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Weight Loss Success Stories For Women Can Start With A Few Simple Strategies
If you have been carrying a few extra pounds for several years, it is time to take a hard look at your diet. You cannot just push a button and start losing belly fat. Just like any project you undertake, there has to be some background data available to establish direction.

Yes, weight loss success stories for women start in the kitchen, but you have to go through the Planning Room to get there. Educate yourself about what foods provide energy and build lean muscle (which increases your metabolism naturally) and what foods are most easily deposited on your waist and hips as fat.

Weight Loss Success Stories For Women

Something has got to go.

You cannot go wrong by getting sugar foods and processed foods out of your current diet. These two groups do more to sabotage your fat loss efforts than any other. Yes, both of these groups taste great, but that is about where it begins and ends.

Sugar foods (pastries, boxed cereal, desserts, pop, energy drinks) are loaded with calories and jack-up your blood sugar levels which spikes insulin release. These foods are carried right to fat storage.

Processed foods are usually high-carb, high-fat, high-calorie...and bloated with chemicals you cannot even pronounce. Even though it may taste delicious, do you really want that lump lying in your stomach all evening?

Natural foods are the backbone of fat loss for women.

Replace sugar foods and processed foods with those produced by Mother Nature. Fresh fruit and raw vegetables are your best source of carbs for energy. Just eating one apple can make you feel full for a couple of hours, and it is certainly better than chocolate-covered doughnut.

Be conscious of what you eat at each meal and snack. If you include at least one fruit, one vegetable, and one solid protein source each time, you are on your way to lifelong nutrition.

Fruits and vegetables contain a load of vitamins, fiber, and anti-oxidants. Truly, you will NOT find that in a bagel and cream cheese. Solid protein sources make you feel satiated (full) and are the building blocks of lean muscle tissue.

Educate yourself about eating healthy unsaturated fats and Omega-3's.

Natural foods are the "go-to" source for Olympic and professional athletes. Trust me, figure skaters, 200m butterfliers, and heptathletes are NOT loading up with foods out of boxes and plastic containers to win gold medals.

Eating less does not mean starving.

Losing belly fat is not about starving yourself, but it is about reducing the intake of foods that are not good for you and creating a "calorie deficit" each week. The great thing about eating natural foods is that you can eat as many raw vegetables as you wish. (You can't do that with chicken nuggets or pizza, can you?)

Eating less bread and pasta will also help accelerate fat loss. Yes, I know they are promoted as energy for athletes, but unless you are training each day for a sprint competition, you can reduce your consumption down to one or two small portions each week.

Eating natural foods to lose weight also keeps you from extreme dieting strategies that can be harmful.

Meal planing is a key to weight loss success stories for women.

Plan you meals, don't just grab food on the fly. Until quality food choices become automatic, use a pencil and paper to plan out several days of eating...and stick to it!
Start with your basic one fruit, one vegetable, one solid protein (like turkey, grilled chicken, or wild fish) and add in others. You will be surprised how an apple, several celery sticks, a few almonds, and a grilled chicken breast will fill you up.

Eating out can lead to pigging out.

Eating out puts you in an atmosphere where you can easily stray from your nutritional path. You go into a nice restaurant where the smell of burning fat is seductive, the pictures in the menu look out of this world, and people are laughing and having fun. It is really hard to resist food that doesn't do anything other than sit on body as fat.

Yes, I know many restaurants promote their menu as "healthy for you", but unless you are ordering a house salad with light oil dressing EVERY time, you will sabotage yourself.

Why set yourself up? Save money and save the progress you've made by doing something special like a small picnic. You'll thank yourself at the end of the year.

Weight loss success stories for women require lifestyle changes.

Weight loss success stories for women happen because changes are made for a more positive lifestyle.

Dieting simply does not work because it is a short-term fix. You want to lose belly fat and thigh fat...and keep it off forever. You can do it by adhering to basic nutritional guidelines, and turning them into lifelong eating habits.

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10 Secrets of Weight Loss Success Stories
I often peruse through MSN to look at the headlines and read the daily news. Today, something caught my eye. It was a headline about weight loss success stories from MSN Health.

As a fitness author, I decided I'd go through some of these weight loss success stories to see if I could find some pertinent information that my readers could benefit from. I've always found that it's good to look at those who succeed to find out what they did to get to where they're at, and to learn from their mistakes.

I read through several weight loss success stories of both men and women from all over the country. Some were in their early twenties; others were closer to middle age. Some were married, some were single. Some were extremely obese to the tune of 300 lbs and over. Others were 20 to 50 lbs overweight. I read diligently jotting down notes as I went along.

You'd think that with such disparate people, you'd have completely different stories to tell. The details may have been different, but as I went through more and more stories, I began to uncover recurring patterns and commonalities.

I was amazed at the information I was gleaning. Many people pay good money to get this information, but here it was, free for anyone to read. With a good eye for patterns, I deciphered 10 common themes.

10 Secrets of Weight Loss Success Stories

Here's what I discovered about the individuals who achieved the greatest weight loss success:

  1. They got someone to push them through tough workouts. In some cases it was a personal trainer, others used a video trainer, and some used a friend.
  2. They kept a food journal to keep them on track. This allowed them to see exactly what they were putting into their bodies, and make changes to their diet when the need arose.
  3. They used a support group. Some used family and friends, others used Weight Watchers, to keep them motivated, honest, and keep their spirits up.
  4. They stayed away from temptation. Having proven to themselves they don't do well in the face of temptation, they simply stayed away from sugary, and fatty foods. Like the old saying goes, out of sight, out of mind.
  5. They used diet effectively by eating the right amount of calories based on their goals, controlling portions, and making healthier food choices.
  6. They combined weight training with cardio. Most did weight training at least 3 times per week, and cardio anywhere from 3 to 6 times per week. Many also found that doing something they enjoyed (i.e. swimming, biking) helped them stay on track. Others found that working out with a purpose (i.e. training for 5k, 10K run) helped them push themselves more than they otherwise would have.
  7. They stayed off the scale. It's demoralizing to step on the scale and not see a change. The scale is not always a good indicator of fat loss so most just stayed off of it completely, or only weighed themselves once per week, or once per month.
  8. If they slipped, they didn't beat themselves up. They accepted it and moved on. They took it a day at a time so if they messed up today, they started fresh the next day and kept going.
  9. They found other ways to cope with stress. Most of the people that were extremely overweight or obese got that way because they dealt with stress or emotional situations by eating. Once they realized it, they made a commitment to not be an emotional eater. Most found other ways to deal with stress such as going for a walk, run, or doing a workout.
  10. They weren't afraid to examine their lives. By figuring out why they over ate, they were better able to cope with stress and emotions. Some even discovered that they were addicted to food. Through self examination, they were able to get at the root of the problem and deal with it differently than they had been doing all their lives.

As promised, I delivered 10 secrets of weight loss success stories. Take them for yourself and use them to help you achieve your own weight loss success. Soon, you will be the one with the weight loss success story of your very own.

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How I Lost Weight and Managed to Keep It Off
If you are reading this it means you are curious about how to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle. Let me begin by saying welcome! and also that losing weight is not easy. It starts with determination that you do indeed naeed to lose weight. This is not easy to come by, as it is very easy to live in denial of this fact.

How I Lost Weight and Managed to Keep It Off

Personally, I was ignorant to the fact that I gained a lot of weight in college and just marked it down to being a big, tall guy. For the most part this was good enough for me as I have always been confident in myself and my body. My then girlfriend (now beautiful wife) was attracted to me, I was good enough at sports, and my extra weight didn't really change how I felt about myself.

I was also a very active individual. I played ultimate frisbee whenever I could, and I was constantly walking around campus. I worked out fairly often and weight lifted as well. However, the college life of eating pizza and drinking soda every day was catching up with me and I didn't even know it. I can't say for sure, but I would guess that I gained over 40 pounds over the 4 years I was away from home. It was a very slow and gradual process and I didn't even realize it happening!

It took a visit to my doctor to change my perspective. I decided to go in for a general checkup a little under a year after I graduated from college. I hadn't been to the doctor in quite a while and I figured it would be a good idea. My doctor told me that I needed to lose weight. She gave me some tips on how to lose weight, mainly a high fiber diet, and sent me on my way. Little did she know I would be back a year later with proof that I had taken her suggestion to heart! This suggestion became the catalyst for my determination to lose weight and to live a healthier lifestyle.

If you haven't yet found your own personal catalyst keep searching! All it takes is that big push to start you down the path of living a healthier life. Mine was having a doctor tell me I needed to lose weight, but this could look different for each person. It may take a push from your spouse, a medical concern such as diabetes or maybe even a heart condition. WHATEVER your catalyst is, it is important to find it and let it push you to success.

The Path - As soon as I left the doctor's office that day in January of 2013, I began to immediately research the high fiber diet. I went to the grocery store and bought a few new food items such as bran cereal, fiber bars, and apples. I made the first step to admit that I did need to change my diet and that physical fitness was about all of the choices I was making, not just being active and going to the gym.

Fast forward to almost 3 years later and I am in the best shape of my life (well that I remember!). I am still extremely active and I have a much better diet than I did while I was in college. I lost all of the weight that I gained and I have been able to keep it off consistently. As I have stated, this has not been easy. It has taken a whole lot of discipline and determination. I have made a LOT of small changes along the way that aided in my fitness goals. Listed below are some of those small changes:

Water - Water consumption is so important to living a healthy lifestyle. It is the easiest change to make (as of course water is free!) and it will make the most difference. It is true that most Americans suffer from chronic dehydration without even realizing it. It is almost unbelievable to think that over ¾ of the people of the US walk around each day without enough water in their systems, but it is a hard truth. Don't be part of this statistic! Make sure you drink enough water during the day to keep yourself hydrated and your metabolism firing.

How I Lost Weight and Managed to Keep It Off

If you are convinced that you should probably up your water intake, the next question might be by how much? I have read several articles that suggest that you should drink up to half your weight in ounces each day. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds you should make sure you are drinking 75 ounces of water during the day. I don't think that it needs to be this complicated. My suggestion is to drink more than you think you need, and then some. I realize this is not too scientific, but the idea is to begin upping your water intake and not overcomplicate it. Be sure to make this change part of your daily routine.

I personally start out each day by drinking 1 liter of water. It is a great way to being my morning and to kickstart my metabolism. I then spend the rest of the day sipping water and having water with all of my meals. For the discerning folk, here is an even more in depth article on why you should drink water each morning. Take away what you will from this, but water is the most natural and the easiest change you can make to your diet.

Fiber - Fiber is great for your digestive system and has been proven to lower the chance of a great many diseases. It leaves you feeling fuller for longer and it is a necessary addition to any weight loss plan. It worked for me and I know that it can work for you! Fiber bars, especially Kind Bars, Bran Flakes, apples, wheat pasta, and whole grain bread are all examples of things you can add to your high fiber diet!

Almonds, peanuts, pistachios - I love to eat any type of nuts. Nuts are high in good fats, fiber and protein. Almonds especially are a super food and are incredibly good for you (in moderation of course). I used to hate nuts when I was a kid, but now I love them. They are an important part of a consistent high fiber diet.

Smoothies - I love smoothies! As far as small changes go, this was my absolute favorite. It came at a time when I was starting to slip a little bit and get out of the habit of eating well. Smoothies are a great way to add yogurt, fruits, bananas, and other items to your diet. The benefit is that it tastes great and is all in one place! We use a Magic Bullet to make our smoothies and I recommended it over traditional blenders as it is much easier to clean and is more compact.

Oatmeal - Oatmeal is a great tasting part of a good diet. It is high in fiber (both soluble and insoluble). As with most fiber rich foods it leaves you feeling full for longer and contributes to weight loss.

Why Small Changes?

Making small changes in lifestyle is the single most important element to living a healthier life. These small changes aid in the consistency factor as it is much easier to change only a few things at a time when it comes to eating better. This way you have ample time to analyze each change and find out what works for you! Changing several things at once may lead to an upset system, and because you added multiple things it might be hard to figure what is causing the mess up!

For example this matters specifically when adding fiber to your diet. We generally only get about 15 grams a day of fiber and we should be getting much more than that! However, adding fiber to your system to quickly can (and probably will) result in an upset stomach. Even though It is a positive change, it takes time for your system to put the fiber to good use. During this time it is important to remember to up the water intake as this will aid in the digestion process.

Final Thoughts - Make sure to include your spouse or a partner in this endeavor. I would never have been able to come as far as I did without the support of my wonderful wife. She pushed me every step of the way and made all of these small changes with me. We bounced ideas off of each other for changes that we could make, and constantly gave each other feedback on how we were doing. The key is that we did it together, when we slipped, we slipped together. When we succeeded, we succeeded together. We had each other's back's throughout the process and the support made things possible.

Losing weight is a long journey. It takes dedication and commitment to lose those pounds and to keep them off! Make those small changes over time and you will start to see those pounds fall off. Once you lose the weight, keep making small changes to continue to fight the battle as winning takes constant attention and focus to your goal.

All of that said, it is important to remember to indulge every once in awhile! Eat that chocolate bar or chow down on that juicy burger. Just remember to supplement with a walk, or a run, and continue to make good choices other days. Keep looking towards that end goal and continually re-evaluate where you stand and how you are doing, and continually make adjustments.

Good luck on your own fitness journey and thanks for reading!

Health and fitness are extremely important to any lifestyle but they are also an essential part of any relationship.

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