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How To Lose Weight in a Healthy and steady Way

How to lose Weight the healthy way

What is the right body weight? How should we look? These are very difficult questions to answer, but I believe it’s most importantly about feeling comfortable in your own body. We are far too easily influenced by trends and public opinion. If you feel heavy, if your clothes are too tight and if you are tired, losing weight might be a good idea. But do it slowly and by changing your habits. There is no easy fix and crazy diets do not work.

How To Lose Weight in a Healthy and steady Way

Losing weight – and keeping it off – can be hard work because it involves life-changing decisions to find another way of eating and enjoying food. The rules couldn’t be simpler, though: you need to eat less and exercise or be active. Being active improves your body’s physical and mental state, so it is a win-win situation. However, getting into a routine is one of the most challenging aspects.

I have to emphasize that this is a general guideline. The metabolism varies from individual to individual, depending on age, gender, height, weight and your everyday activity levels. Furthermore, if you exercise regularly, the proportion of heavier muscular tissue to fat changes. New studies come out all the time demonstrating just how little we understand about why some people are heavier than others. Metabolism might be connected with our genes, or the bacteria in our stomachs. There is much we don’t know.

The most crucial factor in weight loss, in my experience, is to change your lifestyle forever… and I mean forever. I can’t recommend going on a diet for two to three weeks and then going back to eating like you used to. You can’t expect to keep the pounds off; moreover such ‘yo-yo’ dieting can be very damaging to your health. Changing your lifestyle is key if you need to lose weight and maintain your new body weight. That means smaller portions and less food, more vegetables and complex carbs, less alcohol, fat and sugar – and some exercise every day.

It is really that simple and can be done without calculating anything. I don’t mean you can’t indulge ever again; I’m all for having fun, wonderful food and nice wine. I am talking about changing your habits and your palate, so you end up preferring real-tasting food that is good for you.


Before you start your diet, take the decision to make these changes a permanent feature of your life from now on. After some months without a lot of the things you were used to, such as crisps, chips, fizzy drinks, sugar in everything, heavy sauces, etc., they will actually lose their appeal… I promise. Real flavours from real food can truly change your preferences!

Take time to plan and cook: eating on the move is not a good solution, and shopping for food when you are very hungry and your blood sugar levels are low is also a bad idea. Therefore, plan for three to four days ahead or maybe even for a whole week.

Eating together at a set table is important – don’t eat in front of the TV!

Make sure your dinner plates are not too big; using smaller plates is a good way to control portion sizes.

Eat all your meals slowly, enjoy your food and taste it. I mean really taste it and focus on what’s on your plate. Learning to eat slowly can be hard in the beginning; I know from my own experience. At the beginning I put my watch next to the plate to keep track of time, and promised myself that the eating had to take at least 30 minutes. It took me a couple of months to get into the habit. I lose the habit frequently and then I have to go back to timing my meals.

Involve other people for support. If you find it difficult to change your habits, tell them how they can help you to achieve your goals.


Make sure you get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation makes you eat more since it will make you suffer from tired spells during the day and then you will be inclined to turn to sugar as the solution.


Start your new diet by examining everything in your cupboards, getting rid of not-very-healthy convenience items, such as ready meals, canned soups, snack bars, milk chocolate, fizzy drinks, crisps, cereals containing sugar, etc. Then restock your cupboards with real food, spices, good oils and vinegars, whole grains, oats, nuts, flours, mustards. This replacement process can, of course, be rather expensive. If so, you can do it over time, but try to get rid of all the unhealthy choices in your cupboards as quickly as possible. That is the surest way not to be tempted to eat them.

Plan what to eat for the whole week ahead, and then only go shopping twice so that you spend time in the kitchen instead of in the shops. When on a diet, planning is the key to success. Shopping when hungry or on the spu of the moment will almost inevitably mean that the wrong things get in your basket.

Make sure you always have vegetables, fresh and dried fruit and nuts in the house, so when you get really hungry or fatigued you have something safe to eat.

How To Lose Weight in a Healthy and steady Way - Healthy Lunch


In a busy working life you often have to buy lunch or go out for lunch as part of your job. When going out for lunch, do not eat bread and try to avoid alcohol. If it ends up being a big lunch, skip dinner or just eat a raw carrot. Being a little bit hungry now and then will not hurt you.

If you have to buy a takeaway lunch, always avoid sandwiches and go for salad, preferably one with whole grains or quinoa. In any case, the main rule is to stay away from factory-made bread.

High days and holidays

Holidays are always exceptions, and it is only natural to gain a little weight after a couple of weeks with good food and wine every day. That is OK and part of life, but make sure you exercise and perhaps increase your activity level while you have time on your hands.

If you go to a party or have a day when you lunch with friends, or any event where you eat more than planned, just cut down on the following days and you will still lose the amount you need for that week. Dieting is a process that cannot be evaluated day by day but only over weeks or months.


Sodium is an essential mineral, which we mostly get from salt. Unfortunately, getting too much salt is linked with risk of high blood pressure and heart disease. Your average intake should not be higher than 6g per day. Weigh 6g salt and see how much it is – that will give you a clear picture of the exact amount and help you to limit it. To avoid too much salt in your diet, do not eat processed food, takeaways, and lots of biscuits and snack bars; they contain a lot of salt because it is a natural flavour enhancer.


Over the last few decades sugar has become the big enemy, not because there is anything wrong with it as such – it is gastronomically a fantastic ingredient and I would not live without it. However, consuming sugar in the quantities we do is a real and threatening problem, leading to all sorts of health issues.

Stop using sugar in your tea and coffee, but do not replace it with any sweetener. Instead get used to the true taste of the coffee and tea. Do this in stages if necessary. Stop drinking fizzy drinks on a daily basis, and instead buy or make some organic cordials (see Fruit cordials) and dilute them with water. Stop eating snack bars, chocolate bars, bought cakes and biscuits, and sweets.

When craving sweet things, bake yourself a cake so you control exactly what goes into it, that is, the quantity of sugar and the quality of the other ingredients. Alternatively, eat fruit instead. Even though it also contains sugar, it is still a healthy option.


If you want to lose weight in a healthy and steady way, I recommend losing 1–2 pounds (500g–1kg) per week, no more. That way you will not feel starved or exhausted. The weight loss will all be due to change. Be patient if nothing really happens in the beginning; just stick to it and the weight will start coming off.

When you have to lose weight, it is important to maintain a steady blood sugar level. You do that by eating three main meals a day and three snacks, but the rule is: do not eat if you are not hungry. The diet plan opposite will work if you do not sit still all day but move around 20% of the time, and exercise two to three times a week.

How To Lose Weight in a Healthy and steady Way - Suggested Diet Plan



• 1 portion of raw oats with fruit and non-fat skimmed milk, or porridge, or a piece of rye bread with cottage cheese (see the recipes).
• Coffee or tea* (with no sugar).

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Morning snack

• 1 piece of rye bread with 2 tablespoons of low-fat cottage cheese, or if at a desk far away from a kitchen, have some raw vegetables and 10g nuts, like walnuts, hazelnuts or almonds.


• A standard lunch with pieces of 1 slice of rye bread with hard-boiled eggs or potatoes, and a portion of raw vegetables like carrots, cauliflower, cucumber and celery sticks.

Afternoon snack

• 1 piece of fruit.


• 1 piece of fish, poultry or game, about 100–150g (except for days where the meal is vegetarian).
• 1 big portion of vegetables.
• 2 potatoes or 50g boiled grains.
• 1 portion of salad, with lettuce, kale or cabbage.

Divide each week as follows:

3 days with vegetarian meals

2 days with fish

2 days with poultry, game or meat.

When having your main meal, make sure you set the table nicely, prepare your food with love, take time eating at the table with your family or friends. If eating alone, still set the table and serve yourself a wonderful tasty dinner.

Eat only one portion of food, then eat slowly and drink plenty of water while eating. That also prolongs the meal.

Always serve a fresh salad according to the season; fresh raw vegetables fill you up and they are super healthy. When on a diet, avoid dressings; instead use lemon juice or a nicely flavoured, good-quality vinegar instead.

In general, cut down on fat. Steam or bake instead of frying.

Evening snack

100ml non-fat yoghurt or skyr with berries or other seasonal fruit or, some nights, a small piece of dark chocolate.

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Drink 2 litres of water a day, and always have raw vegetables in a plastic bag to snack on if hungry or getting sugar cravings.

*Coffee and tea are unlimited, but be careful not to have too much caffeine, which can make you giddy, especially if you do not eat a lot. Always use skimmed milk in your coffee and tea. Avoid café latte – there’s too much fat in all that milk, and that goes for soy latte as well.

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Benefits of Running to Losing Weight
Running is considered one of the best activities for fat burning being the key to losing weight fast. 60% of runners start running to lose weight and take advantage of all the benefits that running brings health and physical and mental wellbeing.

How Running Helps You Lose Weight

To begin with, we highlight basics:

• It helps tone muscles,
• It improves shape and appearance
• It brings great benefits to the cardiovascular system.
• It helps you lose your weight fast and reduces the likelihood of developing serious health problems.

The benefits of running as usual for our general well-being are well known. Whether in a gym or outdoors, running can be a good way to keep your body. The benefits and advantages of running on our body are both physical and mental. Some of these benefits are listed below.

It is one of the simplest ways to burn excess body fat ways. Fitness instructors around the world place great emphasis on smooth and steady run, this not only works for people who want to lose weight, but also for those who want to keep fit.

Running every day for cardiovascular health

It reduces the risk of heart attacks. During the fastest exercise, the arteries and veins contract and expand more frequently, increasing its elasticity. This helps in the regulation of normal blood flow and prevent diseases such as high blood pressure. The benefits of running is also reducing the risk of developing diseases such as osteoporosis, diabetes, and breast cancer.

The benefits of running also been found to stimulate the immune system, for when the exercise is practiced increased lymphocyte production is generated. A stronger immune system protects us against opportunistic infections such as the common cold. Running brings great benefits to people who suffer from depression. As we run, our body produces hormones known as endorphins. These help to regulate mood, so the person feels happier.

Lowering stress levels

Running daily also helps lower stress levels. In the highly competitive world of today, stress is something we all experience whether in our personal or professional life. The running daily can help lower stress and anxiety. Running can help make people look younger. Researchers believe that unlocks running muscle stem cells, which helps slow the aging process.

As you can tell, the benefits of running to lose weight fast are infinite. Many people seek the benefits of running to decrease weight fast. Running regularly is a very effective way to burn calories and lose weight.

A person weighing 70 kg burns about 110 calories per 1.5 km while jogging. For the benefits of running to lose weight fast should be noted that only you can decrease weight by burning more calories consumed.

To lose weight fast running, you should combine this habit with a healthy diet. Brokers have special nutritional needs, but the basic principles to lose weight fast tell us that besides running should reduce the intake of fat and calories, increasing intake of vegetables fruits and vegetables.

Achieving Flat Stomach and Abs

The best exercise for the stomach is free, easy and does not require any equipment. It is simply walking or jogging. If your abdomen has a little extra fat, you probably have your whole body. The fat is distributed on all the muscles of the body, but builds up in certain areas, like your belly. Your body can not eliminate fat only one area, that is why measures to reduce your abdominal area, you have to burn fat throughout the body.

Localized exercises are important, but they alone will not flatten your abdomen, just train the muscle that is below the fat, so burning calories should be your main goal to start exercising, you can later focus in toning the area. Cardiovascular exercises are proven as the best way to lose weight and running is one of the most simple and efficient. If you do not have the stamina to run, start by walking briskly or jogging, and go at your own pace, do not despair, anger slowly improving your fitness. This will also increase your metabolism and make you burn more calories.

In general, the advantages of running to lose weight fast are higher for those that are overweight. The effectiveness in the performance of running to lose you weight fast should run every day of the week or at least five days a week. Moderate exercise does not provide benefits for losing weight fast.

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The Top 20 Best Ways to Lose Weight
This is in no way an exhaustive list of the best ways to lose weight. But it is a very concise and helpful list that can be useful in constructing your own diet or as a guide for selecting a healthy diet.

Everything contained on this list is based on sound nutrition and is completely safe.

The Top 20 Best Ways to Lose Weight

Now here are the Top 20 Best Ways to Lose Weight:

1- Start a (pre-diet) journal and begin to record everything you eat and also the amount of exercise. Do it for one week prior to starting your diet. At the conclusion of your monitoring week examine your journal to determine some obvious areas in which you can improve. Look for bad habits? Where and when are you consuming the highest calorie and fat laden foods? Consider your drinking habits? How many colas or diet drinks are you consuming? How much exercise is a part of your daily routine? You will be amazed at how much your journal will reveal about changes that need to be made if you are going to successfully lose weight.

2- Maintain a lifestyle journal. Once you have begun your diet you will want to continue to record everything you eat and drink as well as recording your exercise regimen. Your goal is to break bad habits and replace them with good habits.

3- Become a grazer. The idea here is to eat smaller quantities more often. Obviously you want these more frequent meals to be high in nutrients and low in fat and calories. Instead of 3 meals a day and a couple of snacks switch to 6 small meals per day.

4- Reduce caloric and fat intake while increasing aerobic exercise. What I have found that works best is a diet that stays in the range of 1200 to 1400 calories and 15 grams of fat per day.

5- Be purposeful with your exercise. Try to work 3 to 4 thirty minute aerobic routines into your regimen. Light weight training can also be very productive. Just be sure that you have a plan. Also build some variety into it. The best exercise is fun exercise. Play on a softball or basketball team. Play tennis or swim. Find something you enjoy and build that into your routine.

6- Drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. The water flushes your system and rids your body of toxins. It also helps to maintain a full feeling that naturally curbs hunger.

7- Eat at home as much as possible. It's not impossible to eat out and maintain your diet but is very difficult. At home you can better control the food requirements of your diet while avoiding temptations that are so readily available in a restaurant environment.

8- Read healthy information. Invest in magazines and books that teach the principles of a healthy lifestyle.

9- Set realistic goals and write them down. Place those goals where you will easily see them like your refrigerator or work station. When setting goals remember that weight loss comes more rapidly in the first few weeks. Your previous experience with dieting will also give you and idea of what can realistically be expected. For example, I know that it is realistic for me to lose 20 pounds in the first month of a diet. The next month will be more in the neighborhood of 10 to 15 pounds. After than I can reasonably expect to lose 1 pound per week. Generally, the heavier you are the faster the weight will come off. The point is to set goals that you can achieve. Failure leads to disappointment which in turn leads to giving up.

10- Get plenty of sleep. When you get adequate rest you body will produce lower amounts of cortisol which contributes to weight gain when you get too little sleep.

11- Avoid stressful situations. When the body is stressed it produces insulin which fuels the body with more sugar resulting in slower weight loss.

12- Eat more and more fresh fruits and vegetables while cutting back on processed and packaged foods. Additionally increase the percentage of raw foods in your diet.

13- Eliminate sugar, white rice, and anything made from white flour. This change will do wonders in insuring your success. The best bread choice is whole grain bread.

14- Eliminate all soft drinks. Diet drinks are just as troublesome as drinks sweetened with sugar. Your primary drinks should be fresh water and an occasion cup of green tea. As far as a safe sweetener I recommend stevia. Don't by the stuff that's being sold now in the grocery store because it is mixed with additives. Instead, get pure stevia, either in a powder or in liquid form.

15- Eliminate meat from your diet. If you can't do without meat try to get buy with just white meat and fish. And if you just have to have red meat then consume no more than 5 ounces per day.

16- Do not fry in oil or cook with butter. Steaming, roasting, broiling, and boiling are your healthiest options. Raw is the absolute best option.

17- Cut back on the salt. There are some wonderful herb seasonings that add tons of flavor to your food.

18- On special occasions go ahead and enjoy yourself by eating what you love. Just do so in moderation.

19- Remove the fat clothes from your closet. Your mindset should be that you will never ever have to wear those clothes again. Treat yourself to a new wardrobe. The thing that I have found is that when you slim down clothes cost less. You can also wear jeans, shorts, and tops that you are less likely to wear when you are overweight.

20- Stay positive. It is so easy to become negative, irritable, and disagreeable on a diet. Refuse to allow it to happen. Avoid negative and critical people who distract you from becoming the slim and healthy person that you want to become.

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Richard Weirich co-hosts the internationally popular Health at Last Radio and has written numerous publications on weight loss, health, and wellness. To find out more about the best ways to lose weight [] you can visit the author's website [] here.

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Lose Weight and Feel Full With Fewer Calories
Lose weight and feel full with fewer calories. Does this claim sound like another quick-fix diet promise with a disappointing ending? I can understand why you might feel that way, but believe me, this is not a gimmick.

Lose Weight and Feel Full With Fewer Calories

Not only is it a legitimate claim, it's simple and easy to do. And best of all, you won't feel hungry and deprived.

Here's how it works. All you need to do is learn which foods fill you up with the fewest calories and choose them most of the time. Think of it like this. If most of your food choices pack lots of calories into each bite - by the end of the day - you will consume more than you need. And as a result, you will continually gain weight or find it hard to lose. However, by choosing foods that are less calorie-dense and yet filling, you can manage your weight without feeling hungry all the time. This will increase your chances of sticking with your plan and reaching your ultimate weight and health goals.

Starving yourself to lose weight is not only unnecessary - it's unhealthy. Follow these simple steps for a healthier more effective way to shed those extra pounds and maintain your desired weight.

1. Bulk up. Squeeze more fruits and vegetables into your diet throughout the day by topping cereal with berries, snacking on an apple or carrot sticks, tucking your favorite veggies into your sandwich, or simply increasing the proportion of veggies on your plate.

2. Eat soup. One component of food that has a big impact on how much of it you eat is water. Water adds weight and volume to foods without adding calories; in other words, it lowers the calorie density of foods. Broth-based soup such as vegetable barley is a water-rich food that will fill you up without packing on the calories. Eaten at the start of your meal, it will take the edge off your hunger. Even with this extra course you are likely to eat fewer total calories during the meal.

3. Cut the fat. Without sacrificing taste, you can cut calories by reducing the fat in foods. Use a smaller amount of highly flavorful oil such as extra-virgin olive oil, switch to lower fat dairy products, and buy the leanest cuts of meat and eat less. Fat packs more than twice as many calories into an ounce of food than both carbohydrates and protein.

4. Stock your kitchen. Fill you cabinets, pantry, and fridge with a variety of your favorite low calorie- density foods so these are what you eat when you have the munchies. For example, apple slices with a low-fat cheese wedge, tomato soup with baby carrots, a small scoop of fat-free cottage cheese with a few chunks of fresh pineapple, a multigrain cracker with a dollop of low fat ricotta cheese and a drizzle of honey; the choices are endless.

5. Eat what you like. Tweak your favorites rather than eliminating them. For example, add vegetables to your favorite mixed dishes - bulk up chili, stews, and even macaroni and cheese with water-rich veggies like broccoli, carrots or tomatoes.

6. Make it positive. Focus on what you can eat, rather than what you can't. Experiment with different low calorie-dense foods and create eating habits you enjoy so you stick with it.
Step aside McDonald's and Burger King. For a "real" extra value meal, try this delicious recipe packed with flavor and nutrition - without all the calories.


Courtesy of Supermarket Savvy
1 (16 oz.) pkg. Hodgson Mill Whole Wheat Spaghetti with Milled Flaxseed
1 cup red onion, chopped
1-2 cloves garlic, minced
1 Tbsp. olive oil
8 - 12 fresh ripe tomatoes, peeled & coarsely chopped (8 cups) or 2 (28 oz.) cans diced tomatoes
¼ cup fresh basil, chopped
2 tsp. sugar
2 tsp. dried oregano
1 (6 oz.) can tomato paste

Salt, pepper, and parmesan cheese to taste
In a large saucepan, sauté onion and garlic in olive oil until soft. Stir in fresh tomato chunks, herbs and spices.

Bring to a boil, turn down heat and simmer for 30 minutes. Stir in tomato paste and simmer for 5 minutes longer or until heated through.

While the tomatoes are simmering, cook pasta according to package directions. Drain but do not rinse. Serve hot pasta topped with Fresh Tomato Sauce and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese.
Yield: 6 servings

Each serving: 276 calories; 9 g. dietary fiber; 49 g. carbohydrates; 12 g. protein; 3 g. fat; 1 g. saturated fat; 600 mg omega-3; 0 mg. cholesterol; 40 mg. sodium.

The key to permanent weight loss is having an eating style that is both nutritious and satisfying. With all the quick-fix diet gimmicks out there, this can be very challenging. I'd like to help you lose weight by creating a personalized plan that allows you to enjoy healthy satisfying food - one bite at a time.

Lorraine Matthews-Antosiewicz, MS RD, is a food and nutrition expert specializing in weight management. She is committed to empowering people through education, support, and inspiration to make real changes that lead to optimal health and lasting weight loss. Sign up for her Free Consultation and receive expert advice on how to lose 20 lb. - or more. Jump Start your weight loss today!
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5 Tips To Help You Lose Weight Without Counting Calories
If you think that calories are calories - and it doesn't matter whether they come from cookies or carrots - then it's time to rethink what you're thinking about calories. Contrary to what you may have heard, all calories are NOT created equal. Believing that you'll lose weight simply by counting them or cutting them will likely leave you hungry, irritable, malnourished and frustrated when you end up not much lighter than you were when you started - and maybe even heavier.

5 Tips To Help You Lose Weight Without Counting Calories


Rather than counting calories, eat until you are satisfied.

Check out these facts about calories for a little taste of reality:

1. All Calories Are Not Created Equal

Thinking that all calories are the same is an outdated concept. By definition calories represent units of energy provided by a particular food, however they are not all the same. It's the quality of the calories that matters most and it enhances the value of the food.

2. Junk is Junk, No Matter How You Slice It

Calories from nutrient-rich foods versus nutritionally-deficient foods such as processed or refined carbs will have different effects on the body. Healthy, nutrient-rich foods will enable your brain to signal your belly that it's full, help maintain stable blood sugar levels, and minimize cravings. Nutrient poor foods will have the opposite effect: spiking insulin, causing cravings, diminishing satiety signals and encouraging you to overeat.

Therefore, eating mostly nutrient dense foods will help to keep your weight in check naturally; no calorie counting required.

3. Nutrients Matter More

Tracking every calorie that goes in your mouth may give you a feeling of control but it doesn't mean you're getting enough of the nutrients your body needs. If your diet consists mostly of portion-controlled, "diet" microwaveable meals and other highly processed items, you're eating a poor excuse for food. This type of "food" is loaded with chemicals, GMOs, allergenic and inflammatory ingredients, and it doesn't provide enough protein, fiber, good fats or even volume to make you feel satisfied. You end up hungry, unable to focus, and malnourished, possibly setting you up for chronic illness down the line. Don't be fooled by the calorie count- think nutrition instead.

Tips To Help You Lose pounds

4. Don't Be A Big Loser 

When you see the "before and after" photos of the contestants on The Biggest Loser, you have to wonder just what they were eating before they entered the ranch. I'm guessing it was a whole lot more food. With intense caloric restriction and hours of exercise every day, they do lose weight. And yes, while it does work for a time, it's not recommended. It's hard to sustain this as a life style long-term, and will leave you feeling run-down because you're not supporting your body with enough essential nutrients. Furthermore, this type of restrictive dieting actually slows down metabolism to conserve energy and prevent starvation making weight loss harder.

5. Eat The Right Stuff

To quell your cravings and help reduce your appetite with little effort, all you need to do is feed yourself real food. First up are fats and oils. There is abundant evidence to show that lower-carb, higher fat diets are generally more satisfying. The healthiest fats include avocados, nuts, and cold-pressed olive oil. Not only do they help balance hormonal and metabolic processes, they taste great. Next in line are the non-starchy vegetables like leafy greens. They provide nutrient-dense bulk to fill you up. And last but not least are protein foods such as wild caught fish, grass fed organic meat and poultry providing nourishment while keeping you feeling full longer.

Bottom line, eat until you feel satisfied rather than until your reach some arbitrary "magic" number. Give up hunger, denial and counting calories for real, nutrient-dense foods. By eating this way, your body will tell you when you've had enough and you will lose weight and keep it off for good.

Lorraine Matthews-Antosiewicz, MS RD, is a food and nutrition expert specializing in weight management and digestive health. She is committed to empowering people through education, support, and inspiration to make real changes that lead to optimal health and lasting weight loss. Take her Free Self-Assessment and learn how you can lose 20 lb. - or more. Jump Start your weight loss today!
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3 Simple Steps To Lose Weight Fast
If you do not have huge will power, then the hunger will cause you to give up completely on these plans altogether.

3 Simple Steps To Lose Weight Fast

The 3 steps plan that I am going to outline for you will... 

• Reduce your appetite rather significantly
• Allow you to lose weight fast without leaving you hungry
• Improve your metabolic health at the same time

All of these methods are supported by scientific studies.

Step 1 will be to cut back on sugars and starches.

The most important part is to cut back on sugars and starches.These is found in the foods that stimulate secretion of insulin the very most. If you did not know already, insulin is the main fat storage hormone in the body.

When insulin is lowered, fat has a much easier time getting out of the fat stores, and then the body starts to burn fats instead of carbohydrates. Another great benefit of lowering insulin is that your kidneys will shed excess sodium and excess water out of your body, which will reduce bloating and unnecessary water weight.

It is not uncommon to lose up to 10 pounds, some times more, in the first week of eating in this way; both body fat and water weight. Cutting down your intake of carbohydrate, lower your insulin, and you will start to eat less calories automatically and without feeling hungry.

Bottom line: By removing sugars and starches from your diet will lower your insulin levels, kill your appetite and make you lose weight without hunger.

Step 2 is to eat protein, fats and vegetables.

Every one of your meals should contain a source of protein, low carb source, and a source of healthy fat. If you construct your meals in this way, this will automatically bring your intake of carbs in to the recommended range of 20-50 grams per day.

Here are some sources of protein: 

Meat - Beef, chicken, pork lamb, bacon.
Fish and sea food - Salmon, trout, shrimps, lobsters.
Eggs - Omega 3 or pastured eggs are best.

It is very important to eat enough protein to lose weight. Eating sufficient quantities of protein has shown to boost the metabolism by 80 - 100 calories per day.

A diet which is high in protein can also reduce obsessive thoughts about food by as much as 60%, and also reduce desire for late night snacking by about half, and make you feel full so that you automatically eat around 441 calories less per day, this is simply by adding protein to your diet.
When it comes to losing weight, protein is the king of nutrients.

Here are some examples of low carb vegetables:

• Broccoli
• Spinach
• Cauliflower
• Kale
• Cabbage
• Brussel spouts
• Swiss chard
• Lettuce
• Cucumber
• Celery

Make sure you load your plate with these low carb vegetables. You can eat massive amount so these without going over 20 -50 of net carbs per day. A diet which consists of meat and vegetables, this contains all fibre, vitamins and minerals you need to be healthy.

A few examples of sources of fat include...

• Olive oil
• Coconut oil
• Avocado oil
• Butter
• Tallow

Aim to eat 5 small balanced meals per day, if you get hungry, you can add a 6th.
Do not avoid eating fat. I would advise not to try eating low carb and low fat at the same time, this recipe for disaster. It will make you feel miserable.

The very best cooking fat to us is coconut oil, it is rich in healthy fats that can help boost your metabolism.

There is no reason to avoid natural fats at all, many new studies have shown that these fats do not increase your heart disease risk at all.

Bottom Line: Have a source of protein, low carb vegetable and healthy fat with each meal. His will put you in to the 2-50 gram carb range and lower your insulin levels and allow you to burn more fat easily.

Step 3, start lifting weights 3 times a week.

You do not need to exercise to lose weight, but it is recommended for the many benefits of exercise. For best results go to the gym ¾ times a week, do a warm, do some strength work and also include a little cardio.

By lifting weights you will build muscle, which will help allow you to burn more calories naturally. The more muscle mass that you have the more calories that you burn. Lifting weight s will also help prevent your metabolism from slowing down.

If lifting weights in not an option for you, or if you do not want to do that, then you can look at some cardio workouts like running, swimming, skipping and these will help you burn calories and reduce your body weight.

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My Name Ashley Hubbard, I am a weight loss consultant. I offer practical lifestyle tips and advice to people on how to start losing weight. 

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Lose Weight - Up To 0.5kg A Week With Simple Food Substitutions
How To Lose More Than 0.5kg A Week
Losing weight can often be daunting and some weight loss techniques involve significant lifestyle changes. This article focuses on easy lifestyle changes designed to help you lose at least 0.5kg a week.

To lose weight all you need to do is make sure you burn more calories than you consume. To lose 0.5kg a week you simply need to make sure that each day you burn 500 calories more than you consume. So if your weight is stable and you want to lose 0.5kg a week you need reduce your calorie intake or increase calorie expenditure to the tune of 500 calories a day. This may seem like a lot however there are so many easy things we can do to achieve this.

Did you know that a 600ml bottle of coke has 285 Calories in it? Or that a slice of chocolate mud cake has 390 Calories? That means if the only changes you made to your daily diet was to cut out your bottle of coke and cake you would lose over 0.5kg a week. At the bottom of the article is a list of commonly eaten foods and drinks and some better alternatives to help lose weight. All you need to do is look at the foods you eat each day and then find a healthier substitute. Simply make sure your changes are more than 500 calories and this will ensure weight loss of more than 0.5kg a week.

Here are some possible changes to lose more than 0.5kg a week.

Weight loss change 1:

- Glass of water instead of juice in the morning: 123 Cal savings
- Replace butter with extra light margarine: 49 Cal savings
- Fat free yoghurt instead of full cream: 82 Cal savings
- 20 minute jog: 210 Cal savings
- No sugar in coffee & low fat milk: 50 Cal savings

Total: 514 Cal savings

Weight loss change 2:

- One glass of wine instead of two over dinner: 135 Cal savings

- Portion size reduction for dinner: 160 Cal savings

- No biscuit with coffee: 190 Cal savings

- Light margarine instead of normal margarine: 37 Cal savings

Total: 522 Cal savings

Weight loss change 3:

- Water instead of soft drink: 170 Cal savings

- 1 hour walk: 240 Cal savings

- Low fat muffin instead of cake slice: 120 Cal savings

Total: 530 Cal savings

Weight loss change 4:

- Vegetable snack instead of packaged chips: 250 Cal savings

- Muesli bar instead of chocolate bar: 160 Cal savings

- Lean ham instead of salami on sandwich: 150 Cal savings

Total: 560 Cal savings

You can make any number of different changes. The idea of this article is to provoke thought about making healthy substitutes to your diet and lifestyle to assist weight loss. It is important to understand what is in all the foods you eat and with this knowledge it becomes easier to have healthier alternatives resulting in significant weight loss and increased energy.

Drink Unit - Calories

Coke 600ml - 285 Cal

Coke 385ml - 161 Cal

Soft Drinks 385ml -170 Cal

Coke zero 600ml - 2 Cal

Diet Coke 600ml - 2 Cal

Water 600ml - 0 Cal

OJ 250ml - 123 Cal

Apple 250ml - 100 Cal

Beer - full strength 385ml - 135 Cal

Beer - light 385ml - 100 Cal

Wine - red 160ml - 135 Cal

Wine - white 160ml - 108Cal

Butter/Margarine Unit - Calories

Butter 10g - 72 Cal

Margarine 10g - 60 Cal

Extra light margarine 10g - 23 Cal

Coffee Unit - Calories

Sugar teaspoon - 23 Cal

Sugar sub (equal) teaspoon - 2 Cal

Full cream milk tablespoon - 13 Cal

Skim milk tablespoon - 7 Cal

Dairy Unit - Calories

Full cream milk glass - 128 Cal

Skim/no-fat milk glass - 66 Cal

Yoghurt 200g - 174 Cal

Fat free yoghurt 200g - 92 Cal

Exercise Unit - Calories

Walk 30 min - 120 Cal

Walk 1 hour - 240 Cal

Jog 10min - 105 Cal

Jog 20min - 210 Cal

Jog 30min - 315 Cal

Meats Unit - Calories

Salami 40g - 190 Cal

Lean ham 40g - 43 Cal

Cakes Unit - Calories

Choc mud cake 100g (slice) - 390 Cal

Cheesecake 100g (slice) - 320 Cal

Sponge cake 100g (slice) - 250 Cal

Low fat muffin 100g (slice) - 200 Cal

Biscuit Unit - Calories

Tim Tam (chocolate) 2 - 194 Cal

Mint Slice 2 - 160 Cal

Anzac 2 - 200 Cal

Weight watchers 2 - 66 Cal

Wafer biscuit 2 - 80 Cal

Reduce portion size 25% Unit - Calories

Dinner Normal - 650 Cal

Dinner Smaller portion - 490 Cal

Lunch Normal - 500 Cal

Lunch Smaller portion - 375 Cal

Breakfast Normal - 400 Cal

Breakfast Smaller portion - 300 Cal

Chips Unit - Calories

Hot chips bucket (150g) - 300 Cal

Smiths chips 50g packet - 255 Cal

McDonalds Large - 455 Cal

Salt & vinegar 50g packet - 255 Cal

Chocolate Bars Unit - Calories

Mars 1 - 275 Cal

Snickers 1 - 294 Cal

Boost 1 - 310 Cal

Kit Kat 1 - 314 Cal

Fruit topped muesli bar 30g - 115 Cal

Yoghurt top muesli bar 30g - 135 Cal

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Easy Ways to Lose Weight Fast - Get the Top Weight Loss Tips
Easy Ways to Lose Weight Fast
Are you looking for proven Easy ways to Lose weight? You will find easy to follow useful tips that will help you to lose body fat fast and these quick easy ways to lose weight will cost you nothing. Most people struggle to shed weight not because they have no knowledge on what to do but because they go about it the wrong way. Follow through these quick ways to lose body fat till the end of this article and start burning fat now! Excited to know more? Lets get started with the top ways to lose weight fast.


I am going to show you free ways to reduce weight fast that you can start implementing in your weight loss program immediately. You may have heard of some of these tips to reduce weight but i would like to emphasize that all the tips are important and you should take them seriously for maximum weight loss results.

You need to understand that the top secret to weight loss is burning more calories than you consume daily, this is one of the popular ways to lose weight fast you will find anywhere. By now in your weight loss journey you know that one of the best quick ways to burn fat is to watch what you eat. The food you eat can either make you fat or thin so for maximum weight loss results, it is imperative that you keep a close eye on what foods you eat. There are many options and easy ways to lose weight fast that you can use to increase your body's activity level and also decrease food intake so that more calories can be burnt.


1. The number tip of the easy ways to lose weight fast is to watch what you eat and replace all unhealthy foods with organic and raw foods. You need to understand that the types of foods you eat can either make you fat or thin and one of the easy ways to lose weight fast is to burn more calories than you consume. So if you consume high nutrient low calorie foods on a daily basis, you will see those scale numbers drop. In order to achieve maximum weight loss with food intake, you need to know which foods help to burn fat and which foods don't. Keep a food journal if you can and write everything you eat. If your journal if filled with plenty of junk foods and carbonated drinks and sodas, then you will a pretty good idea of which foods are making you fat and also making it hard to lose weight easily. The easy ways to lose weight with food intake is to consume raw foods and avoid carbonated drinks and sodas.

2. Remember what your weight loss goals are to stay motivated, this is also another great tip on the easy ways to lose weight fast so that you don't fall out of your goals. This journey will not be easy and there will be plenty of setbacks along the way such as cravings for sweets or just cheating on your meal plan. One of the most important advice to lose weight fast and stay lean is to find a mentor or support group. Just the thought of knowing that you are not going through it alone can help you stay motivated. You can join a local gym, weight loss support group or if you are completely shy you can join an online weight loss forum where people discuss so many things related to their weight loss.It will give you an opportunity to share your own experiences, frustrations and achievements. There are many ideas on how to lose weight and making simple lifestyle changes can be a stepping stone to shedding off fat and keeping it off.

3. The third of the five ways to lose weight fast is to drink plenty of water daily. You may already know this but are you doing it? Water helps to flush out all those toxins from your body and helps improve your metabolism. Experience also shows that water helps to make you feel fuller and energized. This is one of the easiest ways to lose weight as water contains zero calories and it helps to curb cravings as you will be feeling full. Drink at least 8 full glasses of water daily for maximum results. One of the low cost ways to lose weight fat is replacing all those carbonated drinks and sodas which are high in calories (sugar) and replacing them with water.

4. One of the most essential parts of good health is maintaining proper weight. This will help you to avoid weight related diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes, you need to take advantage of these easy ways to shed off unwanted body fat so that you lose excess fat easily and stay healthy. Avoid eating chocolate, its nice i know but its also high in calories. One mistake that dieters make on their weight loss plans is to skip meals or starve themselves hoping to accelerate weight loss. This does not count as one of the easy ways to burn fat as all this does is to bring the weight back on once the fad or crash diet is over. The easy ways to lose weight fast you can implement instead is to eat at least 5 to 6 small healthy meals daily.

This is a very popular weight loss strategy as you will not be feeling hungry to crave for sweets or biscuits that will only increase your weight. Going hungry is not an easy ways to lose weight fast as your body will instead store more fat in preparation for the next time you starve yourself. If you want easy ways to lose weight fast, eat healthily, don't starve yourself.

5. The final tip on the proven fast ways to shed off weight is to get moving and start exercising. Most dieters know this but for whatever reason try to avoid hitting the gym or doing exercise of any sort. You might slim down just by following the top four tips but if you want a toned sexy body, you need to exercise. This is one of the best ways to reduce the scale numbers fast as it speeds up your metabolism and your body can continue to burn fat up to 48 hours after your workout routine ends. Now by exercising i don't mean long hours of boring cardio, i mean high intensity workout routines that will work all the major muscle groups in your body. This is one of the fast ways to burn fat and keep it off permanently. If you do it right you can get toned and also get sexy six pack abs that most people envy. One of the top ways to reduce weight fast with exercise is to workout hard for a short time instead of a longer time but not working hard.


There you have your top five quick ways to burn fat fast, get toned and also get sexy six pack abs through high intensity workouts. From this article, you can implement these tips to shed weight and start seeing results fast. The top ways to lose weight fast discussed here are not comprehensive but are a good start for maximum results. This will require discipline but it is not impossible to achieve.

What if after trying everything you still can't shed off that unwanted body fat. I know how hard, challenging and daunting weight loss can be but if you really want to gain your self esteem back and boost your self confidence, you will need weight loss methods that work and produce permanent results.

You can find more free information on the best way to lose weight fast []. Don't give up hope, it is NOT impossible. Get more proven Easy ways to lose weight fast [] by clicking the link.

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Lose Weight in 7 Days on the Raw Food Diet Plan - Tips and Tricks to Succeed
Lose Weight in 7 Days on the Raw Food Diet Plan - Tips and Tricks to Succeed
Weight loss doesn't have to be hard! By setting yourself a goal of sticking to your diet plan for 7 days and following these easy to manage steps you will be on your way to losing weight fast and creating a healthier you. By replacing a few of your undesirable eating habits with a new well balanced diet and incorporating some form of exercise into your daily routine, you will not only shed those unwanted kilos but have more energy and feel amazing.

You see, the Raw Food Diet Plan not only focuses on losing weight fast, its key objective is to ensure that you are eating nutrient dense foods with the nutrients and enzymes intact. And this is the reason why it works!

When you concentrate more on your weight, you keep on gaining more weight instead. But if you switch your focus on health, you get the best out of it, not only healthy weight but cleansed system as well.

Will I starve with this diet plan?

Don't worry, there will be a variety of food to choose from. You will have regular meals plus snacks. For you to enjoy and succeed in this diet program, follow these tips and tricks to ensure you have more than enough snacks to choose from.

Tips and Tricks to Succeed in 7-Days Raw Food Diet Plan

This diet program is not a harsh or extreme weight loss plan. This program aims to regain your vigour and energy, boost your immune system, eliminate stored fat and toxins and help you lose weight.

Drink plenty of water

Drink at least two liters of water per day. Drink in between meals to avoid diluting gastric juices during food digestion.

Drink a detoxifying tea

Drink green tea to enhance your detox.

Dry Brushing

Dry brushing will not only exfoliate your skin, it can also stimulate the little blood vessels under the skin and promote circulation. Before you take your shower, brush your body using a natural soft bristle brush in circular motion beginning from your extremities going to your heart.


Shed some sweat at least once a week. If you cannot do your workout, go for a steam bath or sauna to make sure you are eliminating body toxins efficiently.

Vegetable Smoothies

Instead of coffee, start your day by making your own green smoothie. You can find lots of vegetable smoothies recipe online. You can also create your own recipe! Spinach is good for beginners because of its mild flavour. Be sure to alternate greens to enjoy a wide range of nutrients.

Never skip breakfast

Go easy with your body by having a green drink in the morning. If it is not enough or if you need an ample amount to start the day, eat fresh fruits or a vegetable wrap. Many people fear that they're going to be hungry on a raw diet. However, there is a lot of filling food options you can try. Soaked oat groat is one of them. Eat 3 to 5 soaked groats for a sustained feeling. This is better than cooked oatmeal. Don't forget to go easy and always drink green smoothie as your base meal every morning.

Quit coffee

Quitting coffee right away can be daunting task, especially if you are a 'drinker' for years. If you want to set yourself free from caffeine, cut it back. Begin with just one cup per day. Then gradually lessen the amount into half until you no longer crave for it.

Be ready for temptation

Don't let the sugar craving blow your consistent raw experience. Have some fresh fruits to satisfy your sweet tooth. If that still doesn't work, there are tasty raw desserts that you can try such as cocoa pudding, raw lemon bar and raw brownies! They are even tastier than many cooked foods.


The raw diet program should be a fun discovery of raw cuisine and not a frustrating challenge. Keep in mind that this is not only a weight loss program but a detoxifying diet. It is also empowering knowing you can learn how to make raw dishes with little effort. If you are stressed or busy, go for simple meals such as a green leafy salad that can be prepared the night before, ready for your busy day!

Before going raw, make sure to inform your health practitioner about the changes to your diet and only do what feels right for your body. Never starve yourself or take pills or clays to stimulate your digestive tract. A raw diet is just a healthy change in your typical diet and so, keep it simple and enjoy the benefits of the raw diet experience.

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Guides to the Best Exercises to Lose Weight Fast For Women

Guides to the best exercises to lose weight fast for women are now a vital section of a whole weight loss program. And just as eating healthy is a vital, it's crucial that you workout at the same time, which is why there is a need to find the most notable Workout routines to reduce Fat. The most effective workout routines can include cardio factor and toning factor, since this will help you to start seeing results more quickly.

Women exercises to lose weightBelow are few exercises that you can undertake to shed weight fast, which will prove to be the most effective along with the quantity of calories they will burn up. The sole positive factor: regardless of which workout routines, for slimming down, you select, you'll definitely get on the right track regarding slimming down and toning your body. So, let's begin and have a glimpse of these exercises:

1. Aerobic

Calorie burn: 800 cal /hr

Many of the leading exercises to lose weight integrate aerobic exercises. This kind of exercise generally targets the hip and legs which are the very particular areas that many women desire to strengthen. Carrying out these exercises for one hour per day, broken up into 30 minutes sessions each, can certainly make you notice results in two weeks. It is one of the best exercises to lose weight.

2. Cycling

Calorie burn: 500 to 1000 cal /hr

Depending on how fast you can ride the bicycle; this is a genuine calorie burner exercise. Riding outside in the open is obviously more pleasurable, yet when you have a time constraint, choose a high quality fitness bike to work-out on. This may definitely become your favorite calorie burner, due to the fact it's really easy and pleasurable.

3. Swimming

Calorie burn: 400 cal /hr

Going, swimming is surely a very important workout to reduce weight, especially during the summer. Spending time swimming the length of the swimming pool for an hour or so can melt away 400 Calorie, and in addition strengthen most of your body's muscles.

4. Running

If you started running or perhaps sprinting in your thirties, you will want to start with the high aspirations and maybe even try a mini-marathon. Ensure you choose proper running shoes, but please stop immediately if the joints, ankles, can't take the stress... anyhow this is a fantastic and very effective exercise!

5. Yoga
Yoga is focused on overall flexibility, and it's a great solution to de-stress and loosen up, specifically with the women who take care of the entire household activities and also they careers. It is actually a fantastic exercise to lose weight.

These kinds of exercises would certainly allow you to attain a wholesome and healthy physique within no time if executed in the correct and well-disciplined way. They're among the best exercises to lose weight fast for women.

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The Best Way for Women to Lose Weight
Losing weight is a hot topic and always will be. Whether you have a lot or a little to lose, you want to know the best way to shed those unwanted pounds. There's a lot of one-size-fits-all advice making the rounds, and it's just not working for women.

The reason that it's not working is because men and women don't lose weight the same way - even when using the same methods. You only have to look at the difference in a man and a woman's distribution of fat cells to understand this.

A woman tends to have all over body issues when it comes to the distribution of fat - from the neck to the arms to the midsection to the thighs. A man generally gains most of his weight in his belly, but everyone is unique, so you can't generalize too much.

The Best Way for Women to Lose WeightThe Role of Your Metabolism in Weight Loss

You can watch what you eat and work out just as hard as the next person and find yourself struggling to shed every single pound. A body's metabolic makeup is one of the reasons that people differ in how quickly they can take off excess weight.

When it comes to metabolism, there is no level playing field here. For example, men easily lose weight faster than a woman because their muscle mass plays into how fast their metabolism works.

It doesn't seem fair, but that's the way it is. Your metabolism is the way that the food you eat gets turned into energy. Your metabolism is what uses your calorie intake.

So, depending on how fast or slow your metabolism rate is, you'll either burn calories quickly - or you won't. There are three main things that determine how well your metabolism will help you lose weight.

The first is whether or not you're a man or a woman. Despite thoughts to the contrary, men actually have less body fat than women. This is the case because with rare exceptions, men carry more muscle on their bodies than a woman does.

Men are often more focused on having muscles than women are. The more muscles that you have, the easier it is for your metabolism to work for you, burning calories.

If you have less fat - along with having a great muscle mass - then whenever you try to lose weight, you'll do if faster than someone who doesn't have those advantages.

This is why women can struggle to lose ten pounds over the course of a month and a man can drop it in a couple of weeks. Your bone structure also plays a part in how fast your metabolism works.

The bigger boned a person is, the quicker he or she will burn calories because of a faster metabolism. People that have a larger bone structure will also burn more calories while they're sleeping because their resting metabolism is faster.

Age also plays a part in how fast your metabolism will help you to burn calories. When you grow older, your metabolism slows down due to the changes that take place in your body.

Even if you're sedentary, your metabolism will burn calories, but you'll fare better with weight loss if you're exercising consistently - regardless of whether you're a man or a woman.

Avoid Quick Fixes

It can be very tempting to focus your weight loss on whatever rapid diet fad is floating around. But a quick fix isn't really a fix at all because the weight loss doesn't last for the long haul.

Most quick fixes are fad diets that involve cutting out complete food groups or eating weird foods that smell or taste horrific. If you eliminate entire food groups, your body isn't getting the nutrients that it needs.

You may also end up severely limiting calorie intake. When your calorie intake becomes too limited, your metabolism will slow down because your body will go into preservation mode.

Any diet that claims it has a miracle solution to all of your weight loss needs isn't being truthful. If there were such an easy fix, everyone would use it. There are scammers that will eagerly prey on your desire to lose weight.

These quick fixes create a yo-yo effect. You'll lose weight, but it will come right back. And when quickly lost weight returns, it often brings with it more pounds than you originally lost.

Not only that, but quick fixes can be dangerous to your health - especially if they're extreme. Any quick fix that involves dangerous methods should be avoided.

By using safe methods, you can lose weight and you'll be healthier while doing it. You can tell if a method is a quick fix with phony claims if it promises dramatic results overnight or in a very short time period for a huge amount of weight. There's no such thing as overnight weight loss.

5 Food Habits to Practice When You Want to Lose Weight

There's a reason that grocery stores put all of the tempting foods at eye level and within easy reach. We like things easy and fast and when we see our favorite fattening foods, it can override our willpower.

It's even worse if we're tired, moody or bored. How tired we are, how we feel and what we're experiencing can influence food choices. Denial can also be an issue when you're thinking of changing your food habits in order to lose weight.

When most women hear the word "diet," they immediately start thinking about all of the foods they can no longer eat. Losing weight is not as much about denying yourself food as it is simply choosing to eat more good foods over the less healthy ones.

The first food habit to practice is to plan for successful weight loss. This means that you don't want to have the foods that are your weakness within easy reach. You don't want to avoid them altogether because the more off limits a food is, the more your body will have a craving for it.

If you have certain foods that are your weakness, you should still buy them, but get them only in single serving sizes. The second food habit to adopt is to use portion control.

We tend to underestimate the size of the portions on our plate and it can be too easy to stay in that super sized mindset. It's always better to measure out portions.

The third food habit is to learn how you're sabotaging yourself. You should ask yourself if you're truly hungry or if you're reaching for something simply because it's your fallback mechanism kicking in.

Your fallback mechanism is what you rely on when you're feeling down or worried about something or you simply have the munchies. This is when you can eat more than you intended.

The fourth food habit is to fit your weight loss eating plan into your lifestyle. This is the area that trips up many women who want to lose weight. They plan out all of their meals at home, but fail to plan for the times when they might be working late or out with friends.

It can be too tempting to think that you've blown it for one night so you might as well over-eat. Figure out ahead of time what you're going to do to eat healthy for the times when you can't make it home by dinner.

The fifth food habit is to monitor your hunger level. When you get hungry, this can cause you to override all of your good intentions. Keep healthy snacks on hand and eat more often than you normally would.

You can break up three large meals into six smaller ones. Not only will you feel fuller all day, but you'll eat better and keep your metabolism revved up to burn more calories.

What's Your Weight Loss Plan?

You have to have a strategy in place when you want your weight loss efforts to be successful. There's some great advice available when you want to lose - and some not so good advice, too.

You want to make sure that you lose weight in a way that works for you. If you try to work with a weight loss plan that doesn't suit your lifestyle or needs, you'll only end up frustrated.

What works for someone else might not work for you and that's okay. It's true that weight loss is as simple as eating less and moving more. However, how you eat and how you move does play a role in whether or not your attempt will be a successful one.

There are so many different types of eating plans that you can choose from. Some are more structured than others. You can choose from well known weight loss programs like Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig.

These programs work wonderfully for some women, but don't for others. You can purchase books and follow diets like the DASH diet or the Mediterranean diet. If you're good with planning, you can create your own healthy eating strategy.

Your weight loss plan needs to include what you're going to eat, when you're going to eat and where you're going to eat. You'll want to figure in home, restaurants and office foods.

By having a plan, you have something that you can rely on to help you stay on track. Besides eating, your weight loss plan needs to cover exercise. What kind of exercise you're going to do and when is important.

Exercising Helps You Lose Weight

When you mention exercise, it can cause a negative reaction among many women. That's because exercising can become repetitious and boring. Plus, there's always something else that seems to call your attention - something more fun... something that you really want to do.

Exercise should never make you feel miserable emotionally or make you dread doing it. If you feel that way, then something needs to be overhauled about your exercise plan.

In order to be successful with weight loss, you have to burn calories. But that doesn't mean that you have to drag yourself out of bed every morning while it's dark outside to hit the gym.

It also doesn't mean that you have to come home from work, dead tired, and head out to yet another cardio class. First, you can always exercise at home. There are many great products on the market that make exercising from home easy and effective.

You can find a wide selection of workout DVDs that can help you lose weight and get toned. Secondly, you don't have to do any kind of structured exercise program.

Instead, you can choose to get moving and do things that you actually enjoy. If you enjoy whatever kind of physical exertion that you're doing, then you're more likely to keep doing it and reach your weight loss goal.

A fun activity can be anything that you enjoy doing that gets your heart rate elevated. Walking is still one of the best ways to take off those extra pounds. You can walk around familiar areas in your city and play tourist for a day.

You can even sign up for a walking tour. Walking on any surface that offers some resistance is helpful. One such surface would be the sand at a beach. Hiking is also a fun form of exercise. You can slowly build resistance, too - and hike different trails in your state.

Getting your pets out of the house is another way to enjoy some exercising. You can put the dogs on a leash and take them to the local park. If the weather is too hot or it's raining outside, you can walk at the mall.

Not only is this an interesting form of exercise, but you'll be able to do some window shopping along the way. If you're not that fond of going for a walk or hiking, you can enjoy long bicycle rides.

Riding a bicycle not only helps you lose weight, but it tones your muscles as well. You might find that you enjoy bike riding to the point that you join others in local competitive races.

Dancing is another form of fun exercising. You can do this at home or you can choose to join a club or take dance classes. The point is that if you make exercising something that you look forward to doing, you're more likely to stick with it than if you view it as something you have to do that you don't want to do.

Products That Can Help Women Lose Weight

There are some tools that can help you reach your weight loss goals. Some of these tools are very inexpensive while some will cost you a little more. Journals can help track your eating plan as well as keep up with your exercise data.

You can use it to record your measurements if you keep an eye on those. Your measurements are often the first indication that you've lost weight - and this can be something that helps keep you motivated on those days when you don't feel as if you're making any headway.

There are many essential oils - including ones such as lavender or patchouli - that can help you with your weight loss goals because these can soothe anxiety that can trigger an emotional eating response.

You can purchase meditation CDs or DVDs that can help you deal with overeating that might be caused by stress. There are also DVDs featuring many of the more popular exercise programs. Some of these programs don't require any additional tools, but a few of them will.

Exercise equipment can also be a big help when you're trying to lose weight. If you hate the thought of exercising, then look for equipment that helps make it fun.

You can find indoor cycles that feature pre-programmed workouts. But there are also gaming cycles that you can get. These are exercise bikes that come fully loaded with video games.

You can work out while you enjoy playing a video game. This kind makes you feel as if you're part of the track that the screen lays out for you. Video games can be a part of making exercising fun - especially if you have the newer game consoles. You can check out active ones like Wii Tennis.

Whatever equipment you choose to buy, there will often be a women's version, a men's version, and a gender neutral version. Check out the benefits and limitations of each one and don't force yourself to buy a piece of women's equipment if you feel you need some of the other perks offered on different items.

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7 Tips to Lose Weight in 30 Days
Lose Weight in 30 Days Before and After
It is natural that people want to look beautiful. Improving your looks, your mental ability, your knowledge, your sense of style can help you in turning into a better individual. Accessories, clothes, new shoes, etc changes your appearance, however, weight loss not only changes the way we look as well as it improves our overall health. Following the below 7 tips will help you get in shape in 30 days.

 7 Tips to Lose Weight in 30 Days

Avoid sugary stuff- We consume a lot of sugary stuff in our daily diet. We put a lot of sugar in our tea, coffee or other beverages. Candies, chocolates, sweets, pastries are some of the common daily foods we love to dig into. However, these sugary foods are hazardous for health.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables- Fruits and vegetables are consumed naturally. No added sugar, preservatives or chemicals are induced into it. They are naturally infused with vitamins and minerals that are required in our daily diet.

No alcohol- You need to completely avoid alcohol to regain the perfect body shape. To remain healthy, you need to ensure every organ of your body works properly. Alcohol damages the body and thus one should avoid alcohol completely to churn your fat easily.

Sleeping for more hours- Are you a night person. Love to wake up till late during the night and work? Then stop doing it completely. Everybody needs rest and thus sleeping for 7-8 hours continuously is necessary.

Eat home cooked food- Take some time from your daily schedule to cook food at your home. This way, you will be aware of what ingredients you are using. You can always swap your ingredients with the healthier stuff to make your food better and tastier. Replace your daily oil with olive oil. Frying should be replaced with grilling as less oil is used. You can eat good quality cottage cheese, lean protein and interesting veggies to make your dish fabulous.

Avoid meat- It is better to avoid chicken, mutton or beef for healthy living. Animals are fed with antibiotics and growth hormones, which can affect your body. You can always eat fish, as it is a healthy option.

Vitamins for weight loss- Nowadays many companies have invented medicines that can help in weight loss. If you want to lose weight quickly, you can try vitamins for weight loss for better health. These medicines are made from herbs that can help you lose weight easily.

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How to Lose 20 Pounds in 14 Days - My Story to Lose Pounds
Strongly desire to lose pounds fast and healthy? Read my story and I am pretty convinced that you can lose 10 pounds a week and 20 pounds in 2 weeks...

How to Lose 20 Pounds in 14 Days - My Story to Lose Pounds

If You Are Like I Was Before...

..then you must be very unhappy with the way you look probably avoid seeing your reflection in the mirror, most of the time probably sit at your desk for a long period of time, every day tend to snack on the wrong kinds of food, which make you short of energy find yourself comfort eating, especially when you are under hordes of stress always hide your excess weight by wearing extra large clothes probably noticed that your long-time-no-see friends did not recognize you anymore

You Know You Have to Lose Pounds Quick, But.. is very difficult for you to suppress your eating habit, especially when you are under lots of stress have no time to think about going to the gym have no time to think about cooking and eating healthy food
..the worry of being overweight just make you eat more and more are afraid of taking weight loss drugs, because of the horrible side effects

Until I Stumbled Upon a Healthy Solution to Lose Pounds Fast...

I knew exactly that what I need is a radical diet change and a natural treatment that can help me. At first, I set a goal to lose 10 pounds a week. But then, I said to myself that I just have to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks.

I found what I needed. I took a fat binder made from 100% organic and natural plant extract. The fat binder actually helped reduce fat from food absorbed by my body, it helped suppress my appetite, it was proven to lower cholesterol and it really helped diminish my food cravings.

I succeeded in achieving a healthier lifestyle and I am sure you can do it too. Just set a realistic goal (and I personally think you can lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks) and using fat binder could be your solution too, just like it was for me.


So, what you can do to lose 20 pounds in 14 days are:

Get motivated.

- Take a picture of yourself. This will be your before picture.
- Join a group support.
- Eat more fruits and vegetables.
- Get used to walking.
- Take a fat binder.

Good luck.

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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Is This The Best Way To Lose Weight?
Is This The Best Way To Lose Weight?
This Is How To Finally Lose Weight And Keep It Off Forever. Guaranteed!

The Best Weight Loss Program Is The Secret To Shedding Pounds Naturally And Permanently, Feeling Great, And Getting The Dream Body You Really Want Without Fad Diets, Dangerous Pills, Or Starving Yourself.

Do you think you are entitled to accurate, reliable and clearly-stated information on weight management and healthy eating? Do you have a right to know if the weight loss and healthy eating products or services you are considering buying or have already purchased are helpful, useless or even dangerous?

Well, you've been lied to. They have taken advantage of you. Your struggles are not your fault. You see losing weight and keeping it off is not as simple as the fad diets and magic pills make it seem. The truth is many of the fad diets and "magic pills" that you see everywhere actually make it more difficult for you to lose weight and keep it off long term. And if you've tried to lose weight with either of those in the past, you know exactly what I mean. Sure you may lose some weight initially but what happens when you get off the diet or stop taking the pills?

The weight comes right back on. And how realistic is it to live the rest of your life taking diet pills or not eating carbohydrates (or trying to follow some other diet torture routine that isn't sustainable)?

Not very! The truth is these methods of losing weight are not really designed to allow you to succeed in the long term. Following them for extended periods of time is unrealistic and impractical. So let me ask you, are you sick of wasting your money on supplements and diet pills that don't really work?

Are you fed up with the fad diets that come and go year after year but never seem to last because they're ineffective? Have you had enough of starving yourself and severely restricting your calories?
If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are going to want to pay careful attention as there is a much better, much healthier, and a much more realistic way to shed those pounds and more importantly, keep them off for good!

Feeding Your Body "Naturally" Is The Key To Losing Weight And Permanently Keeping It Off! There is a reason that the fad diets and crash diets don't work. It's just not practical to restrict certain types of foods from your body for extended periods of time. Nor is it realistic to severely restrict your calories. This can actually be harmful when it comes to losing weight not to mention that it's unhealthy. You should be trying to lose weight in a healthy way. Losing weight in a healthy way is the best way to ensure that the weight you lose stays off for good. After all, what good is it to lose a bunch of weight just to see it come back when you get off the diet, stop taking the pills, or stop starving yourself?

So if the goal is to lose weight in a healthy way and the best way to do that is by feeding your body "naturally", what exactly are we talking about?

Feeding your body naturally is about giving your body what it needs in the right amounts to function and run at its absolute best! It's about eating cleaner foods that aren't processed and loaded with junk. It's about choosing foods that have nutritional value that allow your body to work at its optimal level.

When You Start Feeding Your Body Naturally You Will Start Dropping Pounds, Increase Your Energy, And Feel Better Than You Have In Years! It makes perfect sense when you really think about it. By feeding your body the right foods in the right quantities that allow it to function at its absolute best. The only thing that can happen is for you to be healthier, lose weight, and feel better!

Think about it in these terms, would your car run better if you put in the purest and best high octane gasoline or a lower grade gasoline that also had dirt, sand, and other impurities in it?

When you feed your body naturally, it's like giving your car the purest and best high octane gasoline. You are setting yourself up for peak performance! When you are set up for peak performance and your body begins operating at its absolute best, here are some of the things that will happen:

• Instantly and dramatically increase your energy! Feel better than you have in years!
• Start reshaping your body. Be on your way to the best shape of your life!
• Feel and look younger, healthier, and more confident! Get ready to exude confidence and radiate with vitality!
• Skyrocket your metabolism and turn your body into a fat burning furnace!
• Process foods faster to turbo charge your weight loss!
• Look and Feel Sexier than you have in years!
• Burn Fat and Lose Pounds the Right Way. Eliminate the dangers of unhealthy pills and crash diets for good!
• Actually Lose Weight and Keep it Off Forever!

The Sooner You Stop Trying To Trick Your Body And Start Working With It, The Sooner You Will Have The Lean, Fit, Sculpted Body You Want. And It Will Be Yours Permanently!

You see whether you realize it or not many fad diets that cause you to eliminate certain types of foods and diets that force you to severely restrict your calories are really only trying to trick your body into losing weight. This is why they are so unsuccessful over the long term and cause people to put the weight they lose right back on. Your body can't be tricked forever. Over time, your body will begin to adapt to the dietary habits you form and establish new "internal norms".

Let's look at what would typically happen in the case of a diet where you severely restrict calories. As you restrict the calories you consume, your body would adapt and set a new baseline for the amount of calories your body needs. While you may lose weight initially, as your body adapts to the dietary changes, your metabolism will slow dramatically. This will cause you to burn less calories and the caloric deficit you had initially established that allowed you to lose weight is now gone. The result of this is you stop losing weight.

What's worse is as you begin to stop restricting calories, since your metabolism has slowed so much from restricting calories, you will start having a caloric surplus which will cause you to gain weight.

Before you know it you will be right back at where you started before you began your crash diet or worse, you might even weigh more! The truth is you can't trick your body into losing weight over the long term. Your body will adapt and your results won't last. Diet Pills simply try to speed up your metabolism with chemicals. Fad diets try to trick your body by eliminating or severely restricting certain foods. Trying to trick your body is a complete waste of time.

Trying To Trick Your Body With Fad Diets And Magic Pills Will Not Deliver Lasting Results And May Even Be Dangerous!

And think about it, are you going to pop pills for the rest of your life? Are you going to spend the rest of your life not eating carbs? It's ridiculous to think this is how some people try to lose weight! Is it a wonder why these methods simply don't work?

Realize though, if you have been trying to lose weight with fad diets, magic pills, or by restricting calories and it hasn't worked. It's Not Your Fault! The reality is that we live in a time where there is so much hype and so many products and diets promising to be "the solution" when it comes to you losing weight. And unfortunately most of these products and diets don't deliver on their promises. It's not your fault if you have fallen victim to their marketing and exaggerated claims. The truth is the companies who sell fad diets and magic pills are in the business of making money! And with such a massive amount of information out there and much of it being different depending on where you get it, how are you supposed to know what's valid and what isn't?

Well know that the days of picking a fad diet or the next "magic pill" and hoping it will work can be over forever! You see now you know those diets and pills don't work. And if you choose to buy into the hype and ridiculous claims moving forward then that's on you.

However you don't have to, you have another option. Feed Your Body Naturally And Lose Weight For Good! The benefits you can expect when you begin feeding your body naturally with the correct amount of food far exceed those of when you try and trick your body into losing weight. Doesn't it make sense that you would start getting better results by giving your body exactly what it needs to run at its absolute best?
Things like:

• Feeling happy and healthy all the time!
• Being alert and sharp!
• Eliminate cravings for unhealthy high calorie foods!
• Have more energy and vitality!
• Improve your overall level of health and wellness!
• Improved levels of confidence and self esteem!
• Lose Weight For Good!

The simple truth is that when you work with your body as opposed to trying to trick it everything works in harmony. As a result you are able to burn more calories and do so at a faster rate which will enable you to lose weight faster and more effectively (as in its weight that will stay off!). By feeding your body what it needs to be in peak condition, all aspects of your life will improve!

The opposite is true for those who consume unnutritious junk that is filled with high fat content and tons of empty calories. Unfortunately this is the majority of people. They are constantly tired and lethargic with little to no energy. Many are fat and unfit due to the fat that they store as a result of their food choices and the excess calories they take in each day. Many are on the path to Type II diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke and unfortunately it's a full blown epidemic that will cost far too many people their lives far too soon. And the truth is that much of it could be avoided with better nutritional choices. Instead of feeding their bodies to operate at optimal levels, people are literally feeding their bodies to die prematurely.

You Can Make The Change. You Can Begin Feeding Your Body To Function At Its Best And Start Losing Weight Now!

You can lose the weight and get the type of body you really want. The one you have always dreamed about! And you can have it because you're not going to be tricking your body. You're going to work with it and be using a plan you can follow and stick with that is sustainable! You are going to be freed of all the hyped up junk you have been force fed for years and given proven, logical steps that you can follow to lose weight, keep it off, get into the best shape of your life, and live the long and healthy life you deserve!

There are large numbers of people actively interested in and searching for healthy eating information, and constantly exploring ways to improve their appearance and overall health. These health-conscious individuals realize the benefits of getting in shape and the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

So, I urge you to visit for information about the best way to lose weight and permanent weight loss - the natural way.


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