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Quick weight loss is the coveted dream of dieters all over the world. To enjoy better health and confidence - and to do it all in a matter of months - is the hope of everyone who goes on a crash diet or undergoes bariatric surgery.

Loose Skin saggy stomach

Sometimes quick weight loss is attainable. It can even be sustained if the dieter is willing to make long-term lifestyle changes that promote a healthier weight. But sometimes rapid weight loss comes with unforeseen consequences.

Loose skin is a common complaint among people who have lost a lot of weight in a short amount of time. Now that they have lost a massive amount of fat, their skin hangs in drapes from their arms, back, and stomach.

For some, this is merely a cosmetic concern. For others, it leads to impaired range of motion.
While loose skin is a sad fact of quick weight loss, there are ways to avoid it, or to deal with it if it becomes a problem.

How To Get Rid Of Loose Skin

Slow Weight Loss = Tighter Skin

For starters, you could lose weight at a slower pace. If you lose your extra pounds over the course of years instead of months, your skin will slowly shrink to adapt.
However, some people are prone to saggy skin due to age or genetics. For them, even a moderate weight loss could result in unsightly folds.

Other people must undergo bariatric surgery for the sake of their health, so slow weight loss might not be an option. If prevention doesn't work, there are ways to get rid of loose skin.

The Surgical Approach

Cosmetic surgery is the fastest way to rid yourself of excess skin. Arm lifts and tummy tucks are popular procedures for getting rid of flab. Both are expensive, but many patients feel that the renewed confidence they feel is worth the price.

If you decide to have surgery to remove loose skin, schedule an initial consultation to discuss your expectations. The surgeon will recommend the appropriate procedures, and will show you before-and-after photos of patients who underwent the same surgeries.

What if you can't afford cosmetic surgery, or you have a health condition which makes you an unsuitable candidate for voluntary surgery? In that case, you can try losing more fat.

The Fat-Loss Theory

Yes, lose more fat. You may be thinking, "I haven't got any more fat to lose! My skin looks like empty bags!"
In extreme cases, such as cases where the patient cannot move around normally, excess skin should be trimmed away by a surgeon. But for everyone else, a little more fat loss could do the trick.

The theory goes like this: If you pinch the skin on the back of your hand, it feels thin as paper. That's because it has very little subcutaneous fat.

But if you pinch your stomach or the backs of your upper arms, you might notice that the folds of skin are thicker there than on your hands. That's because, despite appearances, you're still carrying a layer of fat in those places.

Losing fat does not necessarily mean losing weight. In fact, as you ramp up the strength-training to build muscle, you may notice a weight gain. That's because muscle is denser than fat. You will end up smaller, but heavier - and healthier.

This approach takes patience and perseverance. It could take months or even years for you to reach a low body fat percentage.

It could take just as long for your skin to shrink to its former size. In the end, your metabolism will be faster than ever thanks to your increased muscle mass.

Loose skin happens. If it's happening to you, explore your alternatives by doing a little research and deciding which path you want to take. Whether it's prevention, surgery, or fat loss, your choice will bring you closer to the body you want.

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How To Get Rid Of Loose Skin After Losing Weight

saggy skin loose skin
Saggy skin is a common problem after weight loss , but there are ways to minimize the chances of having loose skin . If you have decided to lose a large amount of weight, these tips will help you avoid this problem.

Losing weight slowly 

One of the most important things you can do to prevent loose skin losing weight is to lose weight slowly . It is tempting to want to lose weight as quickly as possible , but it does not give the skin time to adjust to the weight loss. Do not try to lose more than 0.5 or 1 kg per week.


Gently brush the skin with a soft bristle brush before a bath or shower. This not only makes you feel good and help exfoliate your skin, but it will increase the circulation in your skin. This increased circulation helps to provide essential nutrients to the skin and improve the quality of collagen and elastin , improving the ability of the skin to bounce back after losing weight.

A balanced diet

 Make sure that you follow a balanced diet with enough protein. The protein is important for the elasticity of the skin . The body can not do without enough protein. An intensive diet regime will force the body to cannibalize its stocks and steal proteins, including collagen. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and cause a degradation sagging skin and wrinkles , and other serious diseases.

It is also important to get enough antioxidants and healthy oils in your diet. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables and nuts and healthy oils to keep your skin in good shape when dieting .


 When the calorie reduction it is sometimes difficult to know if you found all the nutrients needed to maintain good health. Taking a multivitamin will help ensure that you are not missing any essential nutrients. Make sure that the multivitamin you choose includes vitamins C , E and K as well as B-complex vitamins . These vitamins are important for the skin . Choose a formula that includes minerals as well . Selenium, copper and zinc are minerals that are essential for healthy skin.

Some vitamins specially formulated for skin and beauty also include nutrients such as alpha-lipoic acid, dimethylaminoethanol , and hyaluronic acid.

Weekly massage

 Get frequent massages using effleurage movements , a technique that helps improve circulation to the skin, and a great way to maintain healthy skin . There are also techniques that can help reduce cellulite if this is a concern. If a professional massage is not your worn, there are many massage techniques that are good for the skin that you can do yourself. Use lotion or oil of good quality and focus on stimulating blood circulation.

How To Avoid Saggy Skin During a Diet

Excess skin after weight loss

Saggy skin is one of the most common problems people experience after losing a significant amount of weight, especially if weight loss has been attained very quickly. If you've recently lost a lot of weight, you're most likely left with hideous-looking, loose skin, particularly around the stomach, thighs and upper arms. Not to fret, as there are a number of treatments that can tighten up your saggy skin, such as exercise, proper nutrition and cosmetic surgery. Read on below to find out more.

How to Tighten Loose Skin After Weight Loss

Perform muscle-building exercises - Now that you've shed those excess fats, it's time to tone your muscles, which also makes your skin look firmer. You can do weight-training exercises like push-ups, crunches, sit-ups, lunges and squats to tone your muscles. Lifting weights are also highly recommendable to help quickly build muscle. Be sure to see a fitness trainer first before trying these exercises to avoid injury, and to have a customized exercise program.

Eat wholesome foods that encourage skin elasticity - Binge on strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, artichoke hearts and soy products, as they are loaded with vitamins, biotins and antioxidants that can improve collagen production and improve skin's suppleness. Collagen and elastin are essential components that keep skin elastic and firm. Fish, legumes, yogurt, nuts, beans, milk and other high-protein foods all contain collagen and elastin building nutrients that help promote healthy, supple skin.

Exfoliate your skin daily - Promote skin elasticity by exfoliating daily. Exfoliation does not only remove dead skin cells, but it also boosts circulation and cell renewal, which then facilitate in tightening the skin. A great way to exfoliate your skin is by dry brushing. Daily dry brushing before showering reveals more radiant skin, tightens loose skin and prevents premature aging.

Use skin firming lotions and creams - Skin tightening lotions and creams that contain hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, soy protein, yeast extract; vitamins A, C and E can aid in stimulating collagen and elastin production in skin. Rub these lotions onto the body parts with loose skin twice a day for faster results. Alternatively, you can massage your skin with extra-virgin coconut oil, which deeply penetrates the skin and offers antioxidants that fight free radicals. As a result, coconut oil strengthens the skin's connective tissues, promoting softer yet suppler skin.

Get body lift plastic surgery - Body Lift is recommended if you have a considerable amount of loose skin that is impossible to be tightened with exercise alone. Surgery may sound extreme but the results can be very rewarding. Besides, it's the only way to eliminate loose skin permanently. Like any surgical procedure, it's best to consult with a plastic surgeon to verify if Body Lift is the best option for you.

If you're suffering from loose skin due to weight loss, don't lose hope. Simply follow these practical tips above to achieve a tighter, suppler skin in next to no time.

Want a tighter, firmer body? Check out to learn more about how you can reshape your body and remove saggy skin after excessive weight loss.

Saggy Skin: How to Tighten Loose Skin After Weight Loss