7-Day Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan

The Mediterranean Slimming Diet is based on the nutritional patterns of countries in the Mediterranean, such as Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Greece, and Malta. This diet emphasizes the main food groups to ensure a healthy, varied, and balanced diet. It is an excellent way to lose weight while learning how to eat properly.

7-Day Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan To Lose Weight

This diet is a balanced diet that follows the principles of the Mediterranean diet. If you are looking for a nutritious diet that teaches you to eat better, you may also be interested in the Mediterranean diet.

Key Characteristics of the Mediterranean Diet for Weight Loss

  • High intake of vegetables
  • High intake of fruits, vegetables, legumes, and nuts
  • Bread and cereals (wheat)
  • Virgin olive oil as the main fat source
  • Regular but moderate wine consumption
  • Moderate consumption of meats, with highest intake of white meats
  • Inclusion of oily fish in diet

    Fats in the Mediterranean diet

    Although the consumption of fats from the Mediterranean diet is high, the cardiovascular health of the population is much higher than the incidence of cardiovascular diseases in countries such as the United States.

    The quality of fats in the Mediterranean diet comes from monounsaturated fats, which among other things:

    • Reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the blood
    • Protects our brains from diseases like Alzheimer's
    • Provides us with omega-3 fatty acids

    The best way to cook with fats is to moderate the quantity when cooking, which will help to lower the unnecessary calories in the diet while still including enough fats to represent 30% of the total calories of macronutrients.

    Wine is a common part of the Mediterranean diet

    It is recommended to consume moderate amounts of red wine for its many health benefits. Having one glass per day can help maintain an optimal state of health, even if you are trying to lose weight.

    Within wine lies Proanthocyanidins, a powerful antioxidant that aids in battling free radicals, bolstering the immune system, and promoting a healthy cardiovascular system. Resveratrol is also found in wine and has been known to protect cells from a range of diseases and inhibit inflammatory processes. Additionally, there is evidence that it can help prevent age-related diseases, such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Resveratrol has also been deemed a "miracle" molecule that slows aging, thanks to its polyphenols and flavonoids, which protect against cardiovascular disease and cancer.

      Decrease the rate of abdominal obesity

      A diet derived from the Mediterranean diet is associated with reducing abdominal obesity, which you should be more concerned about, not aesthetically but by what really may be manifesting, a waist circumference above 88 cm in women and 102 cm in men. This is because a waist circumference above these levels is a sign of obesity and is also a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.

      Multiple studies have shown that following the Mediterranean diet to lose weight can help reduce your risk of developing type II diabetes by up to 30%. The diet consists of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes, along with moderate amounts of fish and dairy. You should also respect the recommended daily ration and regular consumption of food offered by the pyramid of healthy eating.

      Doctors' Views on the Mediterranean Diet for Weight Loss

      In 2012, a study found that people who adhered to a Mediterranean diet had a high score in the Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQOL) assessment, indicating improved overall quality of life. This study demonstrated that the Mediterranean diet had a positive impact on people's health and well-being.

      If you are looking to lose weight without breaking a sweat and improve your health, motivation, and self-esteem, then a Mediterranean diet may be the perfect choice for you. By following this diet, you can not only lose weight in a balanced way, but you will also gain long-term benefits such as improved health, beauty, and a longer life. So, if you have a few extra kilos that you want to lose, why not give this diet a try?

      The Food Pyramid and the Mediterranean Diet

      It is essential to plan the purchase when following the Mediterranean diet to lose weight correctly, and it is also important to adhere to the guidelines of the healthy eating pyramid, taking into account the appropriate foods.

      • Occasional food intake,
      • Daily dietary intake,
      • Daily portion sizes,
      • Food intake based on our physical activity.
        When following the Mediterranean diet, it is important to ensure that you have a well-balanced basket of food items. To ensure that you are following the nutritional pyramid, make sure to include a variety of food types in your basket, so you don't miss out on any important nutrients.

        To lose weight following a Mediterranean diet, it is recommended to consume daily five servings of whole grain cereals, fruits and vegetables, 1.5 liters of water without added sugar, low-fat dairy products, a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, and dressings such as onion, garlic, parsley, pepper, or wine and beer in moderate amounts.

        Consume animal and vegetable protein on a weekly basis, such as eggs, fish, lean meats, processed meats (sausages), legumes and potatoes.

        Protein is important, but should only make up 10-15% of the total calories on the plate. The plate should contain more than half of its contents in vegetables, with a small portion of protein (roughly the size of your palm).

        Occasional foods, found at the top of the nutritional pyramid, are those that should be consumed only occasionally, such as sugar, sweets, cakes, boxed juices, soft drinks, butter, croissants, and alcohol.


          • Eat every three to four hours
          • Have five meals a day
          • Ration your portions moderately.
          • Limit your consumption of occasional foods at the top of the food pyramid to one day a week, and enjoy it with family and friends
          • Incorporate daily physical activity into your routine as well.

            Fruits and vegetables are essential for a Mediterranean diet

            The Mediterranean diet to lose weight is a great way to prevent obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, premature aging of cells, the onset of breast cancer and colon cancer, and moderate wine intake also prevents cardiovascular disease. So don't hesitate to include this diet in your life to thin!

            In addition to being an important component of the Mediterranean diet for weight loss, fruits and vegetables are very beneficial for our overall health. In Spain, during summertime we have access to the largest variety of fruits throughout the year, and it's great news since we can enjoy them without worrying about the calories! Not only that, but including them in our daily meals will provide us with fiber and make us feel full for longer. Moreover, fruits and vegetables have the ability to improve our intestinal microbiota, depending on what we eat: different bacteria will grow in our intestines, helping us to digest food better and even affecting our weight.

            It is essential to thoroughly wash the fruit before consuming it, and to eat it with the skin on, as this is where the majority of the fruit's fiber is contained.

            1200 Calorie 7 Day Meal Plan
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            Example of a 7-day Mediterranean diet menu for weight loss


            • For breakfast: have semi-skimmed milk, wholemeal bread with cooked ham, and one kiwi.
            • For a snack: eat a piece of fruit with four walnuts
            • For lunch: have grilled salmon with sautéed quinoa spinach and a fresh cheese dessert.
            • As a snack: have some skimmed yogurt.
            • For dinner: enjoy a cod omelette with a tomato salad, canned corn, and cucumber.


            • Breakfast: Skim milk with whole grains and natural orange juice
            • Snack: Whole wheat bread with turkey and fresh cheese
            • Lunch: Gazpacho soup plus roast chicken with vegetables
            • Snack: Bowl of strawberries with 4 nuts
            • Dinner: Nice salad with vegetables and custard for dessert


            • For breakfast: have skimmed milk with oatmeal and a piece of fruit
            • For a snack: enjoy some skimmed yogurt with a pear
            • At lunchtime: have pork tenderloin with broccoli and a salad
            • For your next snack: have two kiwis.
            • For dinner: have some Galician-style octopus with avocado and a tomato salad


            • Breakfast: skimmed milk with whole grains, natural orange juice
            • Snack: Whole-wheat mini sandwich with fresh cheese
            • Lunch: Grilled chicken breast with noodle soup, dessert an apple
            • Snack: skimmed yogurt with 1 mandarin
            • Dinner: Anchovies with salad of olives, rocket, tomato, endives and palm hearts.


            • For breakfast: have a bowl of skimmed milk with whole grains and a glass of natural orange juice
            • For a snack: have a piece of fruit with four walnuts
            • For lunch: enjoy a hake stewed in green sauce (with peas) and a boiled potato, followed by a piece of fruit
            • For a snack: have a cup of skimmed yogurt with chia seeds
            • For dinner: have a plate of courgette puree with a hard-boiled egg and a tangerine for dessert


            • Breakfast: Orange juice and crunchy crackers of seeds and oats with fresh cheese.
            • Snack: Glass of milk with wholemeal bread sandwich with avocado and tomato.
            • Lunch: Salted Greek yogurt, zucchini and feta cheese cake. Apricots
            • Snack: Bowl of milk with fresh cherries, oats and sunflower seeds.
            • Dinner: Turkey brochettes and yogurt tomatoes with Sicilian aubergines. Watermelon


            • Breakfast: Bowl of milk with oats, chopped peaches, raisins and flax seeds.
            • Snack: Peanut butter and strawberry jam shake
            • Lunch: Warm salmon and potato salad with fresh herbs. Banana.
            • Snack: Tea or coffee with toast and fresh cheese.
            • Dinner: Cauliflower couscous salad with marinated prawns and avocado. Plums

            7-Day Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan for Weight Loss

            This Mediterranean diet menu for weight loss meets all the requirements of this diet - it is varied, balanced, and contains all food groups. It's important to remember to make smart grocery choices and to include physical exercise in your daily life. You will soon see positive changes in both your body and your mind. Losing weight with this diet is easy! Eating the right amount of food will help you reach your goal!
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