Lower Abdominal Workouts For Women

What is the best lower abdominal workout that a woman can perform? The truth is that there are many different exercises which will help you to see great results. It's all about combining these great exercises and forgoing the ineffective ones and then you will finally have that perfectly flat stomach.

Lower Abdominal Workouts For Women

A great place to start for a lower abdominal workout is the pushup plank. The pushup plank is an exercise based around stabilization that will actually target your entire midsection. It is performed by getting into a pushup position, but instead of having your palms on the ground you are resting on your forearms. In the top pose of the pushup hold the position for 30 seconds while squeezing your abdominals.

You can also try other variations of the plank for more difficulty and a more complete workout. For example try the incline plank or the plank walk-out for a great lower abs training session.

Another great exercise for the lower abs is the medicine ball toe touch. Lie on your back and hold a medicine ball between your hands straight behind your head. Raise your legs straight into the air and keep them there for the duration of the exercise. Raise the medicine into the air and touch your toes with it before slowly lowering it behind your head, extending your arms straight out.

The above examples are just a handful of the many different lower abs exercises that a woman can tap into in order to produce great and immediate results. So stop worrying about that pooch belly look. When you target your lower abs with the above exercises, you will get a great, sexy and flat stomach. You'll look great and feel great and you will improve your all around fitness and health.

Lower Ab Pilates with the Mini Ball

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