5 Tips For a Flat Stomach - Proven and Workable Tips to Flatten Your Stomach

This article will highlight the 5 tips for a flat stomach. These tips have been proven to flatten your stomach easily without undue stress on your body and they truly work.

5 tips for a flat stomach - proven and workable tips to flatten your stomach


Proven and Workable Tips to Flatten Your Stomach

The first tip for a flat stomach is to start a program of detox, short for detoxification. A detox program (also called a cleansing program) will remove toxins and poisons from your body. A good detox program requires that you eat pure and natural foods that will aid the function of the lymph, kidneys, and liver. All foods that hinder the ability of your body to cleanse itself of toxins will be avoided.

Most detox program requires you to eat healthily and naturally, for example, whole unprocessed foods (grains, seeds, nuts, etc), organic food and drink (no pesticides or fungicides), high mix of vegetables and fruit, 2 liters of water every day, herbs to aid the detoxifying process.

You must avoid the following, alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, and drugs, processed and refined foods and certain supplements that stimulate weight gain.

The second tip for a flat stomach is to go on CLA dietary supplements. CLA, is short for Conjugated Linoleic Acid. CLA has been reported to play a role in the reduction of body fat. CLA does this by its ability to inhibit the body's absorption of fat, increase metabolism and alter the body's use of energy during sleep.

Two to four grams daily of CLA dietary supplement is suitable to achieve a flat stomach. CLA has been shown to effectively reduce abdominal fat and enhance muscle growth which helps to burn fat fast.

The third tip for a flat stomach is to drink Oolong tea at least 3 times every day; morning, afternoon and before sleeping. If you can drink at least 1 liter of Oolong tea a day, you will be amaze at how flat your stomach will become. Oolong tea will help you achieve a flat stomach naturally by increasing your body's metabolism, burn fat fast through a process called lipolysis and block dietary fat absorption in your body.

Oolong tea can be consumed continuously to keep your flat stomach flat without any side effect. Oolong tea is the most natural fat burner over the long term.
The fourth tip for a flat stomach is to take to some physical activity like exercises. You can do some crunches at least 3 times a week to train your abs. Aerobic and weight training is also ideal to help achieve a flat stomach. They will help to raise your metabolic rate and burn more calories. Exercises you can perform include walking, running, cycling, swimming, etc which will help keep your heart rate elevated for a least 45 minutes every day.

The fifth tip for a flat stomach is to develop a workable plan to achieve a flat stomach and discipline yourself to stick to it. There are so may do's and don'ts in the journey to achieve a flatten stomach. If you can not obey and follow the above tips, how can you ever succeed?

If you can follow the above 5 tips to a flat stomach, you will surely achieve your desired goal.

Article Source: Barbara Kingsley Johnson

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