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hcg diet

What is HCG Diet?

HCG is an acronym in English for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a hormone produced during pregnancy . In the 1950s , Dr. Albert Simeon discovered that this hormone can be used as a treatment against obesity. The HCG protocol was first developed as an injection. Later, in the form of pills, and drops.

Does the HCG Protocol really helps to lose weight ?

HCG become increasingly popular throughout the world . Many have had excellent results with this protocol. The average loss for women varies from 0.5 to 1 lbs per day on the HCG protocol without hormones, women from 1 to 2 pounds on average.

The HCG protocol without hormones works in a wonderful way in the human body . HCG drops are such that the body is in a situation where the body needs more energy. Since the calorie intake is limited, it becomes obliged to fetch in abnormal fat. The hypothalamus is activated to produce go, that is to say, this additional energy demand by feeding the unwanted fat.

The mechanism of appetite is reprogrammed. The body loses the habit of consuming too many calories, being satisfied with fewer calories, the long-term maintenance becomes easier.

The HCG protocol without hormones is effective and easy to follow. He helped people get rid of their extra pounds. The drops are administered under the tongue so readily absorbed by the body.

An effective method ?

The protocol is loved by men and women as it helps them to find a beautiful shape or morphology without interrupting daily operations.

The HCG protocol without hormones reprograms metabolism. Your abnormal fat melt to produce the energy you need to go about your business and avoid fatigue.

It is easier to maintain weight after following the phases of HCG protocol without hormones. Many say eat less once the maintenance being filled more quickly and with fewer calories.

HCG drops without hormones gives the appearance of freshness and youth to your skin.

But in fact, HCG , what does that mean ?

HCG Diet
HCG stands for "Human Chorionic Gonadotropin" It is a hormone produced naturally in pregnant women .

This is Dr. Albert TW Simeon who developed the famous HCG diet in the 50s.

He realized that combining a low calorie diet (500 kcal / day ) to HCG, the patient lost 0.5 to 1 lbs per day for women and 1 to 2 pounds for men.

In addition, the HCG diet would not lose any fat, but only the excess fat. ( The dream what ... )

The human body contains three types of fats :

Structural fat : those who support and protect our organs.
The "normal" fat present in the hands, soles of the feet ...
And abnormal fat : saddlebags, lifebuoys, love handles, etc...

The HCG diet would melt as abnormal fat.

But how does it work?

Without going into too much detail, it should be known that overweight or obese person has a slow metabolism that is partly due to a malfunction of the hypothalamus.

Accordingly? Metabolism does not burn all the calories ingested and stock the rest as fat hence the weight gain.

Therefore, even if an obese eat less and more healthily than usual , it does not seem to lose weight.

Besides several witness have followed several plans to the letter, making sport and nothing happens...

They lose quite a few pounds over here or there, but at the end of the race, they are either bigger than before, or nothing has changed ...

And the HCG protocol in all this?

The HCG protocol without hormones is composed of two parts:

A low calorie diet of 500 kcal / day.
Taking drops three times daily.

What differentiates the HCG protocol without hormones of a hypocaloric diet "classic" is that HCG plays a crucial role.

First, the HCG would remove excess fat.

Indeed , a pregnant woman naturally produces this hormone to dislodge accumulated fat to feed the baby.

So, even if the protocol is low calorie , the body would release between 1500 to 2500 kcal of fat per day, which would then bring the daily calorie amount that the individual needs.

Hunger would not then appeared and the patient would feel ( given the book by Dr. Albert TW Simeon and testimonials ) really good and full of energy.

Second, the HCG protocol without hormones resets the hypothalamus. This is an important point because it means that the patient will not resume weight long term.

What do the scientific studies ?

Some scientific studies have found that the HCG diet is not more effective than conventional low-calorie diet, in other words , we do not lose faster with HCG liquid protein for example, weight loss look like. But the results have not been carried out over time. But the interest of the HCG treatment is that the hypothalamus is reset and so... several months or several years later the patient maintains his weight.

Whereas in the case of a conventional low-calorie diet, the body feeling deprived, turns mode "survival" and once the terminated plan, the patient eventually resume its weight, or worse yet...


What is HCG Diet?

HCG Diet
Thousands of people who struggle with weight loss problems every year decided to look into HCG Ultra drops to see how they work, what they do, and how they should be used. If you are dealing with a similar problem, you might find it informative to look into them too. The information below with succinctly outline what they are and how they work, so that you get a well rounded view.

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) drops reportedly cause dramatic weight loss results by working with other products to prompt the hypothalamus to release the body's fat stores of the dieter in as healthy a way as is possible. Once the dieter loses their target weight, they can maintain that it by continuing with healthy and balanced eating and drinking habits.

Sublingual HCG is administered through shots by licensed health care professional or with sublingual HCG drops. Most people prefer sublingual HCG Ultra drops to shots, since that avoids their being stuck by a needle.

The low carbohydrate diet is designed around a cycle plan, which is particularly good for individuals who wish to lose more than forty pounds. Most weight loss experts agree that the dieter must faithfully adhere to the prescribed diet to produce the best results. After starting to use the drops, the person can eat and drink normally, because this helps them to identify and target existing fat deposits. In the next phase of the diet, they ought to drink at least 10 glasses of water a day, and can only eat previously approved meats, fruits, and vegetables, until they lose their goal weight. Maintaining their ideal body weight is the final step, which is done by limiting their sugar and starch intake to stay within recommended calorie parameters. To figure out what their calorie intake should be, all dieters have to do is add 0 to their total body weight. For instance, if an individual had reached their target weight of 120 pounds, they could consume 1,200 calories a day.

If you decide to buy hcg ultra diet drops, make sure to shop around a bit before making any final decisions, looking to see which ones provide the best support and prices so that you will get what you want, at a price you want. A few examples of the support you can expect from a dependable company are inspirational blogs, recipes, and advice on how to stick to your diet and exercise program. Many company websites also have testimonial sections where previous clients relate their experiences. Weekly tips are another service to look for, because they are short and don't require a lot of time.

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Some Information On How HCG Ultra Diet Drops Works

HCG Diet
HCG is a hormone produced by the uterus especially during pregnancy. This hormone is today believed to play a crucial role for weight loss programs. Not much is known concerning this hormone yet and the mechanism of action it does this or what adverse effects it could cause. It is in this view that we explore the answers on hCG Texas diets.

When and how the hormone was discovered and how it is related to weight loss is clear. An Indian doctor by the name Simeon did a study to look at how pregnancy results were affected in patients who were starved. Through his study he noted that the women especially the obese ended up having proportional weight losses. He noted that the hCG hormone produced at this pregnancy period caused mobilization of body fat stores that were not useful and broke it down. A repeat in clinical tests proved that the hormones caused weight loss by using unwanted fat stores while leaving the good stores.

Safety of the hormone to the body is another major issue of concern. This diet has been in use for about 60 years from the time it was discovered. Since that time no serious side effects have ever been reported. It is however important to remember that the diet is a medical therapy that must be prescribed by health workers and be monitored.

The function of the accompanying diet is significant in maintaining the starvation process but that of the hormone is most important. Normally, a purely low calorie diet will cause loss of weight but has adverse effects. It causes breaking down of even the good fat in addition to muscles and bone tissues. HCG ensures that the fat breakdown is restricted to the unwanted type. It also prevents destruction of bones and muscles. As a result the body shape is maintained.

There are usually some concerns on what happens when one suddenly stops loosing weight while still on treatment. This happens especially in times for menstrual period in women and is because of the hormonal imbalance changes at that time. Other explanations could be that the body is just reshaping itself at the time. Time should be given to the treatment as it is still working.

It is essential that you set enough time for resting and sleep during the course of treatment. Sleep of approximately 8 hours promotes faster weight loss. Exercise is not a requirement to the therapy for it to be effective but small exercises can help keep our bodies fit.

Stopping the diet or skipping some days in between the prescribed time is not advisable. The body can easily grow back to the original size or even worse. It will also interfere with the whole program such that trying to continue gives no results in size reduction.

Once the plan of treatment is complete, the ratio of the body muscle to that of fat is usually higher. This is good because the body acquires control of burning calories and controlling it which prevent other weight gain episodes. HCG Texas diet plan is therefore safe for use.

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Exploring The Truths Concerning HCG Texas Diets

HCG Diet
Having a lean and sculpted body is one dream that a lot of people have. This is why, in the recent years, the market for fitness regimens and supplements has boomed. The generation of today has veered away from the so-called quick fixes and miracle diets and has opted for the healthier ways for weight management.

Modern health and fitness specialists have stressed the importance of looking into the following three aspects in weight loss programs to establish its effectiveness: a weight loss supplement for your specific need, a regular exercise regime, and a healthy diet plan that will complement it all.

Among all the weight loss programs out there in the market today, one name is starting to gain more popularity among adults as an effective means for weight management. The HCG diet is a system that focuses on the use of the HCG or the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone in the form of Weight Loss HCG Drops as a weight loss supplement, and does not rely heavily on exercise to lose weight.

This diet is started with a Loading Stage of two days. In this stage, the user is encouraged to go heavy on the carbs, and anything they want. The main reason for this is for the body to prepare for the next stage in the diet, where the calorie intake will be minimized dramatically.

Next up is the Maintenance Stage. This is a very low calorie stage. Traditionally, the calorie limit for users is at 500, but can be increased to 800 or 1,200 calories per day. It is encouraged that fruits and vegetables make up the bulk of the user’s diet. It is also in this stage that the user starts to take the HCG hormone in the prescribed dose. The hormone is taken in the form of Weight Loss HCG Drops. The duration for this stage can be from 23 to 43 days.

The last phase of the diet is called the Stabilization Stage, which lasts from 1 to 2 weeks. During this stage, the user’s body is given the chance to adjust to its normal caloric intake. Weight Loss HCG Drops are now only given when the user experiences hunger pangs, but with a smaller dosage.

Aside from losing weight, you will also enjoy having an increased metabolism rate, more energy, improved sleep, stronger immune system, lowered cholesterol and blood pressure, and a decreased appetite – all this with a maintained muscle mass. As you can see, the HCG diet is not your usual quick fix. Results are seen within two months and definitely not overnight but the benefits reaped alongside the weight loss will surely be worth it all. Taking up the HCG program takes determination and strong drive towards weight loss, but knowing that there is positive result waiting at the end of the tunnel, makes the challenge worthwhile. - See more at:

How to Start Your HCG Program

Weight Loss HCG
Weight Loss HCG consists of weight loss programs and supplements that will help trim down weight. HCG diet is one of several weight management activities of weight loss HCG.

It creates a duo-combination system of a low-calorie diet mix with homeopathic drops.

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a pregnancy hormone that has weight reduction properties. This hormone increases metabolic rate together with weight management programs.

How Can Weight Loss HCG Decrease Weight?

Get ready and be healthy! This is the most frequent tagline when losing weight. Weight loss HCG will provide a series of weight loss programs for obese clients. They will help them meet desirable weight thorough the three-stage HCG diet.

HCG diet should include weight loss supplements. Both the weight management program and HCG supplements help regulate HCG hormone in the body. This hormone will naturally activate the body’s metabolism. As a result, it causes the liver to burn fat for energy.

Through the years, weight loss HCG is successfully proven safe and effective for weight reduction. Their goal towards the natural way of losing weight, gain positive feedback from most users.

Do Weight loss Supplements Help Reduce Obesity?

HCG Drops serve as weight loss supplement that eventually burns calories at a faster rate. Also, HCG drops will help increase metabolic rate to achieve ideal weight.

Weight loss HCG B-12 Vitamin is another energy supplement under weight loss HCG. It helps convert carbohydrates into glucose in the blood. Glucose is a simple sugar that acts as body fuel. This is highly significant when it comes to weight reduction.

Weight Loss HCG: An Ultimate Solution For You

Weight loss is crucial among obese people. However, weight loss HCG continues to help fight obesity and improve overall health. Oftentimes, women are into much effort in achieving a slim figure that will stand out. This common scenario often drives women to indulge into taking weight reduction pills even without prescription. As a result, they are putting themselves at risk for health threats and serious health hazards.

Weight loss HCG aims to reduce the incidence of unhealthy weight loss. Through the three-stage diet program, everyone has a chance to achieve an ideal weight.

Here are the three main stages of HCG diet under weight management:

Loading Stage

During loading stage, users should increase carbohydrate intake for two days. This will serve as a preparation for the next stage.

Maintenance Stage

Maintenance stage primarily talks about calorie control. At this stage, users are starting to take HCG drops in the prescribed dose. They should also include fruits and vegetables in the diet.

Maintenance Stage

This is the last stage that lasts for one to two weeks. This time, users are starting to adjust to its normal calorie intake. On the other hand, weight loss supplement is only given at small amounts during periods of hunger.

Weight Loss HCG: An Ultimate Solution For You

The New hCG Diet – Lose 1lb a Day

Is the hCG Diet Safe or a Dangerous Fad?

The hCG diet is sweeping the globe. According to those who follow it, with hCG diet drops, you can lose weight, contour your body by shedding fat in all the right places and still feel great.

Weight loss of 1-2lb a day is the often-quoted figure, and there are A LOT of dieters who back that up as being more than a realistic goal. Others claim the hCG is a fad, and, even worse, possibly dangerous. So, what is the truth of the matter?

First, let’s look at:

How Does the hCG Diet Work?

hcg diet
hCG (full name, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a hormone produced by women during pregnancy that controls both their weight and the health of their children. The plan combines drops of hCG with a 500 calorie per day diet. The hCG drops not only act as an appetite suppressant, but help the body shed stubborn fat in the areas of the body where usually it is the hardest to shift. hCG blasts fat in key trouble areas like the upper arms, stomach, thighs and buttocks, while preserving muscle.

The diet itself is quite lenient and easy to follow within those 500 calories, though dieters are encouraged to choose organic meats, vegetables and fish. Foods to be avoided are carbs, dairy, alcohol and sugar.

More Information on hCG Drops

There are typically 3 phases to the hCG diet plan:

Phase 1 (usually lasting 2 days) – take hCG drops under the tongue 3 times daily, but eat normally.

Phase 2 – follow the diet protocol, restricting calories to 500 and following the guidelines regarding the proper balance of proteins, fruits and vegetables. This phase lasts for between 20-45 days. Advocates of the diet report that the restrictive diet combined with hCG literally melts away unwanted fat during this period, without hunger pangs or loss of energy.

Phase 3 – gradually reduce intake of the hCG drops and gradually increase consumption of food.

Unlike several diets, it is important to note that dieters on the hCG diet report that once the weight is off, it stays off once they return to normal eating.

Why The hCG Diet Works

The history of the hCG diet actually dates back to the 1950s, when Dr A.T.W. Simeons (who was researching the hormone in India) noticed that poor pregnant women, who would be considered malnourished by western
before after results hcg weight loss
standards, still produced healthy, well nourished babies.

Following continued studies, he discovered that HCG made the body consume ‘bad fat’ first when the body sensed it was on a low calorie diet. Muscle and ‘healthy fat’ would be preserved, while unsightly, unwanted fat would be used as energy.

Which is Best, hCG Drops or Injections?

The short answer to this question is that as long as they are real hCG, it doesn’t matter. There are so many fake hCG products around that it can be somewhat of a minefield to know where to go next. It’s definitely worth going with a reputable company to get your hCG supplies.

However, the choice between hcg shots and drops is largely down to personal preference. At Diet Supplement Review, we prefer hCG drops simply because they are more convenient and cost effective – no messy, painful shots to administer yourself, or daily visits to a doctor required.

Dr Oz Testimonials

Although the hCG diet is still very controversial, there are several success stories over at the Dr Oz website.

“I used the HCG diet in August last year & it worked great for me. I didn’t feel hungry, enjoyed the food & had more energy. I only wanted to lose 10kgs & did so in 23 days & have never put it back on. Was great!” – CH

“It has been working great for me! I am down 21lbs in 32 days! Feel great! High energy and feeling better about myself!” – NRD

“My sister had has great results and it has lasted, plus her energy level and attitude on life has become more positive. My niece also had great results. They used the drops and the diet.” – JM

“I have used HCG clinically for over 8 years with patients, I have never come across side effects, and have always found the program to be successful. At the end of the day like any weight loss program the emotional issues associated with weight gain should always be addressed for long term lasting change.” – Dr DM

HCG Diet Facts You Must Know Before You Start Out

HCG weight loss before-after
HCG Weight Loss

There are many different diets available, but today I will convince you why you should drop all for a particular diet... the HCG weight loss diet. The HCG diet can be a fast acting diet that focuses on his use of the hormone HCG for weight-loss.

During this diet is literally lose about 1 or 2 pounds every single day. During this article I will convince you that this may be the diet for you and you'll need no other. Just watch and pay attention to pounds and inches taken away from your life.

The first reason you need this diet is really because it is organized. When you order the package weight loss that'll be available with different objects to obtain started. First get the pictures HCG, HCG pills, drops or perhaps HCG. Most people choose not to utilize the HCG injections weight loss and chooses to utilize the most simple oral HCG plan to lose weight. We'll explain more soon. Next, in the package, you will also get an instruction manual that could tell you every step on the way.

It will include how you want to follow through diet, in a few simple actions and help you lose weight along the way. This is extremely important to check out the diet to the Capital t. You make it so possible for you. For those of you who would like to eat well while dieting, but in addition provide a prescription weight reduction HCG. This will include many tasty treats and foods that will help feel alive and help you're feeling like you're not even over a diet at all! Sounds good will not it?

Another reason why you'll be interested in this diet is it's easier for you! You basically only need to follow the simple instructions in this particular diet step 4. The first step on the diet may seem strange. It 's the the main diet where you pig out for 3 days possibly even on fatty foods! How many diets are you aware that have this?! The second phase may be the phase where you lose all the weight. Here we focus mainly on meat and several vegetables and some fruits.

The third step you learn is this maintenance phase. At this stage we can pass from stage diet for a normal eating habits. The final stage can be a stage where you will simply keep the weight off while eating your current normal diet. The diet will explain at length how to follow. It 's all out there easy that you should follow!

The best reason why you wish to follow this diet to other diets is who's really works! I have personally tried and I will be happy with the results. The second phase of the diet you may wake up every morning and say cheerfully, "I lost a couple pounds more today! " Expect this reaction every single morning as you lose a lot more weight. You will see how close friends comment saying that the success you're looking much thinner. The diet can be a safe diet with a few HCG diet unwanted effects.

The only negative of the whole diet is that you can not exercise right through the diet. This is because it's a low-calorie diet that might might create you feel light headed in the event you exercise on themselves. Otherwise, the dietary plan is great! Get ready for most real results right now!

HCG Weight Loss

HCG Texas dieters, when asked about their particular diet, can answer that it is a diet that involves low calories and relies on hCG administration for the suppression of their appetites and burning their fat. It was devised originally by a man called Dr. A. T. W. Simeons in the fifties. It came about when he noticed that those taking the hormone began to lose weight.

hcg diet before after

Simeons proceeded to do more research on the hormone, intent on discovering more about the effect it has on weight loss. It would become apparent that the consumer would begin to take in less calories. The hormone also lead to the loss of extreme hunger, physical weakness and headaches if it was consumed.

HCG is something that is produced in those pregnant and will aid in supporting the production of progesterone within the body. It is believed to cause the body of the pregnant woman to release stored fat for the benefit of the fetus. That is if the woman is not consuming an appropriate amount of calories.

Those that are following or want to follow the diet are provided the hormone under the belief that fat will be burned much quicker. The plan normally allows for an intake of five hundred calories per day. Originally, unsweetened tea or coffee was allowed with milk the size of a single tablespoon during breakfast. Artificial sweeteners like Saccharin and stevia were allowed to take the place of sugar.

Other meals, such as lunch and supper often consisted of poultry that was low in fat or meat. The meat usually had a pre cooked weight of one hundred grams. It was also cooked without the use of butter or oil. Snacks were not allowed unless the person dieting wanted fruit, bread stick or Melba toast and will consume it outside of their meals.

Since its inception, there have been a lot of other variants that have popped up. Despite some differences here and there, it can be very similar. Five hundred calories daily is still the standard and it is still mainly composed of protein and few carbohydrates. Included in a few variations are appetite suppressant injections.

Over a forty day period, the participants will be receiving doses daily. This would be followed by a six week period of rest. This was highly recommended by Simeons who figured that this would be the best course of action to take, his primary reason being the immunity that will be built up after a certain amount of time.

He also recommended that the treatment can be resumed after the six weeks, for a total of around four treatments. HCG is available only by prescription. It is somewhat difficult to find a doctor in some areas who will prescribe it for the purpose of losing any weight.

The process overall has been very effective as far as the quick losses are concerned. Dieters are more than capable of losing up to one or two pounds per day. The critics of this method are quick to point out that it does not encourage actually learning how to eat healthy. Even the most significant progress made is not due to balanced meals, nor do people learn how to do it in this way. The hCG Texas dieters will also gain weight the moment they are off the diet. The lack of exercise has also been criticized.

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What To Know About The HCG Diet

hcg weight loss
If you are overweight, there is no need to despair, because there are many weight loss plans that can be useful if you want to lose extra kilos. In this article, we will discuss the program hCG weight loss Dr. A. Simeon is considered an atypical type of regime.Weight Loss Program HCGSo the first thing you should know about this weight loss plan is that it combines a meal plan of 500 calories per day with the use of HCG injections. This may seem like something new and unconventional, but keep in mind that this weight loss program has helped many people deal with obesity. Although many dietitians say that the good results were mainly related to the restricted diet based on low calorie and high protein intake, which has proven effective. 

 However, additional precautions are necessary when following this diet, especially because HCG injections may have different side effects. Also, you should know that the scientific evidence for the use of this system, especially the HCG injections, no, it is recommended to consult your personal physician and see if you weigh loss program that can help deal with a problem obesity, or instead take your overall health.

How does the program HCG weight loss?If you are interested in learning more about this weight loss program, you should know that the HCG injections work best when combined with a low calorie diet should also get a growth hormone shot by your doctor in each part of the diet program. Another important thing that we have to add is that you are allowed to consume more than 500 calories per day.

 For this reason, it is recommended to learn to read and interpret the nutrition information on food labels to not exceed the limit of calories above. Growth hormone should suppress appetite and lead to weight loss, forcing the body to burn more fat. Overall, this program requires dieters to eat organic food, natural ingredients and no processed primarily.

What you need to know more about this weight loss programIt is very important to note that injections of growth hormone must be taken daily and are administered under the tongue, which involves making regular visits to your personal physician. The weight loss program HCG lasts for up to 45 days and focuses on speeding up the metabolism and help you lose a few pounds a week.

HCG Weight Loss Program