Thursday, January 26, 2017

Gym Motivation - Steps You Should Take When You Don't Want to Go to the Gym

Getting a gym plan is expensive and you wouldn't want to waste your money, right? Especially in this economy that we are having, every centavo saved counts. So if you are enrolled in the gym, why aren't you going? You're probably filthy rich! Correct? If you are not, and even if you are, gym motivation is a problem a lot of people are having. Regardless of monthly income, if you have a gym you need to go to, why can't you bring yourself to go there so as not waste your membership? You don't have enough gym motivation, that's why. Here's a simple list to help your butt reach the bicycle machine and your feet get to the treadmill.

Sweat Now, Shine Later!

  1. CALL A FRIEND. This is what true friends are for. To be specific, true gym friends. The moment you feel like skipping a workout, grab your phone and dial a good gym friend! And I mean pick someone you know will encourage you to go to the gym and not someone you can encourage to skip it with you! Get yourself a few encouraging gym buddies, exchange digits, and make a pack to help each other to stay focused.
  2. TELL YOUR TRAINER / COACH. In the course of friendship, your friends might tend to slack off and let you skip gym once or twice a month... then three, four, five (you know how to count, you know what's next)... well, if good gym buddies are not enough to increase your gym motivation, get your trainer or coach's attention. These people want you to stay IN THE GYM for two reasons - to make you healthy and to keep their business open. Surely they'll do everything to encourage you to visit their gym!
  3. MIRROR POWER. Sometimes all you really need to do to push yourself to go to the gym is a trip to the mirror. Look at who you'll exercise for. Ask yourself if YOU are worth the short trip to the gym. Above anything else, going to the gym will benefit you and your health. So remind yourself that you are doing this to be lean, fit, happy, and healthy. Look in the mirror long and hard and tell yourself - YOU are WORTH IT!

These steps will help you in your journey in losing weight. Keep them in mind so that next time you need a little nudge for your gym motivation, you'll know exactly what to do - call a friend, inform your trainer/coach, or look in the mirror. Keep yourself motivated and have a better and healthier life!

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