The Best Time Of The Day For A Green Smoothie

Juicing and blending - the terms are often used interchangeably, but there is striking difference between the two. The difference is in the manner in which each is made. When fruits and vegetables are juiced, the liquid is extracted and the indigestible fiber is discarded, however when fruits and vegetables are blended to make a smoothie, they are served with the fibrous material.

This basic difference is the reason why juices can be had at any time during the day but smoothies cannot. Green smoothies with all their fibrous material are harder to digest. Hence, nutritionists and health experts advise against having one later in the day. The best time is also determined on the basis of how you have it - as a substitute for a meal or combined with a whole meal.

Morning - The Best Time

A green smoothie for breakfast is seen as the best option. There are several reasons for it. First, an empty stomach ensures better absorption of nutrients and minerals packed in the veggie-fruity blend. Second, as they take longer time to digest, they keep you felling full for a longer period of time and prevent binge eating. Green smoothies are not high in calories but are a dense energy source. Thus, it is a great way to break the morning fast and keeps energy levels from dipping.

A Good Substitute for Lunch

A green smoothie is a healthy replacement for a lunch meal, particularly when you are at work. Lunch breaks tend to be very short and there's no time to eat a proper meal in peace. People either opt for frozen packaged foods gorge on fast food available at the cafeteria. This is where you can have a green smoothie. You can finish it soon. Not only this, it is convenient to carry to work. Besides, small-size portable blenders allow one to make a fresh blend of fruits and vegetables in a minute. Make sure you have a glass big enough - 32 oz or a litre as it is necessary to provide your body with an adequate amount of calories.

After a Workout

A workout - a hard, laborious one - literally whets your appetite. As the body is depleted of energy, it craves for food. Many drink protein shakes and artificially sweetened juices after an exercise session. Instead, you can prepare and have a green smoothie after a workout session. As the heart rate is already elevated, the body will break down foods faster to convert food into energy for the body.

When you start drinking green smoothies, don't go overboard with them. If you have a smoothie for breakfast, do not have one for lunch and dinner too because it has been touted as a healthy alternative. The body requires all the food groups in a balanced amount and going on all-smoothie diet is as good as a crash or fad diet that starves the body. As far as dinner time is concerned, though we wouldn't recommend it, you can have a tall glass of green smoothie instead of your meal.

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