Popular Exercise Ball Ab Workouts

Exercise balls have become more popular among the general exercising public over the past 5-10 years. They can now be found at most gyms, and their relative low cost means that they are available to the home user, as well. Working out with an exercise ball is a lot of fun. They are easy to carry, easy to learn how to us, and they are great for doing exercises as a group.

Popular Exercise Ball Ab Workouts

Exercise balls are made out of elastic, soft PVC with a diameter ranging from 15-35 inches. They are mainly used for physical therapy, athletic training and physical exercise. The exercise ball is also known as the Swiss ball, balance ball, birth ball, body ball, or fitness ball.

Exercise balls help improve the efficiency of your workouts because they force your body to use micro-muscle movements to stabilize itself during exercise. The result is that you burn more calories and get stronger muscles than if you were to just sit on the floor or on a bench.

If you are interested in getting stronger ab muscles and have (or can get) access to an exercise ball, you are in luck. The exercise ball is great for building stronger stomach muscles and helping you get that washboard look. Here are three exercise ball ab workouts you can try at home or at the gym:

Face-Up Position

This one provides you with a great ab workout. Here's how:

1. Lie with your lower back on resting on the ball, face-up.
2. Put your arms across your chest or behind your head.
3. Use your abs to lift your body (torso) off the ball, swaying slightly so that your torso moves in the direction of your hips. Make sure to keep the ball stable: you should not roll the ball.
4. Lower back down while stretching your abs, then repeat for 15 reps.

Abdominal Tuck

1. Get into a push-up position, placing the ball under your knees. Your hands should be flat on the floor.
2. Bring your knees toward your chest as the ball rolls toward your ankles.
3. Return to the starting position. Be sure to stay balanced on your ball.
4. Do this for about 10 reps.

Balance Exercise

This one works your stomach muscles less directly than do the other two. However, the act of forcing your body to remain balanced on the ball will give your stomach a good workout.

1. Sit on the ball while placing your hands on your hips.
2. Stretch out your spine. Trick: imagine a string pulling your head upward.
3. Keep your feet together on the ground, just in front of the ball.
4. Lift one foot off the floor and hold this position for 3 to 5 seconds.
5. Now switch legs and repeat 8 times with each leg.
Exercise balls not only provide you with a great workout - they are also a lot of fun to use. Get yourself an exercise ball or try one at the gym next time you are there. Your abs - and your entire body - will thank you.

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