All You Need To Know About Resistance Band Workouts

Resistance bands are one of the most sorts after pieces of exercise equipment these days as it is easily portable from place to place. The resistance bands are also called stretch bands. These bands are very convenient because they can be folded and carried around unlike their heavy counterparts- the free weights. These come very handy to women and individuals whose work involves a lot of travelling. Now you do not have to stop working out when you are on the go. Thanks to the clever resistance bands. In addition to being highly portable they are comparatively less expensive. The degree of resistance provided is signified by the color codes. In general a band with the least resistance is colored yellow. The next levels are signified by the colors red, green, blue, black and the heaviest being silver.

The flexibility of the band makes it highly versatile and therefore can be used to train different parts of the body. If you intend working out the back you would have to put the band around the back because only then you can hold the ends of the band firmly. Once the band is secure you would have to pull your hands in front of the shoulder and then take it back to the original position.

Resistance bands can be used to do biceps exercises like biceps curls. This involves standing on the band and holding the ends of the band. Once in this position you would have to bring your hands towards the shoulder just like you do with free weights for a bicep curl. The tension can be increased by spreading the feet wider. Performing triceps extension is by placing the band in one hand which is behind the back then using the other hand hold onto the other end of the band and try pulling it above the head. The motion stops when your hand is fully extended after which you can bring it to the original position.

Leg exercises are performed in the seated position usually. You can tie the ends of the band and slip over the ankles. You would then have to pull one leg up with the other held firmly on the ground. Squats can be performed using these resistance bands. Keeping your feet shoulder width apart you need to be standing on the band after which you pull the band above your head. Once the band is secure and tight you squat. It is vital that you keep the upper body still while performing the exercise.

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