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8 Fiber Rich Foods for a Flat Beach Belly!
Researchers are doing an amazing job at promoting the importance of fiber intake on a daily basis. It's recommended to consume over 30 grams of fiber per day and the average person is only consuming 9-11 grams of fiber per day. Needless to say, this is not enough.

8 Fiber Rich Foods for a Flat Beach Belly

There are several health benefits associated with the consumption of dietary fiber to include preventing and or treating internal and external hemorrhoids and constipation. Fiber is also known for reducing cholesterol levels. Low cholesterol levels will also decrease the risk of developing certain types of cancer. Fiber is great for helping to manage a healthy body weight.

Diets rich in the right type of fiber will also yield amazing body shaping results as these foods will activate the body to burn fat in the midsection. Fiber stops the conversion of calories into fats, specifically around the tummy. The following are 8 fiber rich foods to help you realize a nice washboard tummy!

Berries, Berries, and more Berries!

8 Fiber Rich Foods for a Flat Beach Belly - Berries

Berries are key foods to consume when you are seeking to shed the abdominal fat and will have you well on your way to a strong, washboard tummy.

Berries play a major role in the diet and are known for their wonderful antioxidant. At the same time, berries are absolutely fabulous to help with fiber intake. The fiber per calorie yield is very high when consuming berries. The seeds of the berries are the main source of fiber. Blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, and currants make great additions to a salad, cereals, and cups of yogurt. Consuming the berry treats in a natural, unprocessed form will ensure you receive the most nutrients the berries have to offer.

Veg Out

8 Fiber Rich Foods for a Flat Beach Belly - Vegetables

Eating vegetables has multiple benefits. Vegetables are high in natural fiber content along with other essential nutrients needed to maintain your overall health. Vegetables are also a great source of fiber for babies too.
Vegetables are a great source of cleansing, especially the colon. Your body will eliminate weeks and months of debris stuck to the walls of your colon, which could cause bloating and defeat the opportunity of realizing your ripped tummy goals.

Avocados, tomatoes, and artichokes are excellent, fiber rich vegetables that will also help with flattening the stomach.

Whole Grains

8 Fiber Rich Foods for a Flat Beach Belly - Whole Grains

Whole grains are packed to the brim in fiber. The consumption of whole grains is said to help with the reduction of inflammation in the body, which is usually associated with water retention. Whole grains will also help regulate your blood sugar.

Finally, whole grains are a great fiber rich food that will help decrease belly fat. Foods such as whole grain cereals, breads, quinoa, and barley are superb choices.

Go Nutty

8 Fiber Rich Foods for a Flat Beach Belly - Nuts

Nuts are great fiber rich foods that are also an excellent source of Vitamin E. Nuts are a great source of energy and will keep you feeling satisfied. You will also notice a nice and tight stomach.

Nuts are full of good stuff. The oils in nuts make them a heart healthy treat that you should snack on often. Great nut choices are sunflower seeds (it is baseball and softball season), walnuts, and flax seeds are all excellent choices. Ground flax seeds or in their natural state can be added to breads, smoothies, and other homemade treats.


8 Fiber Rich Foods for a Flat Beach Belly - Bran

If you want to have a quick and easy way to increase your intake of fiber, bran is the way. Bran is extremely rich in fiber and is a fiber rich breakfast food. Bran can be found in several commonly consumed foods to include your soluble fibers like oat bran and cereal. There's also the insoluble fiber, which is key to the prevention of constipation. Foods such as corn, rice, and wheat bran are great sources of insoluble fiber.

This source of fiber will help to increase the elimination process which is key to decrease opportunities for bloating, thus helping you toward achieve a washboard, flat tummy.

The Magic of Beans

8 Fiber Rich Foods for a Flat Beach Belly - Beans

Beans are super rich in fiber in its natural form and an excellent source of protein as well. Beans have a starch resistant component, which is key to fighting the belly bulge. Beans don't absorb in the body like sugars, rather is runs through the system without being digested. As a great source of fiber, beans act like a fiber during the digestive process.

Beans are easily incorporated as you can replace your meat options in comfort foods like chili, soups, and stews with beans. You can also add different types of beans like kidney beans, chickpeas, and more to your salad to add the fiber, belly reducing punch you need.

Edamame Crazy

8 Fiber Rich Foods for a Flat Beach Belly - Edamame

This Asian inspired excellent source of fiber and protein will have your taste buds jumping for joy and your tummy flatter than ever. This low calorie, low fat treat is derived from the soybean and contains about 9 grams of fiber per serving.

You can get your edamame fix by adding the soybeans to salads, dips, and other easily prepared appetizers.

Peas in a pod

8 Fiber Rich Foods for a Flat Beach Belly - Peas

Peas are a tasty treat that can be prepared with great diversity. This is an inexpensive source of fiber. When consumed in its natural form (uncooked) peas will give you a fiber boost of 16.3 grams per cup. Even cooked, you will benefit from approximately 8.8 grams of fiber. These little pearls pack a mean punch in the fiber department.

This food is also very low in calories, easily prepared, and will yield amazing results on the tummy.

Your journey of achieving a flat, washboard tummy is made much easier when tapping into such fiber rich, nutrient packed food options. I know it does not seem easy, but in reality, it is. Fiber is everywhere around you and with increased consumption, you are sure to realize many health and body shaping results. Your body will be summertime ready and your tummy will be ready for showing off. You simply need to learn and understand what foods are high in fiber and your diet will improve, resulting in a sexier you. Make the few simple dietary adjustments and you will be well on your way to walk the most beautiful beaches.

If you want to learn more about high-fiber foods, check out this awesome blog post on fiber rich foods for more suggestions!
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Monday, March 24, 2014

Advice for Flat Abs Right Now!
flat abs
Do you want flat abs right now?!

Everyone wants to have the best looking and healthiest body possible. An entire industry has built up around making people look their best with the least amount of time and effort. And lest we lay the blame at the feet of the internet, things like corsets and foot binding came around long before magazines and the internet! This obsession with looking fantastic as quickly as possible has continued on to today and unfortunately, flat abs are part of the look. But how to get flat abs quickly?

1. Posture.
If you want to improve the appearance of your abs right now and look as though you know exactly how to get a flat stomach, take a close look at your posture. Slouching will always make your stomach look bigger than it actually is; after all, you're forcing your body to lump in over itself. Stand up straight, shoulders pulled back and abdominals pulled up and in and you'll instantly look slimmer and more toned! It doesn't get much faster than that to get flat abs.

2. Mind Your Clothing
Stop wearing tight jeans and tight shirts; it's almost impossible to look like you have flat abs if your clothing is one size too small! Tight jeans cause muffin tops and fat to roll around, but if you wear clothing which is your size and fits properly, you'll look slimmer and be a great deal more comfortable.

3. Drink Lots of Water
Those eight glasses of water a day you're being told by everyone to drink can help you get those flat abs. How? Water aids your digestive system, helping it to sweep out food and digest it properly so you're not left with junk in your system. Water also helps keep you fuller so you can eat less food without feeling more deprived. Finally, water is necessary in building muscle. So, whether you want to learn how to get a flat stomach or how to reduce tummy fat, water is a good place to start. You can build up to your eight glasses a day if you need to.

flat abs exercises4. Less is More with Flat Abs Exercises
Instead of committing to a hundred crunches a day, try doing fifteen really deep crunches; pulling up and down on the abdominal muscles and really holding the crunch in order to make your muscles work. Short bursts of intense exercise are far more beneficial than long stretches of mild exercises and of course, take less time! Wouldn't it be easier for you to fit in fifteen minutes a day of exercise instead of an hour and get better results for it?

5. Cut Your Calories
Even just by dropping a few hundred calories a day, you can really help to uncover the sculpted abs beneath the fat. Eat several smaller meals throughout the day instead of three large ones and make sure to choose healthy foods more often. This route will take longer, but it's a necessary part of getting and keeping your flat abs.

Although you will have to do some work to get those flat abs you want, by straightening out your posture and wearing clothes that fit and flatter you, you can look as though you dropped weight and toned up instantly! Now, isn't that a lot better than spending hard earned cash and a ton of time on a so-called system to get flat abs fast? Give it a try for yourself and see!

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A Great Six Pack Abs Diet

You do not have to go on a strict fad diet to be able to see your abs. Instead just follow these guidelines to create an effective eating regimen for yourself.

1) Eat more. Remember you are trying to build some muscle around your stomach while burning fat. Avoid starving yourself and make sure you stay full all day without overdoing it. It is all about balance.

2) Eat healthy natural foods most of the time. Try to eat unprocessed foods at least 90% of the time. Some great choices are lean meats, nuts, beans, fruits, and vegetables. These are the kinds of foods that really promote fat loss.

3) Eat junk food sometimes. You can have about 3 cheat meals a week but make sure they are no bigger than your regular meals. They can be whatever you want. Eating pure crap sometimes really helps with fat loss. So you can indulge without feeling guilty.

A Great Six Pack Abs Diet4) Eat 5-6 small meals a day. Try to eat about every 3 hours. By doing this you will feel full and energized all day. Your belly fat will shrink and you will fuel your body up for workouts.

5) Eat protein with each meal. Having a source of protein like cottage cheese, chicken, salmon, or milk is important if you are trying build muscle since protein is the building blocks for muscle.

6) Limit carbs. Starchy carbs like bread, pasta, and oatmeal should only be consumed after a workout. Eat fruits and vegetables with each meal to get more carbs for energy. Fruits and vegetables are not loaded with calories like starchy carbs are but they provide your body with plenty of carbs.

7) Have healthy fats with each meal. Some great choices are peanut butter, olive oil, and salmon. Healthy fats help your body burn more fat. Just make sure to avoid trans fat from foods that are fried and processed. Saturated fat should be limited to about 10% when reading the food labels.

8) Drink water. Instead of having drinks loaded with calories like juice, soda, and alcohol drink water and tea which have no calories but help wash away your gut.

An example of a clean diet.
You do not have to worry about calories or portion sizes too much. What is important is that you fill up on natural foods like the kinds mentioned above.
  • Breakfast - An omelet with spinach and tomatoes cooked in olive oil with an orange on the side.
  • Mid-morning snack - Smoothie made up of milk, frozen fruit, almonds, and some whey protein.
  • Lunch - A banana with spoonful of natural peanut butter and a cup of green tea.
  • Afternoon snack after workout - A bowl of oatmeal with milk, cinnamon, and an apple.
  • Dinner - Salmon cooked in olive oil with asparagus.
  • Night snack - Cottage cheese and red grapes
Don't forget you can have junk food as long as you eat clean like this for 90% of the time.
To learn more about having an effective diet check out the Truth About Abs program for more tips and exercises.

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