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Lose weight and feel full with fewer calories. Does this claim sound like another quick-fix diet promise with a disappointing ending? I can understand why you might feel that way, but believe me, this is not a gimmick.

Lose Weight and Feel Full With Fewer Calories

Not only is it a legitimate claim, it's simple and easy to do. And best of all, you won't feel hungry and deprived.

Here's how it works. All you need to do is learn which foods fill you up with the fewest calories and choose them most of the time. Think of it like this. If most of your food choices pack lots of calories into each bite - by the end of the day - you will consume more than you need. And as a result, you will continually gain weight or find it hard to lose. However, by choosing foods that are less calorie-dense and yet filling, you can manage your weight without feeling hungry all the time. This will increase your chances of sticking with your plan and reaching your ultimate weight and health goals.

Starving yourself to lose weight is not only unnecessary - it's unhealthy. Follow these simple steps for a healthier more effective way to shed those extra pounds and maintain your desired weight.

1. Bulk up. Squeeze more fruits and vegetables into your diet throughout the day by topping cereal with berries, snacking on an apple or carrot sticks, tucking your favorite veggies into your sandwich, or simply increasing the proportion of veggies on your plate.

2. Eat soup. One component of food that has a big impact on how much of it you eat is water. Water adds weight and volume to foods without adding calories; in other words, it lowers the calorie density of foods. Broth-based soup such as vegetable barley is a water-rich food that will fill you up without packing on the calories. Eaten at the start of your meal, it will take the edge off your hunger. Even with this extra course you are likely to eat fewer total calories during the meal.

3. Cut the fat. Without sacrificing taste, you can cut calories by reducing the fat in foods. Use a smaller amount of highly flavorful oil such as extra-virgin olive oil, switch to lower fat dairy products, and buy the leanest cuts of meat and eat less. Fat packs more than twice as many calories into an ounce of food than both carbohydrates and protein.

4. Stock your kitchen. Fill you cabinets, pantry, and fridge with a variety of your favorite low calorie- density foods so these are what you eat when you have the munchies. For example, apple slices with a low-fat cheese wedge, tomato soup with baby carrots, a small scoop of fat-free cottage cheese with a few chunks of fresh pineapple, a multigrain cracker with a dollop of low fat ricotta cheese and a drizzle of honey; the choices are endless.

5. Eat what you like. Tweak your favorites rather than eliminating them. For example, add vegetables to your favorite mixed dishes - bulk up chili, stews, and even macaroni and cheese with water-rich veggies like broccoli, carrots or tomatoes.

6. Make it positive. Focus on what you can eat, rather than what you can't. Experiment with different low calorie-dense foods and create eating habits you enjoy so you stick with it.
Step aside McDonald's and Burger King. For a "real" extra value meal, try this delicious recipe packed with flavor and nutrition - without all the calories.


Courtesy of Supermarket Savvy
1 (16 oz.) pkg. Hodgson Mill Whole Wheat Spaghetti with Milled Flaxseed
1 cup red onion, chopped
1-2 cloves garlic, minced
1 Tbsp. olive oil
8 - 12 fresh ripe tomatoes, peeled & coarsely chopped (8 cups) or 2 (28 oz.) cans diced tomatoes
¼ cup fresh basil, chopped
2 tsp. sugar
2 tsp. dried oregano
1 (6 oz.) can tomato paste

Salt, pepper, and parmesan cheese to taste
In a large saucepan, sauté onion and garlic in olive oil until soft. Stir in fresh tomato chunks, herbs and spices.

Bring to a boil, turn down heat and simmer for 30 minutes. Stir in tomato paste and simmer for 5 minutes longer or until heated through.

While the tomatoes are simmering, cook pasta according to package directions. Drain but do not rinse. Serve hot pasta topped with Fresh Tomato Sauce and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese.
Yield: 6 servings

Each serving: 276 calories; 9 g. dietary fiber; 49 g. carbohydrates; 12 g. protein; 3 g. fat; 1 g. saturated fat; 600 mg omega-3; 0 mg. cholesterol; 40 mg. sodium.

The key to permanent weight loss is having an eating style that is both nutritious and satisfying. With all the quick-fix diet gimmicks out there, this can be very challenging. I'd like to help you lose weight by creating a personalized plan that allows you to enjoy healthy satisfying food - one bite at a time.

Lorraine Matthews-Antosiewicz, MS RD, is a food and nutrition expert specializing in weight management. She is committed to empowering people through education, support, and inspiration to make real changes that lead to optimal health and lasting weight loss. Sign up for her Free Consultation and receive expert advice on how to lose 20 lb. - or more. Jump Start your weight loss today! http://njnutritionist.com/freeconsult
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Lose Weight and Feel Full With Fewer Calories

Are you feeling frustrated that you're still not losing weight even though you're trying to eat healthier? It might be that some of the so-called "health food" you're eating is not exactly what it seems. Snack bars, cereal bars, and granola bars may be part of the problem. They can be loaded with unhealthy fat and sugar; not much different than a candy bar. The calories can add up fast if you're not paying attention. When choosing a bar, it's important to examine the Nutrition Facts Label and Ingredient List.

Is Your Snack Bar Making You Fat?

Here's what to look for:

Whole grains: Any bar you choose should have whole grains (such as oats) as the first ingredient - not sugar or anything else. Studies show the people who choose whole grains more often have an easier time losing weight.

Fiber: Whole grain bars should automatically have at least 3 grams of fiber. Fiber helps to keep your blood sugar stable and limit cravings so look for bars with as much as possible.

Protein: Look for a bar that has at least 5 grams of protein preferably from a natural source like nuts. Protein keeps you feeling fuller and satisfied longer.

Sugar: Every 4 grams of sugar is equal to 1 teaspoon of sugar! Look for a bar with no more than 8g of sugar; less is better. Sugar from a natural source like fruit is preferable to an added source like evaporated cane juice or syrup.

Trans fats: Be wary of these unhealthy fats. Companies do not have to report trans fats in their products if there is less than 0.5g. So be sure to always read the ingredient list and avoid bars with "partially hydrogenated oils" as this means trans fat.

Ingredients: When it comes to the number of ingredients, less is better. Always look for ingredients that are recognizable. If you've never heard of it, chances are you don't want to eat it.

Bottom line: The next time you take a trip to grocery store, bring along these guidelines to help you choose wisely. And to make it easier for you, I came up with a list of some of the smarter choices.

Kashi Chewy Granola Bar - Honey Almond Flax

  • 140 calories, 5g Sugar, 4g Fiber, 7g Protein, 5g fat
  • Contains 7 whole grains.
  • Crunchy, chewy and not too sweet. Good as a between meal snack or a quick breakfast if paired with milk or yogurt and a piece of fruit.

Kashi Soft 'n Chewy Bars - Apple Cobbler 

  • 130 calories, 10g Sugar, 4g Fiber, 3g Protein, 3 g fat
  • Contains 7 whole grains; contains some added sugar not from a natural source such as fruit
  • Quick option to get you started before work or the gym but likely isn't enough calories to sustain you until lunch. Better as a between meal snack.

Kind Bar - Fruit and Nut Delight 

  • 200 calories, 9g sugar, 3g Fiber, 6g Protein, 13g fat
  • All natural, whole nuts and fruits, non GMO, very low sodium
  • Good option for a quick breakfast on-the-go. Substantial enough in calories and protein to keep you satisfied longer. This is a personal favorite.

LaraBar - Peanut Butter Cookie
  • 220 calories, 18g sugar, 4g Fiber, 7g Protein, 12 g fat
  • All natural, no added sugar and only three ingredients (dates, peanuts and salt)
  • Good natural bar choice that has adequate calories and protein to keep you feeling full longer. Higher in sugar but from a natural source (the dates).

Kashi TLC Fruit & Grain Bar - Dark Chocolate Coconut

  • 120 calories, 7g sugar, 4g Fiber, 4g Protein, 3.5g fat
  • Contains some added sugar and saturated fat not from natural sources such as fruit and nuts.
  • More like a cookie. Good option if you are craving something sweet and chocolate.

If you have the time and desire to make your own, here's a favorite recipe:

Granola Bites (makes 12 or 24)

½ cup peanut butter or other nut butter
2 bananas, mashed
½ cup whole nuts (choose your favorite)
1 ½ cup total of dried fruits (cherries, cranberries, apricots, raisins, coconut, etc.)
1 cup rolled oats
1 tsp. vanilla (optional)
Pinch cinnamon (optional)
1/4 cup pumpkin or sunflower seeds (optional)
Preheat oven to 350 F. In a food processor, coarsely chop nuts and dried fruits. Mix nut butter and bananas until a paste forms. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix. Spoon into lightly greased muffin cups and bake for 15 minutes. Can be stored in refrigerator for up to 5 days.

Nutrition Facts: 1 granola bite (12 in recipe) = 190 calories, 8.4g fat, 26.7g carbohydrates, 5.4 g protein, 3.1g fiber, 52 mg sodium

Lorraine Matthews-Antosiewicz, MS RD, is a food and nutrition expert specializing in weight management. She is committed to empowering people through education, support, and inspiration to make real changes that lead to optimal health and lasting weight loss. Sign up for her Free Consultation and receive expert advice on how to lose 20 lb. - or more. Jump Start your weight loss today! http://njnutritionist.com/freeconsult
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Lorraine_Matthews_Antosiewicz/1263971

Is Your Snack Bar Making You Fat?

If you think that calories are calories - and it doesn't matter whether they come from cookies or carrots - then it's time to rethink what you're thinking about calories. Contrary to what you may have heard, all calories are NOT created equal. Believing that you'll lose weight simply by counting them or cutting them will likely leave you hungry, irritable, malnourished and frustrated when you end up not much lighter than you were when you started - and maybe even heavier.

5 Tips To Help You Lose Weight Without Counting Calories


Rather than counting calories, eat until you are satisfied.

Check out these facts about calories for a little taste of reality:

1. All Calories Are Not Created Equal

Thinking that all calories are the same is an outdated concept. By definition calories represent units of energy provided by a particular food, however they are not all the same. It's the quality of the calories that matters most and it enhances the value of the food.

2. Junk is Junk, No Matter How You Slice It

Calories from nutrient-rich foods versus nutritionally-deficient foods such as processed or refined carbs will have different effects on the body. Healthy, nutrient-rich foods will enable your brain to signal your belly that it's full, help maintain stable blood sugar levels, and minimize cravings. Nutrient poor foods will have the opposite effect: spiking insulin, causing cravings, diminishing satiety signals and encouraging you to overeat.

Therefore, eating mostly nutrient dense foods will help to keep your weight in check naturally; no calorie counting required.

3. Nutrients Matter More

Tracking every calorie that goes in your mouth may give you a feeling of control but it doesn't mean you're getting enough of the nutrients your body needs. If your diet consists mostly of portion-controlled, "diet" microwaveable meals and other highly processed items, you're eating a poor excuse for food. This type of "food" is loaded with chemicals, GMOs, allergenic and inflammatory ingredients, and it doesn't provide enough protein, fiber, good fats or even volume to make you feel satisfied. You end up hungry, unable to focus, and malnourished, possibly setting you up for chronic illness down the line. Don't be fooled by the calorie count- think nutrition instead.

Tips To Help You Lose pounds

4. Don't Be A Big Loser 

When you see the "before and after" photos of the contestants on The Biggest Loser, you have to wonder just what they were eating before they entered the ranch. I'm guessing it was a whole lot more food. With intense caloric restriction and hours of exercise every day, they do lose weight. And yes, while it does work for a time, it's not recommended. It's hard to sustain this as a life style long-term, and will leave you feeling run-down because you're not supporting your body with enough essential nutrients. Furthermore, this type of restrictive dieting actually slows down metabolism to conserve energy and prevent starvation making weight loss harder.

5. Eat The Right Stuff

To quell your cravings and help reduce your appetite with little effort, all you need to do is feed yourself real food. First up are fats and oils. There is abundant evidence to show that lower-carb, higher fat diets are generally more satisfying. The healthiest fats include avocados, nuts, and cold-pressed olive oil. Not only do they help balance hormonal and metabolic processes, they taste great. Next in line are the non-starchy vegetables like leafy greens. They provide nutrient-dense bulk to fill you up. And last but not least are protein foods such as wild caught fish, grass fed organic meat and poultry providing nourishment while keeping you feeling full longer.

Bottom line, eat until you feel satisfied rather than until your reach some arbitrary "magic" number. Give up hunger, denial and counting calories for real, nutrient-dense foods. By eating this way, your body will tell you when you've had enough and you will lose weight and keep it off for good.

Lorraine Matthews-Antosiewicz, MS RD, is a food and nutrition expert specializing in weight management and digestive health. She is committed to empowering people through education, support, and inspiration to make real changes that lead to optimal health and lasting weight loss. Take her Free Self-Assessment and learn how you can lose 20 lb. - or more. Jump Start your weight loss today! http://njnutritionist.com/freeassessment
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Lorraine_Matthews_Antosiewicz/1263971

5 Tips To Help You Lose Weight Without Counting Calories

Did you know you already have a six pack?

You already have a six pack.. You just can't see it!

Did You Know You Already Have A Six Pack

Your abs are a group of muscles called the rectus abdominus, which are the six muscles that cover the stomach.

Apparently, we're all born with a six pack and it already exists. Believe it or not, you have a flat stomach right now. It's just that you can't see it because it's covered and concealed under the few or many layers of fat on your body. If you really want to see the lean stomach and expose those deep cuts, you've got to burn off the fat sitting on top of it.

Now you might think that 1,000 crunches a day is the key to burning that fat off. Well, it's NOT! There's NO such thing as spot reduction! You can't crunch off the fat covering your abs. So while crunches will certainly train your abs muscles, they will do nothing to the fat sitting on top of those muscles.

The question now is... just how you burn that fat and how to uncover your six pack?

Are you ready for this? Here it goes:

By Lowering your body fat percentage!

Voila! This is all to it. Simply losing some body fat is the super secret key.

And how do you burn body fat?

You create a caloric deficit by eating less calories and burning more calories. This is the only way to strip the fat from your abs by gradually burning it off from your entire body through cardio, diet, and weight-training.

The human body gains and loses fat in a pattern that is predetermined by our genetics and can't be changed.

And it is commonly seen that the fat covering the abs is usually the last to go and the first to come back, which makes getting/keeping abs all the more difficult.

Therefore stay persistent with creating a calorie deficit through a clean diet, resistance training, and cardio regimen and lower your body fat percentage. Once you are lean enough you will see your abs pop out.

Directly training the abs a little will make them stronger, better developed and add more definition to the ab muscles (just like what happens to every other muscle group when you train it).

Abs require a lifestyle shift and immense discipline - it's definitely not a quick fix.

Actually speaking, instead of saying we want to get a six pack, we should say we want to uncover a six pack. Because really, that's what needs to happen!

This Article Written By: Rashmi Jolly Online Fitness Coach & Founder of Body Redesign
Website: www.body-redesign.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Rashmi_V_Jolly/2240871

Did You Know You Already Have A Six Pack?

Weight loss is one of the hottest topics ever. Everyone seems to be trying to lose weight nowadays. Most diet programs are about weight loss and body weight is often used as an indicator of fitness progress. But, this is an incorrect approach.

Think Fat Loss, Not Weight Loss

Your ultimate goal should always be to lose fat and reducing excess body fat is what you should be concerned about. Weight loss and Fat loss is NOT the same thing! Many people confuse the two terms, often believing that they mean the same, when in fact weight loss and fat loss are very different from one another. This article will help you understand how weight loss is different than fat loss and how fat loss is far superior to weight loss in almost all ways.

What Is Weight Loss?

(Weight Loss = Muscle Loss + Fat Loss + Water Loss)

Weight loss is attempting to lower your total body weight. It simply refers to a lower number on a scale.
Your body weight is composed of all the parts of your body such as muscles, fat, bones, water, organs, tissues, blood, water etc. When you lose weight, you lose a little bit of... fat, muscle and water.

You lose fat but very little and along with the fat you lose muscle and some amount of water. The higher you reduce your calorie intake, the faster you drop weight and the more muscle mass you lose.

Do know your muscle matters? Loss of muscle affects your health and your overall appearance.

When you lose weight too quickly, your body cannot maintain its muscle. Because muscle requires more calories to sustain itself, your body begins to metabolize it so that it can reserve the incoming calories for its survival. It protects it fat stores as a defense mechanism to ensure your survival in case of future famine and instead use lean tissue or muscle to provide it with calories it needs to keep its vital organs such as your brain, heart, kidneys and liver functioning. If you reach a point where you have very little fat or muscle, your body will metabolize your organs to keep your brain functioning leading to heart attack, stroke and liver and kidney failure.

As the body loses more muscle mass, the body's overall metabolic rate decreases. The metabolic rate is the rate at which the body burns calories and is partly determined by the amount of muscle you have.

So the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolic rate; the less muscle you have, the lower your metabolic rate and fewer calories you burn. This explains why it is crucial to protect your metabolic rate and not have muscle loss.

Loss of muscle also leads to loss of tone underneath the skin leaving you soft and unshapely with no form or contour. If you lose weight too rapidly, your skin won't have time to adjust either. Also muscle is what gives you strength and loss of it means a weak body.

With weight loss you shrink in size and become a smaller version of yourself with a fragile frame with saggy skin.

Weight loss works in the short run to make you smaller but is temporary, almost everyone rebounds and regains the weight. This forces you to find another diet. And then another one, and another one - because eventually they'll all fail.

What Is Fat Loss?

(Fat Loss = Loss Of Stored Body Fat)

Fat loss is attempting to lower your total body fat - i.e. the percentage of your total body weight that is made up of fat.

The right approach for fat loss is to exercise smartly and eat intelligently in a way that maintains muscle and focuses on fat loss exclusively.

The muscle you have is not there forever. If you don't feed it and don't use it - you lose it. A proper plan with right combination of resistance and cardiovascular training with adequate progression and a right nutrition plan to support it can help you achieve this. Exercise only boosts the burning process but doesn't just melt the fat away on its own - if you do not create a deficit and feed the body too much - it won't touch the stored fuel reserves. On the hand if you drastically cut your calories and do not feed your muscle properly or don't exercise and use your muscle, you will lose it. Fat loss is about finding that right balance.

With fat loss you maintain the muscle and keep the metabolic rate running high. You also develop stronger connective tissue, tighter skin and stronger bones and joints. With fat loss you transform your body.

Fat loss is a lifestyle approach where you give your body what it needs without depriving and shocking it with threat of starvation. You get to see slow but permanent steady progress.

It may sound odd, but it's possible to get thinner without actually seeing a change in your weight. This happens when you lose body fat while gaining muscle. Your weight stays the same, even as you lose inches.
Lets see how this happens.

Fat tissue is very loose and not dense. It occupies a lot of space in your body. Whereas muscle is more dense and takes up less space. When you lose fat, this space is freed and you can notice inch loss. If you are following a consistent strength training program then gain in lean muscle tissue will balance out this loss of fat and weight stays the same. Since muscle takes less space than fat, you lose inches and start to look more toned, lean and shapely.

consistent strength training program then gain in lean muscle tissue will balance out this loss of fat and weight stays the same. Since muscle takes less space than fat, you lose inches and start to look more toned, lean and shapely.

Myth: "Getting fit" means "Losing weight."

Truth: Getting fit means lowering your body fat percentage!

This Article Written By: Rashmi V Jolly
Online Fitness Coach & Founder of Body Redesign
Website: http://www.body-redesign.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Rashmi_V_Jolly/2240871

Think Fat Loss, Not Weight Loss

Losing weight is a daunting task which leads to most of the obese getting discouraged by the amount of time it takes to lose weight. It is true that you can't expect overnight results; however if you do take the right measures, it is possible to lose some weight within as short a time as a week.

How to Lose Weight in a Week

So if you wonder how to lose weight in a week, just read on!

1- While goals are necessary for motivation in losing weight, set realistic goals as unrealistic ones only discourage you. Don't expect to lose 10 pounds in a week; you can lose one to two pounds without starving yourself by burning 500 to 1000 more calories than you consume in a day. 

2- Reduce your portions as it's only if you eat less will you consume fewer calories. It's normal for people to eat more than required while dining. So learn to cut portions in half so that you consume smaller portions and fewer calories. 

3- Eating in front of the television is a habit many people have. If you want to learn how to lose weight in a week, you need to stop this habit. You need to only eat while eating, and not do something else like watching television.

You tend to focus on what's on the TV, and grow unaware of what's entering your mouth and stomach to end up overeating. So eat at the dining table while focusing on your food so that you know what you eat and eat only as much as required.

4- Don't skimp on your sleep as lack of sleep can lead to weight gain. You tend to feel tired as you'd not slept properly, which in turn tempts you to skip exercise or your regular physical movements and activity the next day.

To make things worse, you also feel tired at your workplace and look at chips or a donut for an instant energy burst. Moreover, studies prove that people with inadequate sleep tend to snack at late nights, eat more of high calorie foods and also prompt you to have larger food portions. 

5- Learn to eat slowly, and cherish whatever you eat. No matter how busy you may be, try to set aside about 20 minutes for your meal and ensure you savor each dish you eat. Hogging on your food only leads to overeating as your stomach doesn't have time to tell your brain that it's full. 

6- Last, but not least, discipline yourself to eat healthy and organic food 80% of the time while reserving the remaining 20% for your favorite junk. By following the 80/20 rule, you end up bingeing less, and learn to control yourself if and when you feel like bingeing. 
Now that you know how to lose weight in a week just by implementing these 6 lifestyle changes, it's left to you to implement them and see the difference in your weighing scale!

99NutritionTips is authority when it comes to Nutrition and Health Tips. Visit us to learn more about Nutrition and Health Tips. By visiting us, you will get a Free Report on How to Flatten Your Stomach
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Felix_G/488991

Best 6 Tips on How to Lose Weight in a Week With a Few Lifestyle Changes

Maybe the interruptions of life are keeping you from getting in the gym. Maybe you're trying to save a few bucks on a gym membership, and you're looking for a workout plan you can do at home.

Five Ways To Get A Great Workout At Home

Whatever your situation, I have good news: it's very possible to get a great workout at home. Here are five ways to do it:

One - jump rope

Jumping rope is one of my personal favorites for a quick, efficient, and economical cardio workout. The small learning curve it takes to master jump rope technique is well worth the benefits you'll realize from it.
Try alternating the following exercises for ten minutes for a quick at home jump rope workout:
  • single jumps
  • alternating feet jumps
  • hand crossover jumps
  • lunge jumps
  • double jumps

jump rope workout at home

Three - use dumbbells to train at home

Add a pair of dumbells to your at-home equipment set up and you have all you need to get a fantastic full-body workout. Dumbbells allow you to add resistance to your workout and do traditional exercises like presses, rows, and a whole lot more.

Two - train with kettlebells

Incorporating kettlebell work into your program is one of the best ways to workout at home. A single kettlebell enables you to work your entire body in a really short amount of time.

kettlebells workout at home

Four - use your own body weight

Do a circuit of exercises with your own body weight for a quick and efficient full body at home workout. The possibilities are nearly endless - try completing this sequence three times without resting:
  • 20 squats
  • 15 sit ups
  • 10 push ups
Five - work on your flexibility

Another great way to workout at home - work on your flexibility. It's important to do some flexibility training to balance out your training program. I incorporate basic yoga moves into my clients' routines all the time.

Yoga poses

I find that many of the basic yoga poses - downward dog, pigeon, child's pose, cobra - just give you a much better stretch in the target muscle groups than some other more traditional stretches.

The bottom line is that with your own body weight and some basic equipment, you can get a great workout wherever you are. Jumping rope, training with kettlebells, using dumbbells, training with your own body weight, and working on your flexibility are five ways to get great workouts at home. Good luck with your fitness program and keep training hard!

Forest Vance, MS, CPT is a Sacramento bootcamp instructor. Head over to his main site, http://www.forestvancetraining.com, for a FREE copy of his 7 Day Rapid Fat Loss Blueprint!
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Forest_Vance/33674

Five Ways To Get A Great Workout At Home

If you are looking for the top training equipment to build up your home gym (as well as your body), this is the article for you. I will share with you those must have exercise equipment for increasing lean muscle mass and decreasing fat stores. Let's have a look at it now!

Top Training Equipment for Your Home Gym


Your first choice for weight training equipment would be dumbbells or barbells. It will help to buy dumbbells in different weight loads. This will help you to increase your weight as you get fitter. Alternatively you can just invest in adjustable dumbbells. In my eyes they are the easiest to use as you can just adjust the weight as you progress.

Weight rack

If you have multiple sets of weights, a weight rack can really come in handy. It will ensure that you don't trip over your weight as they will neatly be stored at one place. For a smaller collection of weights a small weight rack will be perfect.

Kettlebells for your home gym

If you’ve never worked out with a kettlebell before you are missing out! Kettlebells are amazing to combine strength AND cardio workouts together for an effective and quick workout that will burn a TON of calories. They are one of my favorite ways to get a fantastic HIIT workout in and make me feel bikini ready. I would recommend starting with a 12-18 pound kettlebell to start, and then building up your strength from there.


While gloves are not essential weight training equipment, they will project your hands from the weights. Weight training gloves will also prevent weights slipping from your hands; limiting injuries.

Exercise bench

An exercise bench is another essential to have in your home gym; especially if you plan on doing upper body workouts with your weights. You can always use an exercise ball for those exercises, but the exercise bench still beats the ball anytime.

Exercise balls
BOSU balls

If you want to further invest into your home gym, exercise balls are the way to go. You can have a look at medicine balls, BOSU balls and the normal exercise ball. ALl of those equipment will come in handy.

Sit-up bench

A sit-up bench is another handy feature to have in your own gym. It supports your back and makes abs exercises easier, more comfortable and more effective. The only problem with an sit-up bench is that you need a lot of space to store it; but it will look very cool.

A gym mat 

A gym mat is also very essential to have in your personal gym; especially for that all-important stretches. And it's the one weight training equipment that you will always need.

Foam Roller 

Foam rollers are essential for maintaining healthy and happy muscles when you start an exercise routine. Once you get used to how foam rollers feel, you will love that you have your very own masseuse. This foam roller is the absolute best on the market, and really digs in deep to tight muscles. Breaking up “knots” in the muscles allows you to move properly and reach your full range of motion while exercising, allowing for increase strength and mobility.

Jump rope

If you’re looking for one of the best cardio workouts to do at home, invest in a jump rope. You can burn as many as 100 calories in just 10 minutes of jumping. I promise you you’ll be feeling after just 2 minutes! I recommend getting a speed rope, as it’s much smoother with each jump.

Pull up bar 

This is another piece of equipment that hasn’t yet made a debut on here. But, I LOVE my pull up bar. I swear there is no exercise better for building a beautiful back than pull ups. I use my at least once or twice a week, and the more you practice, the more you can do! I remember when I first starting doing pull ups I could barely do ONE! Now I can do 4 sets of 15 no problem!

With these exercise equipment, your home gym will be just as professional and well laid out as any other gym. And you are sure to get a fantastic workout in, right in the comfort of your own home!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Suzie_Parker/327464

The Top Training Equipment for Your Home Gym

In today's busy schedule, it may seem impossible to fit in a workout every day, and yet so many people want to lose weight. At minimum one should workout 3 days a week for at least 30 minutes. If you don't feel like you have time to go to the gym, then you should try an at home workout for weight loss. Not only can this be done daily and as many times a day as you want, but this will get you started on your weight loss path to meet your weight loss goals.

The Best At Home Workout for Weight Loss

With an at home workout for weight loss you don't need any special equipment such as dumbbells, a weight bench, a treadmill, resistance bands, etc. You can use items in your own home such as a chair, table, couch or the wall. You can use your own body weight as resistance and build strength. The at home workout for weight loss consists of alternating exercises to work the entire body. Each exercise should be done for 1 minute. The number of repetitions doesn't matter as long as you continue to do the exercise for the entire minute.

Start your at home workout for weight loss with a warm up. Walk or jog in place for 1 minute. This gets the blood flowing to all the muscles and prepares your body to workout. The exercises included in your at home workout are pushups, squats, triceps dips, lunges, opposite elbow to knee crunches and oblique twists. This works out your entire body which will help to whittle away the fat. Each exercise will be done for 1 minute with a 30-60 second rest in between, then move onto the next move. Once you get to the last exercise you will cycle back to the beginning and start again, like a circuit. Do this for 30 minutes and you will get a great workout.

Once you have warmed up start with your exercises. Remember to alternate upper and lower body exercises. Here are your exercises:

Push Ups 

Pushups work the arms, shoulders, upper back, and the core. Remember to keep your back flat from your head to your feet. For beginners you can modify your pushups and start with your knees on the ground or you can do them standing up against a wall until your strength improves.


Squats Home Workout for Weight Loss
Squats strengthen the core and the entire lower body. Remember to push your bottom towards the ground and don't let your knees go in front of your toes. To modify this exercise you can do wall squats. Keep your upper back against the wall and take a step forward. Sink down until you are in a seated position with your thighs parallel to the floor. Hold this for as long as you can, then rest and repeat. Try to increase your time with each wall squat.

Triceps Dips 

Triceps dips work the arms, shoulders and upper back. To do this use a sturdy chair, table or couch. Place your hands on either side of your hips and scoot your bottom to the edge of your seat. Slowly bend your elbows to lower your upper body until you arms are at a 90 degree angle. Straighten your arms to return to starting position. To challenge yourself extend your legs straight out in front of you rather than bending your knees with your feet flat on the floor.


Lunges work all the muscles in the legs and strengthen the core. Remember to keep your knee over your ankle, don't extend over the toes. To challenge yourself you can lunge onto a step. Add weight by holding objects such as a can of soup or even a gallon of milk or water.


Crunches can be done 1 or 2 ways. Avoid doing standard floor crunches which can strain the low back. Plus it will tempt you to put pillows or cushions under you which will compromise your results. Standing crunches are more effective and are less likely to cause injury. The standing opposite elbow to knee, starts by standing with one arm over your head and as you bring it down across your body, you raise your opposite knee until your elbow and knee touch (or as close as you can get). Then do the opposite side. The other option is the standing oblique twist where you stand feet shoulder width apart. Hold a weighted object in front of you with both hands such as a gallon jug of water. Keep your hips in place while you move your arms to the left then back to center, then to the right.

This completes the cycle, then start back at the beginning until your time is up and your workout is complete.

Besides the fact that this workout routine can be done in the comfort of your own home, you can also do it while watching your favorite television program. The at home workout for weight loss is easy, affordable, and accessible in the privacy of your home. No need for a gym membership, no need to go outside, no feelings of embarrassment or fear of others watching you while you workout and no need for any exercise equipment. If you want to lose weight, the at home workout for weight loss is ideal for anyone. Get started today to see noticeable weight loss results.

Graduated with a BA in exercise science and have worked in the medical field since. My focus is alternative medicine however all aspects of health interest me. Check out my health website! http://www.universalhealthinfo.com/Home_Workout.html
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The Best At Home Workout for Weight Loss

Looking for a legitimate way to burn fat and lose 10 pounds very fast? The ten tips in this article can show you how to do that in a safe and healthy way! They are some of the best methods for boosting your metabolism, getting rid of ugly body fat, and losing pounds in the most efficient way possible. After reading this article you should be able to quickly and easily lose 10 lbs within the next 2 to 4 weeks! Here we go...

Lose 10 Pounds Fast

10 Rules to Lose Ten Pounds Fast (in a Healthy Way)

1. Get focused. Write down your goal on an index card and read it to yourself every day. Think about it as much as possible and try to imagine how great it will feel to lose 10 pounds of fat and have a leaner, fitter, sexier-looking body.

2. Eat breakfast. It's by far the most important meal of the day, especially when it comes to losing weight and getting fit. Be sure to include some quality protein for best results!

3. Get your 7 hours. Most people need at least 7 hours of sleep in order to have maximum energy and a healthy metabolism.

4. Exercise consistently. A short workout 4-6 days a week will get your body burning fat and the pounds will come off quickly.

5. Workout for strength. Do some form of full-body strength training 2-4 times a week. This will increase your lean muscle while boosting the metabolism and setting up the ideal "fat burning environment" in your body.

6. Get enough rest. Rest and recovery is vital. Schedule at least 1 or 2 full rest days per week to allow your body to recover from intense workouts.

7. Eat cleanly. If you really want to lose 10 pounds fast, you absolutely have to eat a clean diet based around healthy, unprocessed foods. Lean proteins, good carbs, and healthy fats should make up at least 90% of your weekly calories.

8. Have a cheat day. Having a cheat meal or even a cheat day is a great way to reward yourself for following a strict diet. More importantly it will help to confuse your body and kick your metabolism into a higher gear.

9. Be positive. Positivity is vital for healthy weight loss. Do your best to think positive thoughts and surround yourself with positive messages (including people). Make your diet, exercise, and fitness routines fun so that you actually learn to enjoy living a healthy lifestyle.

10. Take shortcut supplements. Certain supplements can really help you to burn fat and lose 10 pounds fast. A few good examples include whey protein powder, fish oil, and quality vitamin supplements. These inexpensive tools can help you lose weight faster by optimizing your metabolism and helping you recover from tough workouts more quickly.

Visit the link below to learn even more about the best ways to lose 10 pounds in a fast, healthy way...
Click here to learn the best ways to lose 10 pounds in a fast, efficient, and healthy way!

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Lose 10 Pounds Fast - A Guaranteed Way to Burn Fat, Lose Pounds, and Get Leaner Very Quickly!

One of the fastest growing markets in health and fitness right now are fitness watches. The newest era of wearable technology brings in some very impressive fitness gadgets, and the Fitbit Surge is at the top of its category. In this article an experienced Surge wearer will give the down low on this fitness superwatch.

Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch Review


The Fitbit Surge has capabilities such as GPS tracking, continuous wrist heart rate monitoring, workout tracking, and sleep monitoring, all packed into the functional and sleek watch design.

How it Stands Out

The Surge stands out for multiple reasons. The heart rate monitor is one of the first of its kind to offer constant, and very accurate heart rate monitoring without the use of any separate chest strap. The surge also boasts a very accurate and useful daily step, calorie, elevation, and distance calculator.

A stand out feature for the Surge is its multi sport capability to track the users exercise metrics during numerous types of activity, such as hiking, biking, running, rowing, weightlifting, yoga, and many more. The battery lasts multiple days to a week depending on how often the users tracks their workouts and the overall design itself is sleek and fashionable for fitness enthusiasts.

What Needs Improvement

The main issue that arises with long term use of the Fitbit Surge is skin irritation from repeated wear.

The Surge band requires washing at least every other day in order to ensure that bacteria does not build up on the band. This is a general issue across many other types of fitness bands and watches, and is easily mitigated by washing the band each time you take it off.

Why You Should Get One of Your Own

The Surge is a magnificent piece of wearable technology that really will inspire its wearer to exercise and track their progress. It makes tracking your workout and daily lifestyle easy enough, so any person can make the right kind of changes with their life in order to live healthier. As an added bonus, with the Fitbit app integration, users can add other friends who wear Fitbit technologies and enter weekly and daily fitness challenges which boosts morale through friendly competition. You can challenge friends during individual workouts, daily challenges, or even week long challenges.

Ultimately the Fitbit is a great way to encourage yourself to workout and live a fit life, while enjoying it and being much more educated than you would be otherwise.

Overall, the Fitbit Surge is a fitness product ahead of any other in its category, and well worth the money for any person who cares about fitness in their life. It does not take a fitness fanatic to optimize what this watch can do, it was built for everyone.

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Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch Review

Looking for the best fitness equipment that's easy on your wallet while burning mega-calories? You may be surprised to know you have some great options out there.

The fitness equipment industry is always coming up with innovative products to help you lose weight faster - and get more bang for your buck. But you do have to do a bit of hunting.

To help you out, here are 3 fitness machines that will help you burn a lot of calories - and they all come in under $1,000!

3 Fitness Machines That Help You Burn More Calories For Under $1,000

1. Hybrid Trainer

This is a very cool 2-in-1 machine that comes in for under $400. You can use it as a recumbent bike - or as an elliptical trainer.

By moving the pedals and the console, in 2 quick steps you can change it from an elliptical trainer to a bike - or vice versa. There are 16 resistance levels to add more challenge to your workout and burn more calories.

Plus it comes with iFit LIVE - which lets you connect to the Internet and download countless new workouts.

You can even go online and run (or bike) famous trails all over the world, from Paris to Sydney.

The hybrid trainer is a great way to get 2 machines for the price of (almost less than) one. Plus you get great workout variety. So if you don't want to do an elliptical workout one day, no problem just use it as a bike - and vice versa.

Note that the original Hybrid trainer has a 15 inch stride - which might be a bit too short for taller users. However there is a Hybrid Trainer Pro model that gives you a longer stride for a few hundred more - under $600.

2. Ski Machine

This is a classic - the ski machine has been around for year and still keeps selling over and over again.
Ski machines simulate the cross country skiing workout, using both your upper and lower body muscles.

By using both upper and lower body muscles, you end up burning more calories than say, a treadmill walking workout. And you get upper and lower body toning as well.

Another great thing about the ski machine is that it is generally lighter and easier to move than a regular treadmill or elliptical machine. And the price comes in usually around $699 - so it's also very affordable.

3. ACT Elliptical Trainer

The ACT has also been around for a couple of years however it's generally updated every year with the latest toys and new workout features.

What makes this elliptical interesting is that instead of one large flywheel in front or behind the pedals (like you get with standard crosstrainers), there are two smaller flywheels on either side of the footpedals.

This gives you several advantages. First of all, you end up standing more upright on the pedals and leaning less on the handrails on this trainer than with other designs.

That means you can possibly burn more calories (since you're not putting as much weight on the machine itself). Also, the footpedals tend to be placed closer together - which lessens the strain on your hips. So a lot of people feel more comfortable on this machine - especially after long workouts.

Finally the ACT also comes with the option of iFit LIVE. As stated above, this means you can download new workouts, or run anywhere in the world.

You can also track your workout stats online - to set new goals and see how far you've come. This alone can help you track and burn more calories faster than with another machine that doesn't have iFit.
And the ACT elliptical comes in under $1,000 in most areas.

So those are 3 ideas for the best fitness equipment for under $1000 that still give you more for the money.
Take your time and remember to listen to your body when exercising. Get a machine that you love and before you know it, you'll be watching the weight come off and loving how you look in the mirror!

Want to learn more? Watch a full video review of the Proform Hybrid Trainer and learn what you get, how it works and more.
Or watch a full review of the ACT elliptical trainer to see how it works and if it's right for you.
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3 Fitness Machines That Help You Burn More Calories For Under $1,000