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How To Lose A Pound A Day

How To Lose A Pound A Day

Some of you have probably experienced one of more of the many diet programs in your effort to sheds those unwanted pounds. You know the ones - low calories, low fat, low carbohydrates, Atkins, South Beach, I could go on and on. The fact of the matter is that they seem to work for everyone except for you. Well, before you give up, consider this revolutionary approach to fat loss that have put the dieting world on notice, the program is called Fat Loss 4 Idiots, it promises that you will see a noticeable change in your body within the first 11 days.

This weight loss solution requires that you eat more than 3 meals per day for the purpose of stimulating your body and speeding up the calorie burning process. How's that for starters - no starving yourself here. By speeding up the body's metabolism, through the manipulation of the natural fat burning hormones and turning off the hormones that causes fat to be stored in the body, the process leads to a loss of weight. The concepts underlying this lose weight fast diet is known as "calorie shifting." It works in the following way:

1) On any given day your body burns calories (or fat) based on the eating habit you have established during the past few days. Your metabolism is actually programmed to anticipate that you will continue eating the same type of meals and calories as you have been, thus creating the same amount of natural fat burning hormones.

2) If you alter your eating habits, you will provide a "shock" to your metabolic system. You do this by changing up the types of calories and meals you eat for more than a couple of days at a time.

3) This "shifting" of the kind of calories you are feeding your body will cause your metabolism to not only melt away these calories. But once they are gone, it starts to burn away at the fat that is stored in your body. It's easy to see how you can lose a pound a day with this diet approach.

You really can rid of the excess weight; the fat that is stored in your body is supposed to be burned away not stored. Again, what you must do is stimulate the body into creating more fat-burning hormones. What is fantastic about this lose weight fast diet is that you do not have to guess at what you need to eat and how much, all the information and tools that you need are provided for you.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots includes a downloadable diet handbook and an online Diet Generator where you can choose the foods you want to eat and just generate your menu. So if you would like to lose a pound a day its time to get serious and start now!

Most people can't lose weight because they won't get off the fence. Check out this lose weight fast diet program; it is among the best sellers on the Internet for a reason- it works! In just a short time you can be wearing that hot swimwear or dress that you have hanging in your closet; imagine the new slimmer you in 11 days time.

Jay Land is a writer, webmaster and world traveler who has lost over 30 pounds in the past year by successfully incorporating the strategies in this article into his fat loss and fitness program.
Two-thirds of the US adult population is overweight; not only can this additional weight become nagging, but there are numerous health risks as well. For many, a lose weight fast diet is at the top of their wish list; and even more would love to lose a pound a day if they could just figure out how to do it in a safe way. With the summer season only a few months away special occasions will be dotting the social and travel scene - weddings and class reunions are just a few of the events. Not to mention excursions to the local beach, as well as exotic vacations that are being planned, so fitting into that sexy swim wear will be a high priority for many.

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Need A Lose Weight Fast Diet? How To Lose A Pound A Day

Lose Pounds Fast Using Simple Summer Diet
Here's a simple diet which will help you to lose pounds fast without doing something crazy. Summer diet was developed by American nutrition experts to help middle-age people to get their body in shape for the summer season. This is a low-calorie diet which consists of 1200 calories for each day. Summer diet is a balanced diet but there are still some restrictions: diet duration is 14 days, no longer or you can apply it for three days each week as long as you want.

Here is daily menu which you should use for all days:

In the morning: Any 5 fruits;

Lunch: Choose one of following for the lunch meal:

a)200 g of boiled chicken breast without skin;
b)200 g of canned tuna and 1 egg;
c)250 g of fat-free cottage cheese and 1 egg; and Vegetables without restriction (prepared in any way)

Snack: 2 fruits or slice of black bread with a little honey or jam;

Dinner: Choose one of following for the dinner meal:

a) 2 tea cups of boiled brown rice;
b) 2 tea cups of pasta;
c) 2 potatoes; and without any restrictions: vegetable salads made of any vegetables mixed with lemon juice and any vegetable soups.

It is allowed to swap lunch and dinner if you like. Breaks between food intakes should be no less than 2 hours. Drink a big glass of water before each meal.

See, it is simple as 2x2. Do not waste your time by trying to find super secret method to lose pounds fast be cause there is no easy way. Start today with summer diet to see amazing results already after one week.

It is recommended to consult your doctor or nutrition specialist before applying any of these diets.

Get details of a remarkably successful quick weight loss strategy that will help you to Lose Pounds Fast.

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Lose Pounds Fast Using Simple Summer Diet

Belly fat, you don't want it, you can't hide it... and no matter what you do, you can't seem to get rid of it! And once you look in the mirror and see the belly fat hanging down, I know you want to get rid of it fast.

The Triple Attack to Lose Belly Fat Fast

You need the "Triple Attack To Lose Belly Fat Fast". I'll tell you what you need to hear, (not necessarily what you want to hear), to lose belly fat fast... and get rid of those love handles and that beer belly once and for all!

So if you're willing to hear the truth about losing fat fast, and do something about it, you can develop the washboard six pack, flat stomach, lean abdominals you've always wanted... absent of the belly fat that has been keeping you from performing, feeling and looking your best!

The Triple Attack To Lose Belly Fat Fast!

Many of you have tried endless crunches and sit ups in search for the six pack look... only to end up tired and frustrated with muscles hidden by layers of fat. Others have tried reduced calories diets to lose belly fat... and even after all the sacrifices, ending up with more belly fat than when you started. It seems like nothing works.

The reason... losing belly fat cannot be accomplished, (for most), by the exclusive use of either exercise or diet. As a matter of fact you need a triple attack to lose belly fat fast!

Your belly fat is a RESULT of your workout program, nutrition plan and lifestyle... so to reduce belly fat you must CHANGE what you do, what you eat and how you live.

It IS as simple as that!

To lose belly fat fast you must...

- burn belly fat through exercise...

- lose belly fat through proper diet...

- avoid belly fat through healthy lifestyle.

And yes, you must do all three if you want to lose belly fat fast... no "can I do only one" or "there has to be an easier way". And no, there aren't any super fat loss pills or magic potions you can take to lose belly fat fast.

I told you it might not be what you want to hear!

Belly Fat Attack #1... Lose Belly Fat Fast Through Exercise

In order to get rid of that embarrassing belly fat... you must exercise to burn fat.

I know what your thinking... "I tried that, and it didn't work!" And you're right... most exercise programs won't significantly help you lose belly fat fast. You must combine resistance training to build muscle, intense cardio to burn calories and targeted ab exercise to firm and tighten your mid-section and stomach area.

Only be combining all three methods of exercise will you begin to build the body that will drive belly fat into extinction. Because after all, this type of exercise does not just destroy belly fat... it builds a muscular, attractive body!

But no amount of exercise will make up for a poor diet, so...

The Triple Attack to Lose Belly Fat Fast

Belly Fat Attack #2... Lose Belly Fat Fast Through Proper Diet

In order to expose the firm, tight core you develop through exercise... you must lose belly fat through proper diet and nutrition.

Oh no, I said the 4 letter word "diet". By "diet" I don't mean those restrictive calorie diets you tried before... only to end up with more belly fat than when you started. As a matter of fact... don't concentrate on only reducing calories!

Don't focus on what you can't eat... focus on how you should eat to make belly fat a distant memory. Eat properly, embrace healthy eating habits and improve metabolism... and the belly fat will come off!

If you've been paying attention so far, you would have realized I have changed the classic axiom of "Exercise More, Eat Less" to "Exercise Better, Eat Better"!

But exercise and diet are not the only things you can do to lose belly fat fast...

Belly Fat Attack #3... Lose Belly Fat Fast Through Healthy Lifestyle

There is more to life than exercise and diet... your body is a dynamic organism, reacting and adapting to all outside and inside influences. Therefore, don't sabotage your exercise and diet efforts with an unhealthy lifestyle and low self image. Drinking, smoking, stress, poor sleeping habits, low self image, etc. all effect your body and can contribute to the accumulation of belly fat.

Getting rid of excess belly fat can actually lower high blood pressure... a major health risk. Reduce stress, and you create an environment where belly fat fails to thrive. Last, but certainly not least, improve self image to ensure long term leanness... and you'll keep the bell fat off forever.

The Triple Attack to Lose Belly Fat Fast

The Triple Attack To Lose Belly Fat Fast works... but exactly how it is applied by each individual will be unique to that individual. While there is probably room for improvement in all the areas of exercise, diet and lifestyle... there is usually one area that is more of a problem than the others. To start seeing RESULTS for your efforts faster... focus on your biggest problem area first!

Change what you do (effective fat loss workout), what you eat (a healthy diet) and how you live (habits that support your diet and exercise) and you WILL lose belly fat fast.

Coach Eddie Lomax knows that to lose belly fat fast you must use the best combination of fat loss workout, proper diet and healthy lifestyle. He uses this criteria to rate the best fat loss workouts of trusted trainers on: [] Find your best fat loss workout [] and get rid of belly fat fast starting today.

The Triple Attack to Lose Belly Fat Fast

10 Ways to Lose 10 Pounds

How To Lose 10 Pounds

Trying to shed a few extra pounds? Don't worry that you'll have to starve yourself or do grueling workouts. Studies show that these efforts may shave off the pounds quickly, but they are not the route in long-term weight loss. Surprisingly, the best way to take off the weight is by making small, barely noticeable adjustments in the way you eat and live. Here are ten simple strategies that can help melt away your fat- forever.

10 Ways to Lose 10 Pounds

1. Stop skipping meals. Slashing one meal per day from your meal seems like a logical way to peel off a few pounds. For instance if you stop eating breakfast typically 500 calories), you'll cut 3,500 calories in several days, roughly the amount needed to burn off one bound.

Trouble is, what miss at one meal you often more than make up for at the next. In a recent study found that breakfast eaters consumed a diet lower in fat and having breakfast may reduce the impulse for snacking on high - calories, high off foods.

Obesity specialist Dr. C. Wayne Callaway says skipping any meal can lower metabolism, which normally speeds up to help digest food. Let's say your body at rest burns 1600 calories daily. If you skip breakfast, you use up 80 fewer calories per day. But if you eat breakfast, your sluggish metabolism revs up to burn those 80 calories. After about 15 months you could burn an extra 35,000 calories, the equivalent of ten pounds.

2. Go vegetarian twice a week. Dr. Dean Ornish at the Preventive Medicine Research Institute in Sausalito, California, made headlines when he found the diet and life - style changes could help reverse atherosclerosis, the formation of fatty build - up on the arterial walls. But Ornish also discovered that the low - fat vegetarian diet he prescribed to help unclog arteries can trim waistlines as well. During the first year of his study, patients lost an average of 22 pounds.

This outcome was unexpected because most of the patients were eating more. Dr. Lee Lipsenthal, an Ornish colleague, explains it this way:"A candy bar and a bunch of fresh broccoli have roughly the same number of calories. After eating the candy bar you probably won't feel full. But you'll feel stuffed if you eat the broccoli."

Luckily, you don't need to become a full-time vegetarian to lost weight. Start by replacing meat in two meals per week. Two meatless meals a week could save you 550 or more calories per week - ten pounds in 16 months.

3. Follow the one - to - one rule. A lot of fat - free and reduce - fat foods have high calorie count. Don't take the low - fat label as a license to eat.

The solution is to employ the one - to - one substitution rule. That is, when you replace a regular brownie with a fat - free one, eat the same portion - not a bigger piece. If you cut back each day from four fat - free sandwich cookies (200 calories) to two (100 calories) or pass on a second scoop of fat - free ice cream (100 calories), you can lose ten pounds in 10 or 12 months.

4. Don't cut too many calories. You must eat less to lose weight, but don't go overboard on cutting calories. Otherwise the body senses impending "starvation," slows down metabolism and conserves energy by functioning on fewer calories. This "fuel efficiency" mode will make it harder for you to lose weight.

How few is too few calories? To prevent a metabolic slow down, you'll need to take in at least enough daily calories to meet the energy demands of your body at rest. Dr. Callaway offers these simple formulas to estimate your resting metabolic rate - that is, the number of calories your body needs each day to function at rest.

For man, multiply your height in inches by 12.7, and multiply your weight in pounds by 6.3. Combine these two numbers, then add 66. Next, multiply your age by 6.8. Subtract this figure from the above total to arrive at your resting rate of metabolism.

For woman, multiply your height in inches by 4.7, and multiply your weight in pounds by 4.3. Combine these two numbers, then add 55. Next, multiply your age by 4.7. Subtract this figure from the above total to arrive at your resting rate of metabolism.

Anything below the figure you arrive at is likely to slow your metabolism; anything too far above, and you're eating more calories than you need.

Another way to find your proper calorie level is to keep a food diary. Pick up an inexpensive calorie counter at the bookstore and keep track of how much you eat. Then cut back 50 or 100 calories each day. Eventually you'll find a calorie level that will promote slow, steady weight loss - and you'll be able to shed ten pounds in 12 or 24 months.

5. Beware of finger foods. It's Monday and you're already had breakfast. But how much difference can two minidoughnuts (120 calories) at office really make? On Tuesday you filch a few cream sandwich cookies(160 calories) before supper. And so it goes, all week long. You might not think twice about eating these snacks, but snitching just 100 extra calories a day can make you gain ten pounds in a year.

If you can't give up finger food, why not replace high - calories item with low - calories ones? Ready - to - eat body carrots(4 calories each), celery(6 calories per stalk) or air - proper popcorn (30 calories per cup) are some options. If you eat 75 fewer calories a day, you can lose ten pounds in about 16 months.

6. Dance the night away. Many people think of dancing as a social activity. But dancing is also an aerobic exercise that burns calories. So instead of going out for dinner and movie, why not try ballroom dancing or the lambada?

Do ballroom dancing (with burns 200 calories per hour) for two hours every weekend, and you'll peel off ten pounds in about 21 months. But if you do the lambada or the twist (350 to 400 calories per hour), it will take you take you just eleven and a half months to shed the weight.

7. Consider your condiments. Use mustard instead of mayonnaise on your sandwich, and cocktail sauce instead of tartar sauce with seafood. These minor substitutions can contribute to significant weight loss.

A few years ago, when U.S. Navy chefs offered low - fat menus aboard a destroyer, overweight sailors on the special diet lost an average 12 pounds over six months. Instead of putting butter on the mashed potatoes, for example, chef used powdered butter - flavored substituted. Instead of frying chicken in oil, they baked the chicken with fat - free condiments - a splash of lemon juice and a dash of herbs.

Even one simple condiment change can make a big difference. That switch from mayonnaise (100 calories) on your sandwich every day to mustard (15 calories) can shave off 85 calories - a ten - pound weight loss in 14 months. Serving those few table - spoons of cocktail sauce (32 calories) instead of tartar sauce(140 calories) results in simple calories savings.

8. Eat slowly. The average person wolfs down a meal in 12 minutes. But that can lead to overeating. "It takes about 20 minutes for the stomach to signal the brain the body is full," explains Thomas Wadden, an obesity researcher. Scarf down your lunch in ten minutes, and you don't give the body time to recognize it's no longer hungry.

At the outset of study by wadden and his colleagues, female dieters were secretly timed as they ate a test meal. Then participants were instructed to take smaller bites, chew slowly and put eating utensils down between bites. After 28 week the dieters who ate the slowest (adding about four minutes onto a meal) had lost the most weight.

By slowing down at supper, you might eat two slices of pizza (563 calories), or a small burger and fries (480 calories) instead of a quarter - pound burger with large fries (870 calories). You could easily knock out 300 to 500 calories a day and lose one - half to one pound per week - a ten - pound weight loss in three to five months.

9. Right - size your portions. "Keeping exact tabs in how many calories you eat every single day may not be practical for everyone," says dietitian Kristine Funk. "But you still have to pay attention to how much you eat."

Indeed, researchers at St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital Center in New York City found that overgenerous portions were at the root of many unsuccessful weight - loss attempts. Some obsess volunteers in their study estimated they ate a little more than 1,000 calories per day, yet they were actually eating twice as much.

The portion sizes available today may be partly responsible. The bagel, for example, is touted as a low - fat breakfast pastry. But most shops carry only one size - extra large - which has only 300 calories, roughly the same as five slices of toast. Similarly, a delicatessen sandwich generally contains five to seven ounces of meat. Rather than a realistic two or three ounces.

Every once in a while, for a few days, read labels and use measuring cups and diet scales to keep tabs on the amounts you are eating. After you're back on track, you will find it easy to estimate appropriate portion sizes.

How much weight will you lose? Let's assume you're currently underestimating how much you eat by 10 percent. If you're a woman and think you're eating about 1,500 calories a day, assume you eat about 1,650. Measure portions to keep intake at 1,500 calories, and you'll save 150 calories a day - ten pounds in eight months. A man who assumes he is eat about 2,000 calories a day could be eating as much as 2,200. Monitor portions and stick to 2,000 calories, and you'll save 200 calories per day - ten pounds in six months.

10. Skip late - night munches. A key obstacle to dropping extra pounds is after - dinner snacking. "If you're had a tough day at the office or trouble with the kids, you may eat more than normal to unwind," says medical researcher John Foreyt. He suggests you plan evenings so you're away from tempting situations. Take an adult - education course or go for a walk around the neighborhood. If you can't distract yourself from eating, try noshing on a low - calorie snack like a piece of fresh fruit.

Cutting out a few fistfuls if potato chips (300 calories) or a candy bar (250 calories) could save you close to 600 calories per week. In six weeks, you'll have lost one pounds; in 13 months you'll have lost ten.

Taken individually, any of these ten strategies can help with weight loss. While the result will be slow in coming, they will stem from the behavioral changes that are easy to live with. And that's the real secrete to weight - loss success - changing the habits that made you gain weight in the first place.

10 Ways to Lose 10 Pounds


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10 Ways to Lose 10 Pounds

How To Lose 10 Pounds In 2-3 Weeks

How To Lose 10 Pounds In 2-3 Weeks

You'll lose 10 pounds in 2-3 weeks if you follow 2 simple dietary adjustments and 3 easy exercise suggestions. It's proven and there is nothing hard about this. In fact, instead of giving you more hassles in life, following this "how to lose 10 pounds in 2-3 weeks" plan will simplify and make your life more enjoyable and less stressful.

Diet Rule #1: Eat protein and fiber at each meal

To lose 10 pounds in 2-3 weeks, you need to speed up your metabolism and improve the "emptying time" of your digestive system. You speed up your metabolism by eating more protein. A benefit of this is that when you eat protein with each meal, it slows down the absorption of the carbohydrates in your meal.

So, although you want the foods to get out of your body as quickly as possible, you don't want your blood sugar to spike up by quickly absorbing carbohydrates.

The fiber helps to clear out toxins trapped in your small and large intestines... sweeping them out of your body so that your digestive system can quickly take all the important nutrients out of the food while getting the unnecessary parts of foods out of your body quickly.

A great food choice is 1 can of black beans everyday, splitting it between 2 meals. 1 can of black beans contains 25 grams of protein and 25 grams of fiber. Perfect!

Diet Rule #2: Eat smaller, more frequent meals instead of 2-3 large meals

Eating smaller meals more frequently does 2 things. It gives your digestive system a kind of break... it's not stressed out and overburdened by having to quickly digest a large amount of food at 1 time. Number 2, you won't get a massive spike in blood sugar levels... which leads to carbohydrates being turned into body fat.

So to lose 10 pounds in 2-3 weeks follow those 2 dietary rules.

Now to the 3 simple exercise suggestions...

Exercise Habit #1: 2-minute mini workouts throughout the day are better than 1 45-minute session

The reason why these quick little exercise bursts every now and then during a day work to lose 10 pounds faster than 1 workout session is because you're frequently giving the body little metabolism boosts. If you were to do say 10 2-minute metabolism boosting mini-sessions during TV commercials for a 1 hour tv show, this would train the body to work at a higher and faster metabolism much better and for much longer than a "1 and done" session that was 45 minutes.

Exercise Habit #2: Workout your whole body 3 times a week

Working out your whole body with big weightlifting movements such as squats and deadlifts will allow you to not only get in and out of the gym quicker (saving you time), they also "excite" and target the nervous system better than smaller type exercises like dumbbell curls and triceps pushdowns.

Why is this important if you want to lose 10 pounds?

Well, because if you were to build a little bit more muscle, you're basal metabolic rate would increase. How... it's simple. Each pound of muscle you create burns an extra 30-50 calories more than a pound of fat. A pound of fat only burns 2 calories a day... whether you workout or do nothing. But 1 pound of muscle needs more energy, so it burns off 30-50 calories a day. Do the math...

By doing exercises that target the nervous system, you build muscle, quicker.

So to put it simply... if you build more muscle (which squats and deadlifts do... faster), you burn off more calories and fat to lose plenty of pounds in 2-3 weeks. It's a question of efficiency and effectiveness. Squats and deadlifts accomplish both since they are whole body exercises. Do 8 sets of 10 repetitions for each exercise. Rest 1 minute between sets.

You'll be in and out of the gym in less than 30 minutes.

Exercise Habit #3: Walk at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week

Before you scoff at this and wonder how to lose 10 pounds by walking, you need to understand 1 very important concept. Your body has a weight that it's comfortable at. This is called it's "set point". What happens when you lose weight fast is this... your weight goes down, but your body's set point doesn't.

It stays the same. When that happens, your weight will rebound and yo-yo back up to the set point.

Walking has been proven to help your body to adjust it's set point lower while you're losing weight. I'm not suggesting that walking is great for directly losing weight. It isn't. But it is great for lowering your set point while you are losing weight. So when you lose 10 pounds, you won't gain it back.

With your body weight and set point weight the same, the body has no internal reason to regain the weight.

So with these 2 simple "lose 10 pounds" diet rules and the 3 "lose 10 pounds" exercise habits... you now understand how to lose 10 pounds in 2-3 weeks. The only question I have for you is this... will you now get off your butt and lose 10 pounds?

If you're sick and tired of getting the same old boring and tired weight loss advice to lose 10 pounds... you know, like "Eat more fruits and vegetables, drink 8 glasses of water, exercise more, and blah blah blah"... then you found the right person. I'll make weight loss easy and enjoyable for you... AND NOT BORING!

First, click to get your free 19-page report "How Spinning Around in a Circle Like a 4-year old Child will Skyrocket your Weight Loss Success". This will give you a jumpstart on how to lose 10 pounds fast.

Second... after you get the free report, you'll be sent inside my website for even more unique and little known weight loss tips, tricks, techniques, and tactics. These unconventional tricks are a "shortcut" way on how to lose 10 pounds in 2-3 weeks... no mention of eating carrots or celery. I promise.

Third, with my advice, you won't starve, have to go to the gym ever, or basically do anything that is a hassle for your busy life. Listen, I understand you want to lose 10 pounds without changing much in your diet or exercise plans... I get it. I have this completely covered. I've worked with over 3,700 clients. I know a 1 size fits all plan doesn't work. So I've come up with lots of "tricks" to personalize weight loss specifically for you and your lifestyle.

Fourth... there is no fourth. Just enjoy the free report and my website. If you don't lose 10 pounds with just my free information... I'd be amazingly surprised!

How To Lose 10 Pounds In 2-3 Weeks

How To Lose 10 Pounds In 2-3 Weeks

Lose Pounds - Simple and Smart Ways to Lose Pounds Every Week Without Going on a Diet
lose pounds without spending money on diet pills or going on a diet? If you've been gaining weight over the last few years and you're not happy with how you look, follow these simple and smart ways to lose pounds every week without going on a diet.

Your relationship with food and your food choices govern whether you are overweight or not. Food is fuel for your body and you only need to consume enough energy to do your daily tasks. Any unused energy is stored as fat.

You don't need to go on a diet to start losing weight you need to wise up and start eating smart.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it kick starts your metabolism and sets you up with the energy to start your day. However, if your breakfast is usually a bowl of high sugar cereal with full fat milk or a take-away egg, cheese and bacon sandwich you need to do a rethink.

High sugar cereals and full fat milk simply provide a high calorie high fat start to your day and a takeaway egg, cheese and bacon sandwich will set you back 500 calories and a whole 30 grams of fat. That's 10 grams more fat than a woman should eat in a whole day!

Lose pounds the simple and smart way by making better choices, get into the routine of planning your breakfast to deliver fewer calories and fat and more nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

For instance:

Try one poached egg (44 calories and 3g of fat), two slices of brown toast (100 calories, 1g of fat) and one teaspoon of reduced fat spread (110 calories, 2g of fat).

If you simply must order fast food first thing in the morning, skip the cheese and meat on your breakfast sandwich and save around 200 calories and 18g of fat. Order skimmed milk or orange juice and your breakfast now is not only lower in fat, but contains more healthy vitamins and minerals.

Concentrate on cereals that are high in fiber, not sugar. They'll make you feel fuller for longer than sweetened ones. Choose a high-fiber, low-sugar cereal that's packed with vitamins, and top with skimmed or semi-skimmed milk. You won't even need to take a multivitamin supplement if you choose a fruit and fibre powerhouse like this:

1 medium bowl of muesli, skimmed milk and one apple gives you 211 calories, 2 grams of fat and 4 grams of fiber.

If you're a protein person and you like a traditional breakfast of bacon and eggs, beware of the fat and calories these meals knock up:

Two rashers of streaky bacon, one fried egg, one fried tomato and one slice of toast with butter gives you 370 calories and 23g of fat.

One poached egg, two grilled pork sausages, one portion of baked beans and one slice of buttered toast contains 379 calories and 22g fat.

To lose pounds every week you need to think smart and find equally filling alternatives. Try the following breakfast choices which are lower in fat and higher in fiber:

Porridge (113 calories, 2.2g of fat) topped with blueberries (20 calories, less than 1g fat) and one glass of orange juice (45 calories, no fat)

Bagel (190 calories, 1.3g of fat) with light cream cheese (53 calories, 4.5g of fat) and pineapple (25 calories, no fat)

Strawberries (24 calories, no fat) topped with reduced fat yoghurt (106 calories, less than 1g of fat).

The same applies to lunches, to lose pounds without having to go on a diet you need to make better choices.

If you nip into your local burger bar and order a whopper and regular fries you are actually getting 45 grams of fat and a whopping 944 calories. If you then add 1 small milkshake you will add another 15 grams of fat and 400 calories.

Fast food may be convenient but this meal will set you back 60 grams of fat and 1344 calories. That's 3 times more fat than a woman should eat in a whole day and you'd have to walk 36 miles to work off this meal!

It all comes down to food choices. Not all fast food is unhealthy and burger bars also provide healthy alternatives for people smart enough to order them.

A warm flame grilled chicken salad comes with 3 grams of fat and only 154 calories, add 1 glass of orange juice with no fat and 45 calories and you have less than 200 calories for the whole meal compared with 1344 calories for the whopper, fries and milkshake. So, by eating smart, you will save yourself 1144 calories just on lunch.

Finding less fattening alternatives is not difficult, you just have to rethink the type of food you eat and you might even find you end up eating more by choosing healthier options. And because your food choices are low in fat you will lose pounds every week without spending money on diet pills or going on a diet.

If you're not losing weight, you're doing something wrong because anyone can lose pounds quickly and easily with fat burning foods.

If you would like more nutrition secrets, tips and advice on weight loss, fat burning foods and fitness visit Elaine Woosey's website []

Lose Pounds - Simple and Smart Ways to Lose Pounds Every Week Without Going on a Diet

Start Getting Fit Today With These Great Tips

Start Getting Fit

One of the key factors in maintaining a physically fit body is by drinking water. Studies show that people that drink cold water tend to lose more weight than people who do not drink the right amount of water. Staying hydrated also helps you beat the afternoon energy slump as well.

Look at your dominant hand while you're benching. Researchers have found that by looking at your dominant hand you may increase the total amount of weight you can bench. This might be tied into the fact that you naturally are stronger on your dominant hand, and by staring at it you help to balance it.

Fitness And Health (Start Getting Fit )

Cycle to work. As well as saving a lot of money in gas, you are improving your fitness and health. As little as 5 miles, 3 times a week will see an increase in fitness levels. If you can't cycle to work, consider riding your bike on the weekend or in the evening. This is especially enjoyable if you have a friend to cycle with.

When focusing on your fitness and health, always think positive. Even if you don't meet a goal you set for yourself, realize that you are one step closer to that goal and soon you will meet it, and you may just not meet it at the exact time you were hoping for. Don't give up. The moment your mind starts thinking you can't do it, is the same time your body is going to believe it can't. Always stay one step ahead and realize that you will reach your destination of fitness if you truly want to.

Healthy Diet (Start Getting Fit )

Remember that fat doesn't turn to muscle. Many people think that using weights will cause fat to turn to muscle, but that isn't the case. Weight training will build up muscle, but it only takes the place of the fat that you lose. Along with weight training, follow a cardio workout, as this burns fat. Don't forget to follow a healthy diet.

To stay fit it's important to break bad food habits. While a healthy diet contributes greatly to overall fitness, it can be one of the hardest goals to achieve. Most people enter a fitness program accustomed to eating unhealthy foods. This is a habit that can be broken. The quicker the fitness enthusiast acclimates to a healthy diet the faster cravings for junk food will disappear.

For maximum fitness results a healthy diet needs to be combined with an exercise program. The two processes are mutually complementary. Eating well helps you work out better; working out encourages you to eat better. When you make sure to address both areas simultaneously you will find yourself getting fit much faster.

Workout Routine (Start Getting Fit )

You will get the best results from your workout routine if you combine different forms of exercise each time you work out. Try to work all the major muscle groups, and combine stretching and weight training with cardio work. Make sure you don't overexert yourself. You should feel energized, not exhausted, after a workout.

Begin your exercise routine slowly and work your way up. Don't start out with a super-challenging workout routine, or you will surely become discouraged. Instead, look for fun and easy physical activities to get you moving. Be sure to listen to your favorite music while you exercise. Good music makes everything easier!

Try not to eat right before doing your workout. Exercising can cause the food that you have eaten to not settle right in your stomach, which in turn, can cause nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. Instead, try to eat a light meal and drink water after you have finished your workout routine.

There are different kinds of activities for different kinds of people. As you have read, they don't all involve silence, sleeping or being incredibly still.

There are activities that everyone can work with and enjoy, like the activity known as fitness. With the above tips in mind, you can reap its benefits too.

To find out more about keeping fit and healthy, go to Fitness and Health Ideas. Don't put off taking action, you really will benefit from some exercise. Research has proven that the more you exercise and keep fit, the more you look forward to keeping fit and healthy. Remember, you should visit your doctor immediately and especially before embarking on any physical exercise or dramatic change of diet. DON'T DELAY, START RIGHT NOW.

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Start Getting Fit Today With These Great Tips!

losing pounds
Here's how to lose 10 pounds in days. I'm going to give you some quick and effortless ways to lose pounds without you having to suffer through extreme dieting and endless exercising.

Lose 10 Pounds in Days

1. Eat a big breakfast with lots of protein and fiber.

There's a simple breakfast that everyone can use to start dropping pounds and inches in days. That breakfast consists of 2-4 scrambled eggs and 1/2 can of black beans.

The high amounts of protein and fiber in them start the day off right.

If you were to eat this breakfast, you'll quickly notice that you snack less in the afternoon and evening. You'll also eat a little less for your meals.

This is important because you want your big meals earlier in the day so they have more time to be burned off for energy.

2. Spin for hormonal weight loss.

You may think of weight loss in terms of diet and exercise. This is the wrong way to look at it since your hormones are VITALLY important. They need to be balanced so you don't regain the weight back.

If you're overweight, then the chances are that your hormones are unhinged... unbalanced. It's been recently discovered that spinning around in a circle, like what children do, actually brings your hormones more in balance which turns the key to using your hormones for weight loss.

3. Eat low calorie yogurts for digestive health.

Your digestive health is also an important factor in weight loss. If you're constipated a lot, your digestive health isn't in the best shape. What you can do is start eating 2-3 low calorie yogurts (80 or less calories) to feed your digestive system the HEALTHY bacteria that it needs to create the environment within your body to achieve accelerated weight loss.

These are some quick ways to lose pounds without doing anything extreme. You can lose 10 pounds in days just by following the above information with consistency.

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Lose 10 Pounds in Days - Quick Ways to Lose Pounds Without Extreme Dieting Or Exercising!