced and healthy diet plus exercise should be introduced in the early stages of our lives. Because it can help to keep ourselves healthy not just physically but also psychologically. Remember that you can always find the best tips and guidelines from the nutrition experts.

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