How To Lose Weight Naturally With High Intensity Running

I'd like to talk today about one of the most intense, high impact exercises that we all know about, that is running. Running is a very high impact exercise which can burn many calories in a short space of time. This will help to reduce body weight over time. 

A typical example of the amount of calorie expenditure produced from running, a 150 pound man, could burn up to 100 calories per mile when running, so the more miles a runner will cover the more calories they burn. Running will work virtually every muscle in the body, but the primary muscles worked are those in the lower body.

Now how exactly does running help me lose weight or drop a few pounds in a few short weeks or months? Well to start with as we have already mentioned running is a very high impact exercise which works many of the muscles of the body very hard, this in turn makes the heart work harder to adapt to the level of the effort of the runner, thus in turn produce calorie expenditure.

To lose weight, the process is very simple, a calorie reduction has to take place somewhere, and this can be done with the practice of healthy eating and also regular cardio vascular exercise. Running provides a great solution to burn lots of calories in a short space of time doe to the potential intensity that the runner can use when they are out running.

Now we have several options here, we can use a treadmill in a gym to get a run on, this can be very useful if the weather is poor. Or we can put on our running pants and do a few rounds round the local park or street, or wherever you fancy. Now when it comes to running, the treadmill has a few advantages over the running outdoors but only a few. With the runner using a treadmill, you have the functionality of monitoring your heart rate and the exact amount of calories that you burn during your workout, this also can be done on the streets, but it requires special fitness gadgets to do this.

 Most treadmills do provide an incline option, so that the runner can really challenge themselves at running uphill during their workout. This has a few benefits to it, when you run up-hill the heart and legs are forced to work much harder than running on flat ground, so more calories are burned in the process due to the heart rate beating harder.

This is much more challenging and provides the best way to increase the intensity for the runner's workout on the treadmill. The second way a runner can change the intensity on the treadmill is to simply go faster. This can be done by selecting the desired speed level that most treadmills have.

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The most effective way to change the intensity for the runners' workout is to simply select a HIIT interval training program. HIIT is short for High Intensity Interval Training, this is the most powerful type of training to do to burn more calories and get in to the fat burning zone. This type of running is the most effective for weight loss programs and improving overall fitness levels. Many personal trainers encourage this way of training to clients that want to lose weight, toned up or improve their fitness levels.

OK now onto running outdoors in all weathers. This is the most likely choice to most people, as the gym or home fitness facilities are somewhat of an obstacle for people that are trying to lose weight. Running outdoors offers the most challenging environment and is the most preferred option for people who want to start running to lose weight.

When you start to run outdoors the environment offers the challenge.

You have to be prepared to run on all types of grounds and surfaces, should they be hard or soft ground. This can be counterproductive as it can be slightly hard on the joints, but this issue can be fixed with the correct use of running trainers. A good way to get started with outdoor running is to design a schedule that you follow every week for a month and monitor your progress. This will help you stay motivated and you will look forward to the next time you go for a run.

 A fun and exciting challenge could be to try a run a mile with in a 4 week period, this is a good mini goal to set if you are trying to lose weight. They key to running is to start with jogging and gradually build things up slowly until the weight starts to come off and you get fitter. When you start running regular, the potential to burn lots of calories increases and this helps to promote weight loss.

This will need to be combined with a healthy balanced diet which has the right calorie intake and nutritional demands to running training program for the individual. The best time of day to go running to improve the chance of losing weight quicker would be to go early morning before the first meal is eaten.

The reason is because when you exercise early morning, there is no food in the body to use as energy, the body likes to use carbs for fuel, and so if there in carbs, and the body will use fat for the energy for the run. When you go for a run later in the day, you are burning the calories from the food that you ate earlier in the day.

Overall running is one of the most effective exercises to lose weight. It is a full body high impact exercise which can burn lots of calories in a short amount of time, and it provides a great way to burn those unwanted calories as part of a healthy weight loss program.

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