Avocado Diet Meal Plan for Weight Loss - Weekly Menu and Tips

The avocado diet is one of the most popular fast food diets nowadays and although there is some controversy about whether avocado is really a weight loss food, the truth is that it is one of the healthiest fast food diets around. Today we give you some tips to make the avocado diet correctly and an example of a weekly menu.

Avocado Diet Meal Plan for Weight Loss - Weekly Menu and Tips

How to make the avocado diet

Actually, avocado is not a slimming food, in fact perhaps there is no such food. What happens with the avocado is that, besides having numerous nutritional properties, it is one of the best fats we can find.

The key to the avocado diet is to replace the harmful fats for the body that fatten us with avocado and lean fats that allow the decrease of body weight. But eating only avocado will not achieve weight loss, you must accompany the diet with an important number of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that can be found in fruits and seeds, as well as lower the consumption of carbohydrates and sugars during the diet.

Weekly menu of the avocado diet

As it is a fast diet it is usually done during 3 days, but you can also do the avocado diet of one week if you accompany it with enough nutrients to avoid health problems. As you know, you have to be careful with fast diets, do them consciously and do not extend them more than necessary, since your body can suffer a significant loss of nutrients.

Here is an example of a weekly avocado diet menu.

Monday: start incorporating avocado

At breakfast you can make a wholemeal bread smeared with avocado, a little salt and lemon, you can put some slices of turkey and chia on top.

For Lunch, choose a lean meat, for example a chicken filet, and make yourself a salad of green vegetables, such as kale, lettuce or broccoli and all the vegetables you want to add, as well as half an avocado.

For dinner you can make salmon en papillote with vegetables accompanied by avocado puree or guacamole.

Avocado diet: Tuesdays

Have two scrambled eggs with half an avocado, spinach and half an apple for breakfast. They're great!

For lunch, a quinoa and avocado salad and, of course, all the vegetables you want to add. Add some seeds to the salad or you can have a yogurt with honey and seeds for dessert, such as almonds, nuts or hazelnuts.

You can have half a turkey breast with sauteed vegetables and half an avocado. Accompany your dinner with a digestive infusion.

Avocado diet: Wednesday

Have a brown rice pancake with avocado and a splash of olive oil for breakfast. You can have a green shake or a fruit and vegetable juice.

For lunch, we recommend a delicious salad with cooked chickpeas, cucumber, red cabbage, tomato, carrot, one egg and, of course, half an avocado. You can dress your salad with olive oil or tahini.

For dinner prepare half an avocado stuffed with tuna.

Thursday we continue with the avocado

Have a gluten-free wholemeal toast with tomato and avocado and a splash of olive oil for breakfast. Accompany it with a green tea and if you are hungry you can have a yogurt.

At lunch make a salad of mango, avocado, rocket and kale, and a grilled fish of your choice (it can be a blue fish or a white fish).

Have a delicious guacamole with onion, tomato and lemon dressing for dinner. You can use whole-wheat toast to accompany it.

Friday: avocado diet

Have a delicious breakfast sandwich with a slice of fresh cheese, turkey, tomato, avocado and alfalfa sprouts. You can dress it with olive oil, a little bit of natural yogurt or some sauce you make at home that is Made with vegetable ingredients

At lunch, prepare delicious asparagus and avocado wraps in which you can introduce the desired vegetables and grilled chicken.

Have a fish soup for dinner. And if you feel like it, add half an avocado.

Avocado diet: Saturday and Sunday

If you are already a little tired of eating avocado and have lost the kilos you wanted, you can leave your diet here, but if you want to continue it a couple of days more you can repeat some of the dishes you made during the week with some variation. The important thing is that at lunch you focus on a lean protein along with half an avocado and vegetables. If you need some carbohydrates, you can eat a portion of whole wheat pasta, rice, beans or quinoa at breakfast or lunch (never at dinner). For example, you can make a delicious risotto with avocado.

If you want to have a mid-morning lunch or a snack, you can have a rice cake, a cup of vegetable milk, a green tea, a piece of dark chocolate or a fruit smoothie. You can apply any of these options throughout the week.

Also, remember that after the diet you should continue to have a varied and balanced diet as healthy as possible because if you don't you could regain the kilos lost very quickly.

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Avocado Diet Meal Plan for Weight Loss - Weekly Menu and Tips

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