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We all agree: cellulitis is ugly on the thighs, hips and buttocks. You have so often this question: what should I do to overcome? There are several solutions to allow you to get rid of this fat which damages your silhouette.

How to Lose Thigh Fat

Massage: technique of the palpate - roll

This system is to blow the subcutaneous fat through a firm kneading of the skin. Technically, this is taken by the thumb that will roll the fat by building on the other fingers. Mixing must be energetic, so do not miss to use a good slimming oil for more efficiency.

Can I massage my thighs myself? Yes! It is possible to get this massage yourself just like you can ask a third party to do so. The frequency is for 15 minutes every 2 days a month to melt a few centimeters from thighs. Finally, there are also devices that give the same results than manual methods.

Stop cellulite with slimming leggings

Leggings or shorty thinness is also your asset to clear the skin of your thighs. It is manufactured in a special textile and it contains microspheres which the active attacks on fat whenever you move.

Exercises to reduce thighs round

Another way to remove fat naturally is to do physical exercises. The secret here is the attendance. Indeed, more you movements and more you lose thighs. In general, brisk walking is an effective activity to burn your calories. It is a full-fledged sport to practice regularly to see its results.

The plans for tackling fat

Adopt a good diet can also help you to burn fat in your body. If you have a few extra pounds, so feel free to follow the advice of your dietician who will guide you on a diet that suits you the best.

The slimming creams

They are effective for losing thigh without exercise or diet, in a word: without effort. Just apply them on target areas before going to bed and their principles of fat burning work overnight to remove this famous fat.


It's the last resort that remains for those who can not eliminate fat from their thighs naturally, i.e. with the above techniques. This is however quite heavy especially if the fat off is important. It should be noted however that the results are very satisfactory.

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Finally, several methods are available to help you shape your thighs and legs. However you must persevere in your efforts to achieve your final objective which is to remove the fat from your thighs.

How to Lose Thigh Fat

Be honest, are you one of those people that is struggling to low thigh fat? If you are, you are going to thrilled because I got 4 steps that I am going to share with you today that can help you lose thigh fat and get them toned up.

In the title it self, it highlighted the word thigh fat, which means, we need to lose the fat that is surrounding the legs, the back of the legs and butt. So, now you need to know that there is no way we can specifically burn the fat areas in the thigh. We need to burn the body fat from the whole body and eventually; you will burn the fat that is surrounding the thighs.

But don't that not all. We can do lots of legs exercise to tone and shape up the thighs so that they look lean and well defined. Weight training must be included if you want some shape in those legs that catches attention. But do not worry; you would not get huge body builder legs. Female do not have the testosterone hormones to build enormous muscle.

4 Easy Steps to Lose Thigh Fat

Step 1

First thing first, if we want to lose thigh fat, we need to make sure our cardiovascular training is done correctly. This means you do your cardiovascular training according to the right fat burning intensity and also duration of the session. Now, this is extremely important because we need to utilize the fats in the fat cells and in order to do that, we need to laser target our cardiovascular training into fat burning mode.

So, here is the deal, you need to do 3 to 5 times a week of cardiovascular training and 30 to 45 minutes per session to get the body fat down. I really sound like a broken record but the thing is, this stuff really work. The key to weight loss is to have enough cardiovascular done, which is 3-5 times a week. I did not mean weight training is not important, but cardiovascular training does all the fat burning task.

Step 2

Just now we talked about the time you should do your cardiovascular, now you need to laser target your cardiovascular intensity. You need to be doing your cardio training at 75 percent to 85 percent of your max heart rate. At this intensity level, your body will be using body fat from the fat cells as energy.

Don't just come into the gym and walk on the treadmill. Challenge yourself. You need to overload your body in order to get response from the body and then subsequently results!

Step 3

Now we got the cardiovascular out of the way, I am going to introduce to you 3 exercises that you can do which can help you tone up your thighs. Your new sexy legs will make heads turn!

First of all, I need you to do walking lunges. This exercise is the queen of leg exercises! It really gets your muscle working until you did not even know you have those muscles in the first place.

Grab a pair of dumbbells and stand up with your feet side by side. Keep your back straight and palms facing teach other beside your thighs. Then, with your left leg, take one large step forward. With a liquid movement, drop the right knee until the knee almost touches the ground. You must still keep your body upright.

Then, with your right leg, which is the back leg, take one large step forward. Now, your left leg will be the back leg. Drop your back knee until in almost touches the ground. This is considered one repetition. Do 15 repetitions for 3 sets.

Step 4

Ok, now for another killer technique that will really burn your thigh and whip it into shape. This technique is called drop sets. This is really a crazy technique that can get your thighs screaming! The concept is that you start your set with a very heavy weight and low reps. Then, you decrease the weight and increase the reps. This happens for three rounds of reduction which is called one set.

For example, we will use the leg press. Leg press is an exercise that really burns the entire leg muscles. For starters, we will do 8 reps of 70 kilograms. Then, when 8 reps is complete, do 10 reps of 60 kilograms and then finally 12 reps of 50 kilograms. By the time you finish the last one, you will be jumping up and down trying to get the acid lactic out of your thighs!

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How to Lose Thigh Fat in 4 Easy Steps

Lose Inner Thigh Fat

Do your thighs rub together enough to give you a rash? Thigh fat is more than just unsightly, it can be atrociously bothersome. If you want to lose inner thigh fat you are together with millions who are trying to trim down their thighs. So to have a head start on getting slimmer and firmer thighs you need to know what it takes to lose inner thigh fat. This article details the best ways to slim down and get those beach body thighs.

How to Lose Thigh Fat

Lose fat in General

Every one stores fat differently and the bad news is, that if you store more fat in your thighs it will be that much harder to lose it. But the good news is that its not impossible and with the proper diet and exercise it will become easier over time. Thigh fat is more quickly loss when over all fat loss is happening. So pick out a work out routine that works with your schedule 3 to 4 times a week. Then improve your diet so that your basal metabolic rate increases to a point where your losing any where from 5 to 10 pounds a month. As you lose fat in your whole body your will surely lose inner thigh fat. At the same time tone the inner thigh muscles to speed up the process.

Tone Inner and Outer Thigh muscles

By focusing on all thigh muscles, the inner thigh muscles will naturally lose inner thigh fat. These are the muscles to work on:

  • Hamstrings - They are located at the back of your thigh. Your hamstrings extend from the back of your knee up to your butt.
  • Adductor Muscles - These are the inner thigh muscles that bring your thighs together
  • Your quadriceps - The front of your thighs
  • Your hip flexors - The front of your pelvis.

Now that you know the muscles in the thigh use weight resistance to build up the strength in your legs and increase your workout intensity. You can do so with the following exercises.

Inner Thigh Exercises

  • Dumbbell Lunges - This exercise is perfect for working all the muscle groups in your thighs such as the quads, gluts, inner and outer thighs and hamstrings
  • Leg Extensions - you can use the leg extension machine to work out your quads and in turn give better shape to your inner thighs
  • Barbell Squats - this is the best exercise to lose inner thigh fat and for over all leg development.

Once you develop a routine that implements these basics and is repeated you should be guaranteed to lose inner thigh fat and trim your legs to their best.

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How to Lose Inner Thigh Fat - 3 Things You Need to Know