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5 Effective Exercises for Abs

You finally want to get rid of those nasty fat pads on your stomach?

Then let's get to work on the bacon - preferably with targeted exercises for the stomach!

We'll tell you how it works - and what else to look out for!

5 Effective Exercises for Abs

How does it finally work with a flat stomach?

If you want a flat stomach, you should eat healthier, exercise regularly (such as jogging, cycling or swimming) and do specific exercises for the stomach. Then the best conditions are created for the unloved fat pads to finally disappear!

What are great exercises for the stomach?

Here we have put together five effective and effective exercises for you:

1. Exercises for abs 1: for straight abdominal muscles

  • Lie on your back and lift both legs.
  • Now bend your knees at 90 degrees.
  • Now stretch out your arms to the back.
  • Exhale, raising your upper body.
  • Breathe in, lower your upper body again without placing it on the floor.
  • Repeat this exercise for a total of three sets of 15 repetitions, with a short break in between.

2. Exercises for abs 2: for oblique abdominal muscles

  • Raise your legs at right angles with your hands at the back of your head and your elbows out.
  • Exhale, moving your left knee and right elbow towards each other. The right leg is stretched out.
  • Breathe in, the upper body is lowered again without being placed on the floor.
  • Repeat this a total of ten times.
  • Then change sides.
  • A total of two sets of 10 repetitions.

3. Exercises for abs 3: for the transverse, deep abdominal muscles

  • Go to the quadruped stand.
  • Now move your shoulders towards the floor and away from your ears. The belly button is pulled inwards.
  • Exhale, raise your knees a little. The middle of the body should be tense.
  • Hold this position for a few breaths.
  • Then put off the knees and released the tension.
  • Repeat this a total of five times.

4. Exercises for abs 4: for the hip

  • Sit on the floor, hands should not be supported.
  • Now pull the belly button firmly inwards.
  • Now the left knee is pulled towards the upper body, the right leg is stretched out.
  • Then change sides.
  • Repeat this exercise ten times and then take a short break.
  • Then again two sets of 10 repetitions.
  • Beginners can also lean their upper body a little more back and/or support themselves with their forearms on the ground.

5. Exercises for abs 5: for the entire abdomen

  • Walk into the forearm support, place the toes so that the body forms a straight line parallel to the ground.
  • Now pull the shoulders from the ears to the ground, the belly button firmly inwards.
  • Now lift your left leg and hold it for three seconds.
  • Then lower again.
  • Change of ends.
  • Repeat this five times on each side.

Don't forget to breathe regularly! Because this is the only way to make the exercises for the stomach really effective...

5 Effective Exercises for Abs - You finally want to get rid of those nasty fat pads on your stomach?

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Thursday, March 01, 2018

7 Firming Butt and Abs Exercises for Women
Do you want the best firm butt exercises which dissolve cellulite and tighten your glutes? What woman wouldn't want to have a bottom which is tight and toned. I want to share with you 6 exercises which can dramatically strengthen your back side and lower body.

Romanian Dumbbell Lift

Romanian Dumbbell Lift

  • Stand straight, holding a dumbbell in your left hand, with your feet at shoulder width apart.
  • Lift your right leg up and back with your knee straight and lean your torso forward, until your torso and right leg form a straight line and are parallel to the floor.
  • You should feel the tension in your right hamstring and glute, and when you do, swing your leg back down and stand back straight up.
  • Repeat with each leg 10 times.

Sumo Squats

Sumo Squats

A wider stance will automatically emphasize hamstring and glute work;

  • So stand with your feet a step more than shoulder width apart.
  • Utilizing the weight of a barbell or dumbbells if you want to make the exercise more difficult, tighten your abs and squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor.
  • Slowly stand back up and repeat for two sets of 10 squats each.

Explosive Lunge

Explosive Lunge

  • Start in a typical lunge pose, with your right foot forward and bent 90 degrees at the knee and your left foot extended behind your body.
  • Tighten your core and propel yourself upwards with your right foot, so that you are jumping in the air.
  • Switch feet mid-jump and land in a lunge, with your left foot forward.
  • Repeat for two sets of 5 reps each.

The Explosive Lunge is a high intensity exercise, but it also gets results quickly – while it is great to practice once or twice a week, be sure to keep your routine within personal limits.

Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle Crunches

Firstly you'll need to be lying on your back on the ground. It's best to use a yoga mat if you've got one.

Secondly, place your hands behind your head and your legs in the air in a bent L shape position.

Thirdly, bring your right elbow to your left knee and at the same time extend the right leg.

Fourthly, return to your original position. Now do the exact opposite of what you've just done. Bring your left elbow to your right new while extending your left leg.

Finally, repeat these steps for as many repetitious as possible. Remember to perform this workout slowly, this will ensure that you are maximising tension on the abdominal muscles.

V Sit-Ups

While traditional crunches and sit-ups only work the upper abs, V sit-ups target the lower abs as well.

  • Begin on your back with your arms extended over your head and your legs straight out on the ground.
  • Pull your arms forward while you lift your shoulders off of the ground.
  • At the same time, keep your lower back on the ground and pull your legs upwards to meet your arms.
  • Pause and gently lower back to the ground.
  • Repeat.

Flutter Kicks

  • Lie on your back on the ground with your legs fully extended.
  • Place your arms along your sides with your hands under your butt, palms against the floor.
  • Tighten your abs and lift your heels off the floor approximately six to eight inches.
  • Scissor your right leg up so that it forms a 60-degree angle with the ground, then begin flutter kicking your legs, so that you drop your right leg toward the ground as you lift your left leg up into the air at a 60-degree angle. Make sure you initiate these movements from your abs, keeping your lower back flush to the ground and your core tight.
  • Continue flutter kicking for 30 to 60 seconds.

Russian Twists

Russian Twists

The Russian twist is a great exercise for giving your tummy a much-needed workout. The best way to do it is with a ball. Hold it in front of you with both hands while sitting on the floor. Turn one direction in a 45 degree angle. Your back and core should be straight, and your abdomen should do the twisting. You should be really feeling it there when you go to the side. Go 45 degrees one way, and then do it the other way.

The above mentioned exercise are just a tip of the iceberg. If you've never done any of these mentioned exercises, make sure to use light weights until you get used to holding a much heavier weights or barbell overhead. Mix these exercise with any cardio workouts you have and in no time, you will be ready to wear your bikini.

7 Firming Butt and Abs Exercises for Women - I want to share with you 6 exercises which can dramatically strengthen your back side and lower body.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

How To Work Lower Abs - 5 Exercises That Will Get You Started
If you have been working for any amount of time on your abs, there is a good chance, that you have looked at how to work your lower abs. The lower part of your abdominal can be worked as effectively as any other part of your body, as long as you do the right exercises to isolate them.

How To Work Lower Abs

Here are 5 exercises you can take home that will do the trick!

1. Captain's chair

Stand up straight on the chair with your back pressed against the pad, grip the handhold, then contracts your abs and raise your legs while lifting your knees toward your chest.

While you do this, make sure you don't arch your back.

2. The bicycle abs exercise

The bicycle abs exercise

Lie flat on the floor, put your hands beside your head and bring your knees up to a 45 degree angle more or less then start pedaling like if you were on a bicycle.

3. Reverse crunch

The best way to do this is to first lay your back on the floor and place your hands on the floor along your body. Then flex your knees and slowly raise them towards your head while crunching your abs. Make sure to put all the effort into your abs and not your head, sometime people seem to be forcing more with their head then with their abs.

4. Lying leg raisers

Again here you want to lie flat on your back, but this time you want to have your hands underneath your bottom so you have a better balance and support. Once installed, squeeze your abs and lift your legs straight up and lower them down without touching the floor. Hold it for 2 seconds and repeat it.

5. Side turns

Lie your back on the floor with your feet up in the air. It okay if your legs are straight or slightly bent, what's important is that both your arms must be extended on the side with your hands touching the floor. Once you're in that position, slowly start swinging your pelvis and legs on with your feet together on one side, and as soon as you feel that your hand is lifting and not touching the floor, swing back to the other side.

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Monday, November 28, 2016

Popular Exercise Ball Ab Workouts
Exercise balls have become more popular among the general exercising public over the past 5-10 years. They can now be found at most gyms, and their relative low cost means that they are available to the home user, as well. Working out with an exercise ball is a lot of fun. They are easy to carry, easy to learn how to us, and they are great for doing exercises as a group.

Popular Exercise Ball Ab Workouts

Exercise balls are made out of elastic, soft PVC with a diameter ranging from 15-35 inches. They are mainly used for physical therapy, athletic training and physical exercise. The exercise ball is also known as the Swiss ball, balance ball, birth ball, body ball, or fitness ball.

Exercise balls help improve the efficiency of your workouts because they force your body to use micro-muscle movements to stabilize itself during exercise. The result is that you burn more calories and get stronger muscles than if you were to just sit on the floor or on a bench.

If you are interested in getting stronger ab muscles and have (or can get) access to an exercise ball, you are in luck. The exercise ball is great for building stronger stomach muscles and helping you get that washboard look. Here are three exercise ball ab workouts you can try at home or at the gym:

Face-Up Position

This one provides you with a great ab workout. Here's how:

1. Lie with your lower back on resting on the ball, face-up.
2. Put your arms across your chest or behind your head.
3. Use your abs to lift your body (torso) off the ball, swaying slightly so that your torso moves in the direction of your hips. Make sure to keep the ball stable: you should not roll the ball.
4. Lower back down while stretching your abs, then repeat for 15 reps.

Abdominal Tuck

1. Get into a push-up position, placing the ball under your knees. Your hands should be flat on the floor.
2. Bring your knees toward your chest as the ball rolls toward your ankles.
3. Return to the starting position. Be sure to stay balanced on your ball.
4. Do this for about 10 reps.

Balance Exercise

This one works your stomach muscles less directly than do the other two. However, the act of forcing your body to remain balanced on the ball will give your stomach a good workout.

1. Sit on the ball while placing your hands on your hips.
2. Stretch out your spine. Trick: imagine a string pulling your head upward.
3. Keep your feet together on the ground, just in front of the ball.
4. Lift one foot off the floor and hold this position for 3 to 5 seconds.
5. Now switch legs and repeat 8 times with each leg.
Exercise balls not only provide you with a great workout - they are also a lot of fun to use. Get yourself an exercise ball or try one at the gym next time you are there. Your abs - and your entire body - will thank you.

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Get Great Abs - How to Get Killer Abs in Just 12 Weeks - Expert Tips
Want the perfect washboard abs? Have you spent hours in the gym with little or no result? Here is a real plan for getting hard abs in as little as 12 weeks.

Get Great Abs - How to Get Killer #Abs in Just 12 Weeks - Expert Tips


The truth is, if you do not cut down on your body fat, you will not get well defined, ripped abs. You can do exercise all day long, but without watching your diet, you will have very little to show for it. This means cutting out the sugar, junk food, fats, snacks and sweetened drinks. Swap those for fruit, salad, healthy carbohydrates (pasta, vegetables, brown rice). An apple before your meal helps make you feel full and will reduce the amount you eat at the table. Likewise, warm, 'slurpy' liquids like a good vegetable soup will make you feel satisfied and thus less likely to gorge at mealtimes or head for the snack machine.


This might be another cold hard truth, but you have to exercise at least four times a week to see fast results. Do not listen to those TV ads for stomach gadgets which promise a washboard stomach with only 10 minutes a day. Exercise for 30-40 minutes, four days a week and with intensity. You will need some kind of cardiovascular activity to burn off the fat. Running, cycling, swimming, hiking, skipping, rowing...there are enough cardiovascular exercises to keep you from boredom.

Talking of boredom, this is one of the key reasons why people do not exercise regularly or for long enough. Pick an activity that interests you. For me, I find running on a treadmill or around a racetrack/circuit quite boring. However, if I run a linear route, I find there are more things to see around me and I almost forget that I am running. Plus, if I start at one end of town, I am forced to get myself home no matter what and therefore I am less likely to give up.


The Fartlek system of continuous and interval training is worth trying. Fartlek is a Swedish exercise method developed in the 1930s in which you vary the speed and intensity of your exercise in intervals. For example, you may start with a 10 minute warm-up job, then run hard for 4 minutes, jog for 1 minute, run hard for another 4 minutes, jog for 1 minute and continue this way 5-8 times depending on your fitness level, before ending with a 10 minute cool down jog. I started out with 20 seconds of sprinting, followed by 1 minute of jogging and built up from there.

Start out slow, take it a day at a time and gradually build up your stamina.


At least four times a week, preferably five times, do at least two sets of standard, reverse and oblique crunches. Aim for 15-10 reps per set. Make sure your middle and lower back stay on the floor and that you are using your stomach muscles, rather than your hands or neck to pull your head up. Do not let your chin touch your chest.

Once you get used to this, add 10 reps of jackknives. This is a crunch that also involves bringing your knees up to your shoulders, preferably with your lower half balancing off a bench (beginners should start on the floor). Then introduce side bends in which you stand up straight with both arms to your side (you may carry a dumbbell in one arm for extra resistance). Using your obliques or side stomach muscles, lower one side. Repeat on the other side.


Small, barely noticeable changes in your routine will make all the difference. Park 10 minutes further away from your home or office so you have to work a little farther, skip your daily snack attack and always pick the stairs over the escalator. Swap your latte for ice water. Drinking ice water burns extra calories as your body uses energy to heat it up, and an action as simple as chewing gum can burn off 11 calories per hour.


Perhaps you went away for the weekend trip and overindulged. That does not mean you have to write off your health and fitness routine. Just start again immediately (do not wait until 'tomorrow' as we all know that never comes!) and keep persisting. The results may not be evident immediately but if you keep at it, those killer abs will come.

Gemma Swansburg wishes you success in your quest for the perfect washboard abs. Gemma is a writer/researcher mainly in the areas of health and beauty. Read Gemma's latest article, a Luminess Tan review about the at-home self tanning system featured in Allure Magazine. For the best prices, special offers and step-by-step tutorials on the best airbrush tanning equipment, visit her site at

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3 Killer Workouts For Abs That Sculpt Amazing Abs
After you've burned the fat off your waist and gotten your waist down to the size you want, it's time to begin sculpting those amazing abs. Losing fat is priority one if you really want to get a six pack of abs, however it is also very important to perform some targeted waist ab exercises in order to tone and make those abs defined.

3 Killer Workouts For Abs That Sculpt Amazing Abs

Many times people think it's too difficult to sculpt amazing abs. In reality, it is only difficult and nearly impossible when there is a layer of fat above the muscles. So, the first step is to lose the fat. Once the fat has melted away, begin implementing ab workout routines to develop and enhance the ab muscles.

Here are 3 killer ab exercises to include in your workouts for abs that will help you begin to sculpt some beautiful looking abs. Incorporating these exercises into a single routine will work each of the ab muscle groups and get you well on to your very own set of six pack abs:

1. Obliques Muscle Exercise - Dumbbell Side Bends

Obliques Muscle Exercise - Dumbbell Side Bends

This is for working your side ab muscles your midsection. To perform this exercise you will need a dumbbell. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and holding a dumbbell in one of your hands, down to your side. From a standing upright position, keeping your back straight and bending only from your waist, begin to lower the dumbbell down towards the floor (going down the side of your leg) as far as you can go. It is helpful to place your opposite hand on your waist as you do this exercise. Perform 12-15 repetitions in a controlled fashion taking the time to insure proper form and position. Repeat this exercise for the other side, and execute 3 sets of this exercise for each side. Alternatively, 2 sets of 20 reps is also a good workout option.

If you can not make it to 12 reps with the dumbbell weight, then the weight is too heavy and you should use a lower weighted dumbbell. If you can easily go past 15 reps, then the dumbbell weight is too light and you should use a heavier weighted dumbbell.

2. Middle and Upper Ab Muscles - Lying Ab Crunches With Exercise Ball

Middle and Upper Ab Muscles - Lying Ab Crunches With Exercise Ball

This exercise is for isolating the mid and upper ab muscles to give them a good workout and you will need an exercise ball (or use can use a chair or sofa as long as your legs will be bent at 90 degrees). You begin this exercise by lying on the floor just as you would for a normal crunch. Keep your back flat on the floor and place your legs on top of an exercise ball so that your knees are bent at a right angle. Your legs should be about 4-5 inches apart on top of the ball with your toes of each foot pointing inwards until they touch each other. With your arms crossed over your chest begin by raising your shoulders up and in towards your knees raising only about 4 inches off the floor. It is important to keep your lower back on the floor while raising your shoulders up towards your knees. Perform 3 sets of 12-15 reps, or alternatively 2 sets of 20 reps.

3. Lower Ab Muscles - Lying Reverse Ab Crunches

Lower Ab Muscles - Lying Reverse Ab Crunches

This is a great exercise that works the lower abdominals and can be done practically anywhere without any special equipment. Start by lying on the floor, preferably on a mat if you have one, and placing your hands under your butt (gluteus maximus) palms facing down to the floor and your legs straight out. Slowly bring your knees up and in towards your chest at the same time raise your chin in and towards your chest to have your knees and chin meet in the upwards position as close to the chest as possible. Then slowly lower your knees and chin back down and repeat for a total of 12-15 reps. Perform 3 sets. Alternatively, just like the previous two exercises, you can perform 2 sets of 20 reps.

In order to get the ab muscles to shine through, remember to remove the fat layer first, and then exercise each of the 3 ab muscle groups. The exercises above will surely help tone and develop your ab muscles to better than ever.

Keith Phillips is a health, fitness, and exercise fanatic. His approach is perfect for the average, everyday person looking to make improvements in their overall health and body appearance. For more great tips and information, please visit workouts for abs []. Be sure to sign up for the free mini-course on how to get ripped abs today: [].

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