Abs Are Made In The Kitchen, Not The Gym

Sometimes it's tough, figuring out how to get six-pack abs. Infomercials, magazines, even books all constantly tout that latest, greatest "miracle machine" that will give you a six-pack with zero effort in less than a week!

Abs Are Made In The Kitchen, Not The Gym

Get real. These products simply don't work. The machines are ineffective, or simply not effective enough. The pills are outright dangerous. Don't get caught up in these scams.

The secret to six-pack abs is the same as it has always been...

Ready for it?

Eat right.

That's it. That's the secret that has been used throughout the ages by all the best looking men. If you want six pack abs, you have to eat right.

I'm not talking about some fad diet, or Atkins plan, or anything like that. I'm talking about basic nutrition conscientious applied everyday. The simple fact of the matter is that excellent abs cannot be built through exercise alone. One million crunches won't make your abs any better, if you don't eat right. There's simply not such thing as spot reduction. If you don't have an overall body fat of less than 12%, you simply won't see your abs.

So take a few minutes and make sure that your diet is conducive to six-pack abs.

1. Avoid fast carbs except right before a workout

Fast carbs are also called bad carbs, high glycemic index carbs, or white carbs. Bread, white rice, pasta, sugar, soda pop. These foods turn into glucose (muscle fuel) extremely fast, and unless you're actively exercising within the next 30 to an hour, they're going to be stored as fat. So lay off the fast carbs, except for right before workout.

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2. Eat smaller meals more frequently.

It may seem counter-intuitive to lose fat by eating more often, but it's not if you really think about it. Our bodies evolved millions of years ago when a person meals for an entire week where determined by whether or not they caught a buffalo.

If you caught the buffalo, you ate a lot and your metabolism responded by picking up and burning off the excess. If you didn't, you didn't eat much so your metabolism slowed down. These day, we don't have to hunt for our meals, but our body still behaves the same way. Feed it often, and it will ramp up the metabolism - boosting your fat loss.

3. Monitor your caloric intake

How many calories do you eat in a day? Be sure to include "hidden" calories like coffee creamer, soda pop, and powerbars.

There are 3500 calories in a pound, so for every 3500 calories you burn either through exercise or cutting a moderate amount of calories out of your diet results in a pound of fat loss. But be sure to never cut your caloric consumption below 1200 calories a day - at that point you begin burning muscle as fuel, defeating the purpose of the diet. If you cut out a simple 500 calories a day, you'll lose a pound a week.

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The simple secret to six-pack abs is diet. Eat well, and even if you don't exercise, you'll begin to develop your abs.

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