10 Lies You've Been Told About Losing Weight Fast

Billions and billions of dollars. That's what the weight loss industry makes on a yearly basis! And because of this, companies will most certainly go above and beyond to get their fair share of the profits.

Lies You've Been Told About Losing Weight Fast

That's good for them... and BAD for us dieters looking to lose weight and get in shape!

The reason it's bad is simply because their primary focus shifts from wanting to genuinely help people... to solely focusing on their bottom lines. One of the methods they use is by putting out false information in the hopes of persuading people into buying their next "best thing".

Listen, losing weight fast and getting great results can be done. However, falling into the traps set by these money grubbing weight loss companies will only send you down a path of no results... and possibly even worst.

To avoid getting caught into this trap, I have for you below 10 common lies told to you about getting fast results... and what you should do instead...

1. Pop some diet pills...

Taking diet pills is a dangerous route to travel down... and I highly recommend you take a detour or avoid it all together. Not only do diet pills have harmful ingredients in them that can do some serious damage to your body, they are also overpriced, and to put salt on the wound... they primarily reduce water weight... which is bound to come right back on!

2. All you need to do is detox...

Now yes, you should do things to help cleanse your digestive system, colon, and total body. Our bodies have a TON of toxins and waste in them that is making us sick, fat, and dying way too young. However, strictly doing JUST a detox is not a good idea. You still have to do all the other necessary tasks for losing weight and improving your overall health.

3. You need to completely cut out carbs...

Doing this will cause some serious issues with your digestive system and your energy levels... plus more. Now granted, it is imperative that you significantly reduce your simple carb intake (such as white flour foods, sugar, etc.), however, it is important that you get a healthy amount of COMPLEX carbs everyday (such as foods high in fiber). This will help your digestive system... which in turn helps your metabolism... which in turn helps you lose pounds of body fat... and more.

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4. You need to completely cut out fats...

The only type of fats I recommend you cut out are saturated and trans fats. With that said, I do recommend you get healthy fats in your diet (better known as monounsaturated fat and omega fatty acids). Getting high quality foods with healthy fats (such as nuts, olive oil, and more) will most certainly help you with weight loss, fat loss, and improving your overall health (such as heart health and improving your joints).

5. You should significantly reduce your calorie intake...

This will make you miserable, it will reduce your metabolism, it will make you lose muscle tissue, and so much more. You should only reduce your calorie intake by just a couple of hundred calories, and utilize fitness as the primary tool for minimizing your calories.

6. You have to do high intensity workouts everyday...

In theory, you would think that doing super intense cardio workouts that will make you sweat your butt off will do wonders for your body and will cause you to lose a ton of weight fast... and it will... however, doing so will cause 2 issues to happen that will pretty much make it foolish to follow this advice...

These other issues are you will more than likely get injured or your body will reach a plateau. Bottom line, just as important as it is to workout, is just as important that you give your body rest. When you rest, you allow your body to recover, your muscles will grow, you'll restore energy, and you'll least likely hit a plateau.

7. Skipping meals will make you skinny...

FYI: Skipping meals won’t do your body any favors. For one, skipping meals causes your blood sugar to drop, as mentioned by Women’s Health. When this happens, you’ll notice a slump in your mood, a drop in energy, and you might have trouble thinking clearly. If you keep it up, your body will eventually be forced to start breaking down muscle for fuel. This will take a toll on your metabolism, ultimately leaving you worse off. You’re better off sticking with regular meals filled with foods that will keep you energized. Think protein, produce, and whole grains.

8. Cut back on how much water you drink...

Those that say you should cut back on how much water you drink say this because water is heavy... and if you drink a lot of it, it adds on to your weight?! Please excuse for one moment while I try to stop myself from laughing so hard!

Drinking the recommended amount of water (1/2 your body weight in ounces) throughout the day WILL NOT MAKE YOU GAIN WEIGHT! Our bodies are primarily made up of water... and our bodies desire water more than anything. When you start drinking more water, you'll lose stored water weight, you'll improve your digestive system, you'll help your metabolism, and so much more.

9. You can’t ever eat out...

Just because you’re trying to lose weight, doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite restaurants. Healthy living is about making good choices. If you’re eating at a restaurant, opt for grilled instead of fried foods, ask for dressing on the side, and go for water instead of sugary drinks. It’s also smart to look at the menu ahead of time, that way you know what options will be available to you. This can also take away the stress from having to choose later on.

10. Eating healthy is boring...

Eating healthy doesn’t mean having just veggies and lean protein 24/7. While they should be staples in your diet if you’re trying to lose weight, there’s a whole world of other options out there that taste fantastic. From sandwiches and soups to snacks and dessert (yes, nutritious desserts do exist), you’d be surprised at just how delicious healthy foods can be. Obviously, that’s a lot to keep your taste buds happy.

And there’s more. Lack of sleep could hurt your weight-loss efforts, too. The Huffington Post says sleep deprivation causes an increase in cortisol, the stress hormone that can boost your appetite for sugary and fatty foods.

Article Source: Avy Barnes
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