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Liquid diet, as the title suggests, is a diet plan by which it is necessary to ingest primarily liquids throughout the day and eliminate solid foods. In reality, the liquid diet is for people to follow before or after surgery to remove the gastrointestinal tract. However, at present is more widely used as a weight loss diet or a diet to quickly weight. Is it just a liquid diet ? The liquid diet is of two kinds : liquid diet and full liquid diet. Clear liquid diet , you should ingest liquids which are transparent without any solid ingredients such as clear soup, while in the case of complete liquid diet, you can use liquids that includes some semi solids like orange juice with pulp. We will examine in more detail the plan liquid diet.

Lemon Water

Liquid diet plan to lose weight

One of the advantages of choosing a liquid diet is that if you eat healthy liquids such as fruit juices, broths and soups, you can get all the essential nutrients needed with no unnecessary calories. In addition, you automatically reduce refined carbohydrates , sugars and fats that not one of these products include. As you acquire all the important fibers via fruits and vegetables that are necessary for a rapid weight loss, but in a healthy way. Listed below are the foods that form the liquid diet plan liquid diet.

Soups and broths Vegetables Fruit juice with or without pulp Fruit punch and purees Milk and milk Lemonade, lemon water and honey Sports drinks and protein shakes Jellies, clear ice pop and candy Tea, coffee without cream, soda Ice cream smooth and clear You can organize your own diet none of these foods as part of your meal plan . Weight reduction, you can go for a full liquid diet and incorporate some healthy foods like lean fish or cut fruits and vegetables if you're hungry food. It will form a healthy diet that will also host your calorie intake. Other than this diet plan, there are some fad or crash liquid diets that work.

Best liquid diet

Fad diets are intended only for temporary use for a rapid weight loss. Normally, they are recommended to be followed for 3-7 days and no more than that. Below are some of the most effective weight loss plans liquid diet .

Master Cleanse

The Master cleanse diet also known as the lemonade diet is used for detoxification of the body. Throughout the diet, lemonade juice or lemon maple syrup added is consumed throughout the duration of the diet . Solids are not allowed and lemonade principle serves meals source. Apart from the elimination of toxins, an additional advantage of the lemonade diet is weight reduction. The diet is usually prescribed for 7-10 days and you should seek advice from a health care provider before starting the diet.

Clear liquid diet

Clear liquid diet is also among the fad diets to follow for no more than 3 days. According to this diet plan, you should choose only clear liquids ( those that are transparent, without traces of solid foods ). Clear liquids like soups and broths , juices without pulp , protein shakes, gelatin desserts, lemon water and lemonade, plain water, clear honey, etc.. ingested during the day. This is also considered as the most effective liquid diet to lose weight.

This short article furnished just a brief summary of the liquid diet plans and there is much more that can be said about these plans. It is always important to keep in mind before attempting any significant change in your diet, you need to consult your doctor. This is particularly important for people who suffer from chronic conditions, since side effects may further damage his health.

Liquid Diet Weight Loss

hcg diet

What is HCG Diet?

HCG is an acronym in English for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a hormone produced during pregnancy . In the 1950s , Dr. Albert Simeon discovered that this hormone can be used as a treatment against obesity. The HCG protocol was first developed as an injection. Later, in the form of pills, and drops.

Does the HCG Protocol really helps to lose weight ?

HCG become increasingly popular throughout the world . Many have had excellent results with this protocol. The average loss for women varies from 0.5 to 1 lbs per day on the HCG protocol without hormones, women from 1 to 2 pounds on average.

The HCG protocol without hormones works in a wonderful way in the human body . HCG drops are such that the body is in a situation where the body needs more energy. Since the calorie intake is limited, it becomes obliged to fetch in abnormal fat. The hypothalamus is activated to produce go, that is to say, this additional energy demand by feeding the unwanted fat.

The mechanism of appetite is reprogrammed. The body loses the habit of consuming too many calories, being satisfied with fewer calories, the long-term maintenance becomes easier.

The HCG protocol without hormones is effective and easy to follow. He helped people get rid of their extra pounds. The drops are administered under the tongue so readily absorbed by the body.

An effective method ?

The protocol is loved by men and women as it helps them to find a beautiful shape or morphology without interrupting daily operations.

The HCG protocol without hormones reprograms metabolism. Your abnormal fat melt to produce the energy you need to go about your business and avoid fatigue.

It is easier to maintain weight after following the phases of HCG protocol without hormones. Many say eat less once the maintenance being filled more quickly and with fewer calories.

HCG drops without hormones gives the appearance of freshness and youth to your skin.

But in fact, HCG , what does that mean ?

HCG Diet
HCG stands for "Human Chorionic Gonadotropin" It is a hormone produced naturally in pregnant women .

This is Dr. Albert TW Simeon who developed the famous HCG diet in the 50s.

He realized that combining a low calorie diet (500 kcal / day ) to HCG, the patient lost 0.5 to 1 lbs per day for women and 1 to 2 pounds for men.

In addition, the HCG diet would not lose any fat, but only the excess fat. ( The dream what ... )

The human body contains three types of fats :

Structural fat : those who support and protect our organs.
The "normal" fat present in the hands, soles of the feet ...
And abnormal fat : saddlebags, lifebuoys, love handles, etc...

The HCG diet would melt as abnormal fat.

But how does it work?

Without going into too much detail, it should be known that overweight or obese person has a slow metabolism that is partly due to a malfunction of the hypothalamus.

Accordingly? Metabolism does not burn all the calories ingested and stock the rest as fat hence the weight gain.

Therefore, even if an obese eat less and more healthily than usual , it does not seem to lose weight.

Besides several witness have followed several plans to the letter, making sport and nothing happens...

They lose quite a few pounds over here or there, but at the end of the race, they are either bigger than before, or nothing has changed ...

And the HCG protocol in all this?

The HCG protocol without hormones is composed of two parts:

A low calorie diet of 500 kcal / day.
Taking drops three times daily.

What differentiates the HCG protocol without hormones of a hypocaloric diet "classic" is that HCG plays a crucial role.

First, the HCG would remove excess fat.

Indeed , a pregnant woman naturally produces this hormone to dislodge accumulated fat to feed the baby.

So, even if the protocol is low calorie , the body would release between 1500 to 2500 kcal of fat per day, which would then bring the daily calorie amount that the individual needs.

Hunger would not then appeared and the patient would feel ( given the book by Dr. Albert TW Simeon and testimonials ) really good and full of energy.

Second, the HCG protocol without hormones resets the hypothalamus. This is an important point because it means that the patient will not resume weight long term.

What do the scientific studies ?

Some scientific studies have found that the HCG diet is not more effective than conventional low-calorie diet, in other words , we do not lose faster with HCG liquid protein for example, weight loss look like. But the results have not been carried out over time. But the interest of the HCG treatment is that the hypothalamus is reset and so... several months or several years later the patient maintains his weight.

Whereas in the case of a conventional low-calorie diet, the body feeling deprived, turns mode "survival" and once the terminated plan, the patient eventually resume its weight, or worse yet...


What is HCG Diet?

flat abs
Do you want flat abs right now?!

Everyone wants to have the best looking and healthiest body possible. An entire industry has built up around making people look their best with the least amount of time and effort. And lest we lay the blame at the feet of the internet, things like corsets and foot binding came around long before magazines and the internet! This obsession with looking fantastic as quickly as possible has continued on to today and unfortunately, flat abs are part of the look. But how to get flat abs quickly?

1. Posture.
If you want to improve the appearance of your abs right now and look as though you know exactly how to get a flat stomach, take a close look at your posture. Slouching will always make your stomach look bigger than it actually is; after all, you're forcing your body to lump in over itself. Stand up straight, shoulders pulled back and abdominals pulled up and in and you'll instantly look slimmer and more toned! It doesn't get much faster than that to get flat abs.

2. Mind Your Clothing
Stop wearing tight jeans and tight shirts; it's almost impossible to look like you have flat abs if your clothing is one size too small! Tight jeans cause muffin tops and fat to roll around, but if you wear clothing which is your size and fits properly, you'll look slimmer and be a great deal more comfortable.

3. Drink Lots of Water
Those eight glasses of water a day you're being told by everyone to drink can help you get those flat abs. How? Water aids your digestive system, helping it to sweep out food and digest it properly so you're not left with junk in your system. Water also helps keep you fuller so you can eat less food without feeling more deprived. Finally, water is necessary in building muscle. So, whether you want to learn how to get a flat stomach or how to reduce tummy fat, water is a good place to start. You can build up to your eight glasses a day if you need to.

flat abs exercises4. Less is More with Flat Abs Exercises
Instead of committing to a hundred crunches a day, try doing fifteen really deep crunches; pulling up and down on the abdominal muscles and really holding the crunch in order to make your muscles work. Short bursts of intense exercise are far more beneficial than long stretches of mild exercises and of course, take less time! Wouldn't it be easier for you to fit in fifteen minutes a day of exercise instead of an hour and get better results for it?

5. Cut Your Calories
Even just by dropping a few hundred calories a day, you can really help to uncover the sculpted abs beneath the fat. Eat several smaller meals throughout the day instead of three large ones and make sure to choose healthy foods more often. This route will take longer, but it's a necessary part of getting and keeping your flat abs.

Although you will have to do some work to get those flat abs you want, by straightening out your posture and wearing clothes that fit and flatter you, you can look as though you dropped weight and toned up instantly! Now, isn't that a lot better than spending hard earned cash and a ton of time on a so-called system to get flat abs fast? Give it a try for yourself and see!

Free report shows you a simple, easy, proven way to solve your weight loss problems - guaranteed! Get it here:

Advice for Flat Abs Right Now!

If you are a teenager with weight problems , it is important to stay cool and avoid ineffective or unhealthy ways to lose weight. During your teen years, the body grows in many different ways - not all visible - and good health is essential for the development of the body smoothly.

To help you make the right choice , here are some weight loss methods that DO NOT WORK ( I assure you).

Tips For Teens Who Want To Lose Weight
Plan famine adolescents : This diet should be avoided at all costs. Unless it is recommended and supervised by a doctor for the treatment of severe obesity ( 45 + kg overweight ), any diet that involves a drastic reduction in calories is likely to be extremely unhealthy.

Starvation diets typically lead to a weight gain of adolescents:Paradoxically, very low calorie diets teenagers usually lead to weight gain rather than weight reduction . After a short period of rapid initial weight loss , the body begins to slow down to conserve calories . It is a natural defense system designed to overcome the effects of a food shortage.

Consequently , the process of weight loss slows down. The teenager already plan feels the lack of energy and fatigue, due to lack of calories. At this point, a combination of hunger, cravings and depression can trigger episodes of bulimia. Or failure of weight loss can demotivate the dieter who leaves the scheme and starts eating. repeated attempts to lose weight in this way can reduce the metabolic rate and makes it more difficult to maintain a normal weight.

Starvation diets cause muscle loss : Another problem is that the weight loss that occurs as a result of the drastic reduction in calories is highly undesirable . Up to 50 percent of the weight lost is not fat at all, but lean tissue ( muscle ) . In other words, the body starts to burn its own muscles. the reason for this is that the adipose (fat) tissue requires fewer calories to maintain muscle tissue , so the body retains more fat and burns more muscles.

Starvation diets and its effects on health:

The average age of 11 need 1800 calories minimum . it increases with age and sex about 2700 calories for boys 18. why adolescents and young people need these calories is to satisfy the nutritional needs of growth and development they undergo intense during this period.

A low calorie diet (less than 1000 calories ) can cause serious nutritional deficiencies , extreme tiredness, weakness of bones, skin problems and hair, as well as hormonal problems , etc...

Tips For Teens Who Want To Lose Weight
Laxatives are dangerous and ineffective for weight reduction :In a recent survey , 9 percent of girls and 4 percent of boys reported using pills or laxatives for weight loss supplements . If you are a teenager with weight problems, Please DO not use this method. laxatives are neither safe nor effective in reducing weight.

Here's why:x Most of the lost weight of water, and no fat.x By speeding up the digestive process , laxatives may reduce the absorption of vitamins , minerals and other nutrients and leave us weak and dehydrated.

The long term use of laxatives mechanism disrupts colon . This can make us dependent on laxative pills stool. ( colon cleansing does not solve this problem. )

Fad diets are simply low calorie foods !

A typical fad diet (eg, diet cabbage soup , grapefruit diet ) is a diet low in calories attached with some stuff. Some fad diets rely on a high consumption of a single food that is supposed to burn fat. (Note: There is no special food burning fat ) . Others recommend specific combinations of foods that cause in their weight loss.

There is no truth in any of these affirmations. The only reason why some young people lose weight, is that these fad diets are very low in calories and do not lead to reduce weight in the long term. If you are a teenager who needs to lose weight , do not waste your time with low energy diets.

How to lose weight successfully if you are a teenager ?

The most effective way to reduce weight : is to eat healthily and exercise regularly. surprisingly , many teenagers do not choose this method tested. Instead , they prefer "immediate to their weight problems solutions - which usually cause health problems and weight gain.

If you are overweight, talk to your parents or your doctor and ask for advice. Most doctors put you in contact with a dietitian who can give you a good controlled diet , as well as advice on how to increase your exercise level.

Whatever you do , do not fall into the trap of looking for " instant your weight problems solutions." Most of these solutions causes decision weight , not weight loss.

Tips For Teens Who Want To Lose Weight

Water with lime accelerates weight loss . Drink water with lemon for weight loss is also an effective way to remove toxins , clean body waste , and encourage energy stimulation. To use water with lemon for weight loss, follow the steps below.

How To Use Lemon Water To Lose Weight

Drink a glass of hot water with a slice of lemon on waking in the morning. Drink hot water with lemon for weight loss in the morning helps to have a slow digestive system, so it is a great way to start the day after sleeping all night. Boil water in a saucepan or microwave. Wash the outside of lemon and add water to a washer. A sip as tea.

Clean your body with lemons for weight loss . Many detox diets use lemon to detoxify the body. Add a slice of lemon to any drinking water throughout the day. If desired , wash a lemon in the morning and use a food processor to grind the whole lemon . Place the lemon puree in a small pot and add the water all day. The citrus pectin is an excellent source of fiber, which allows the body to stop absorbing sugar quickly. Pectin also helps eliminate cravings . Drink water with a whole lemon is a great way to accelerate weight loss and detoxify the body.

Mix the lemon puree or a slice of lemon with tea and apple cider vinegar to help maximize the process of weight loss. Apple cider vinegar and lemon help people lose weight faster. The best teas to lose weight with lemon are green tea and Oolong tea . Use one to two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with tea once or twice a day.

Make sure to drink plenty of water with lemon for weight loss.

How To Use Lemon Water To Lose Weight

Stretch marks are parallel lines that usually develop on the skin at different areas of the body like arms, shoulders, underarms, belly, upper arms, thighs and other parts. The main cause of the formation of these marks is due to the instant weight gain by the body as compared to the normal expansion of the skin or it can also occur due to the hormonal changes in both males and females. In the early stages, these marks look like red or purple lines but with time, they get older and changes occur in color.

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks at Home Fast

The white or silverfish lines are the signs of the older stretch marks that are difficult to remove. In order for them to be eliminated, a protective and well researched skin care regime is required. There are women who would rather handle it on their own instead doing corrective surgical procedures that are way too expensive and take a lot of time, such as laser treatment that requires many sessions with lot of money.

To get the right answer on how to get rid of stretch marks at home fast, read on to the tips mentioned below.

Use Castor Oil

Castor oil is considered as the healing oil with many beneficial features. It is the best cure for the problem of stretch marks. Use castor oil as the massaging oil at the affected area containing stretch marks and cover it with the plastic sheet. Apply some heat by placing a heating pad or hot water bottle for at least 45 minutes. Follow the same procedure everyday for 2 weeks and this home remedy will get you the results that you are looking for.

Use Sunscreen Lotions Or Cream

If the sunlight directly falls on the areas containing theses marks, it can worsen the condition and make it look darker and uglier. People are more likely to lose their self confidence and self esteem. Use a high quality sun protection factor lotion without any gaps to the affected areas for improving the condition. With time, the stretch marks will vanish.

Removal Creams

Some of them contain natural ingredients that are not only effective but also free from the negative aspects. Apply the cream or lotion at the affected area regularly twice a day and within two weeks, the results will be visible. Creams give noticeable results as compared to any other dermatological procedure without spending great deal of money.

How to get rid of stretch marks at home fast is a major question and after going through the above mentioned points, these problem marks can be improved a great deal.

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks at Home Fast

Burning Fat vs Burning Calories

To lose weight and get in shape you must have a good diet and exercise regularly to burn fat. The first thing you must understand about exercise is that just because you are burning calories does not mean you are burning fat. Your main focus when you exercise should be losing body fat, and you can't lose body fat just from burning calories. When we exercise, our bodies will start burning calories, but the calories that are burned are the calories from carbohydrates in our system. In order to burn calories from your stored fat, your body requires the presence of oxygen. There is a certain amount of oxygen that your body needs in order to start burning fat and the only way for you to measure the amount needed for your own body is to keep up with your target heart rate during exercise.

Please understand that if you continue to only burn calories from carbohydrates, you will lose mostly "water weight" which leads to a decrease in your metabolism. Also, think of the calories that are burned from carbohydrates as your energy calories. If you lose too much energy calories then your muscles will not receive enough energy to increase your metabolism which indirectly burn fat. Therefore you must increase your calorie intake when you are on an exercise program to replace your burned energy calories.

Burning Fat Calories during exercise

Burning Fat vs Burning Calories During aerobic exercise, your body goes through several stages before it reaches the point where you are burning fat. You will hear people say that you are only burning sugar (carbohydrates) not fat during the first 10 minutes of exercise. This is true to a certain extent. I say this because you will continue to burn sugar past the 10 minute mark if you are not working out hard enough for your body to want more oxygen; or you are working out too hard and you can't supply your body with enough oxygen for fat burning. When you exercise you must move at a steady pace (not too fast, not too slow) so your body will utilize your stored fat (not carbohydrates or sugar) as its energy source. Also remember that just because you reached the fat burning stage does not mean you will stay there. Staying at the fat burning stage once again depends on if you are moving at a pace that is right for your body. Make sure that you are within your target heart rate range.

Burning Fat Calories at rest

The only way for you to continue to burn fat calories hours after you have finished working out is through the anaerobic exercise of weight training. Weight training is the key to burning fat at rest. Weight training is an anaerobic activity that will cause you to burn more calories than aerobic exercise. The calories that you are burning during weight training exercises are mostly calories from carbohydrates (meaning you must eat even more calories per day for energy); but the calories you burn at rest are mostly calories from fat. The reason you are burning fat at rest is because weight training increases your metabolism which uses your stored fat as energy.

To make your body the ultimate fat burning machine you must do aerobic (cardio) and anaerobic (weight training) exercises.

Burning Fat vs Burning Calories

Are you drinking tea?

Drinking tea is no longer confined to the four walls of China or India. The healthy habit has spread across thousands of miles and numerous countries that acknowledge the health benefits rightfully claimed by this green drink which the Chinese have known for more than 4000 years. A few known benefits of drinking green tea include:

Can You Lose Weight By Just Drinking Green Tea?

  • Speeding up metabolism
  • Increasing energy
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Enhancing mental function and focus
  • Promoting healthier skin and fighting aging
  • Enhancing oral health
  • Improving cardiovascular health
  • Protecting the body against disease
  • Preventing cancers
Maybe it's about time you consider alternating your regular feel good soda drink or coffee with a cup or two of hot or cold green tea. If you have issues with your health, that switch may actually help resolve some of those issues.

Where Does Tea Come From?
A plant called Camellia sinensis is where all four types of tea - black, oolong, white and green, come from. You must have encountered this information from one of the numerous materials available online and which can be downloaded for further reading. All except green tea goes through the process of oxidation. Hence, only the green variant retains most of the healthy ingredients and powerful antioxidants that make all those health benefits possible.

Greens Help Lose Weight
Greens can refer to green vegetables rich in fiber, which aids digestion and boost metabolism. Greens can also refer to green tea with powerful ingredients that aid in weight loss and management. Such ingredients stimulate one's metabolism and blocks fat absorption at the same time. Hence, a lot of people who has weight issues are looking at the mounting evidences that point to the weight loss benefits one can derive from regularly drinking tea.

Random Check
People with weight problems are often confronted by the fact that using diet pills may be harmful for their health and that's because of the unhealthy ingredients they pack the pills with. A random check though of any diet pill package would show that one of the ingredients they declare they use is green tea. This clearly indicates how the consuming market values the proven benefits of green tea weight loss results.

Burn That Fat the Natural Way
What's in green tea that gives it the ability to burn fat? Remember that among the four types of tea, only the green one skipped the oxidation process? The absence of this ingredient-draining process allowed the tea leaves to retain most of their healthy ingredients. This is why, high concentrations of catechin polyphenols are found in this fat-burning drink. Catechin polyphenols are compounds that work in collaboration with the other chemicals in the body to increase fat oxidation and thermogenesis (the process of creating heat in the body by burning fat) levels. You may check ebooks which are available online for free if you want more details about thermogenesis. The polyphenols in the tea drink if taken on a regular basis can boost metabolism and burn fat in the most natural and safe way.

Role of Polyphenols in Losing Weight
In cases when excess amounts of triglyceride is synthesized out of the consumed food (sugar and fat) and carried into the bloodstream and other tissues in the body, they convert to fat which causes a person to increase his weight. The abundant polyphenols activates the enzyme that causes the excess triglyceride to dissolve. A process like this happening inside your body can bring about benefits of green tea weight loss results over a certain period of time.

Role of EGCG in Metabolism
Another powerful antioxidant, epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG has been proven to stimulate metabolism and consequently accelerate weight loss. EGCG works with caffeine, which is also found in tea, to stimulate the central nervous system into processing fat as body fuel through the process of thermogenesis. Earlier researches pointed to caffeine as the only ingredient that caused this process. Recent studies showed, however, that the EGCG contained in green tea stimulates thermogenesis more than just caffeine. The synergistic work of EGCG and caffeine increased 24-hour energy expenditure and fat oxidation.

Is Tea All You Need to Lose Weight?
Is Green Tea enough? If you are not expecting any instant results and are not quite conditioned for exercise or changing diets, drinking five eight-ounce cups of tea everyday will burn 90 calories. Do your math and set your weight loss objectives. It will most likely show you that you will lose about 10 pounds in a year by just drinking tea - no exercise, no change in diet. The number will increase if you add exercise and healthy diet to your tea drinking regimen.

Can You Lose Weight By Just Drinking Green Tea?

I love to make breakfast smoothie recipes for weight loss because not only is having a healthy breakfast important for the day, but making it with fresh fruit and greens is an effective and healthy way to get all the vital nutrients you need to start your day and your metabolism! But there are some things you need to take into consideration when making these delicious treats, and that's the quality of the ingredients and the power of the blender you are going to be using. Also keep in mind that the quality of the water or juice you use can greatly affect the taste and health of your smoothie too!

Breakfast Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss

Now the first thing to making sure you have the healthiest weight loss breakfast smoothie is to use only organic ingredients so that you can avoid putting nasty toxins and other chemicals into your food. Organic produce also happens to be much tastier and more dense in terms of nutrients per volume, so you are more likely to get the extra fiber and nutrients you need to help keep your body burning fat longer and and more effectively. They also can be purchased affordably by using frozen produce which is often available year round compared to fresh seasonal produce.

Now another important factor to consider is the blender itself, and I like to use high powered blenders made by blendtec or vitamix brands. This is because they provide the highest horsepower motors for there blenders which means the produce gets chopped up a lot better, which makes for a more consistent smoothie. This is not only important for taste, but also for health too because by emulsifying the ingredients you make them more "bio available" or easier to digest, so that your digestive system will absorb more of the nutrients!

A great starter recipe is a strawberry banana weight loss smoothie. The basic recipe is:
  • 2 cups filtered water
  • 3-4 fresh strawberries
  • 1 whole banana in frozen chunks
  • 1 cup of non fat organic Greek yogurt
  • 1 tsp of organic ground Stevia for a safe and natural 0 calorie sweetener

Then all you have to do is toss your water into the blender first, then add in your Greek yogurt next. Follow that up with the fresh strawberries and then finally add in your frozen banana chunks and sweetener. Then all you have to do is blend until you get your desired consistency and enjoy!

Breakfast Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss