Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Stretches Using Foam Rollers

As we grow older, foam rollers have helped to get stronger muscles and improve the elasticity of your joints. Tests have shown that massages can relieve the pain but not as much as foam rollers. Many gyms have encouraged the use of this exercise as it is cheap and can be easily followed by anyone.

For doing stretches we need a long mat or a carpeted ground and the most important thing - the foam roller. Repeat the exercises at least thrice a week and you can feel the reduction in pain and the stiffness of the muscles.

First exercise:

Start slowly by laying a part of the body on the roller, and then roll in both the directions, till you have spotted a tender spot. Keep steady in that position till your muscles relax and you feel comfortable. Keep repeating further down till you can feel another block of pain. So, you will have to repeat the above mentioned process till that muscle also relaxes. If you feel the ground too taxing, in the beginning you can try on the bed. As you get used, try to shift down to the ground.

Second exercise:

The hip flexors exercise. For this you will have to face down with the foam roller perpendicular to the body. The last portion of the foam roller should be under your hip flexors. Gently try to roll the body, concentrate on the right pocket area and see that it extends from the belt line till the bottom of the pocket. Once you are comfortable with the right side, try the next side- the left side. Like this, you should repeat on both the hips till a level of relief is felt for both the hips.

Third exercise:

The shin exercise. It is especially designed for those who suffer from shin splints and that problem generally is suffered by shin splints. Put the foam roller across your body and kneel over the roller, in order to ensure that both shins are placed carefully on top of the roller. Place your bottom part of your body onto your heels off the floor and try to balance the hands and knees properly. Shift your weight to the exterior part of your right leg and roll that specific muscle from knee to ankle, then shift your weight to the left leg and repeat.

Fourth exercise:

Sit upright on the floor with the foam roller in a perpendicular position to your legs and under the calves. Cross the legs by first putting the right leg over the left leg. Ensure that right leg is placed over the left leg, thus routing out more weight on the leg being rolled out. Slowly roll down towards your ankle. Try to roll the center portion and the inner and outer portion of each calf on each leg. You can also experiment by pointing and flexing your ankle when you find tough areas in order to help the fibers ease out and expand. Repeat this movement on each calf.

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