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Grapefruit is one of foods that burn fats. In other words grapefruit has nutrients that breakdown and remove excess fat from your body.

Egg And Grapefruit Diet - Lose Up To 10 Pounds In One Week

The 3 day egg and grapefruit diet is based on that the grapefruit is thermogenic and will help you lose weight faster. It's much easier to stick to, due to the fact it's only 3 days rather than twelve.

One thing to consider before starting this diet is that grapefruit juice can interfere with some drugs. Never drink grapefruit juice or eat grapefruit within 45 minutes of taking any kind of medications.

This diet can last up to seven days! I recommend only 3 or 4, because it will give you good results, and the body will not starve.

Here's the 3 day egg and grapefruit diet plan:

This menu is monotone but the reward is great if you stick to it.


Egg And Grapefruit Diet - Lose Up To 10 Pounds In One Week - Breakfast

  • 1 Slice of Wheat Toast   
  • 1 Cup of Black Coffee
  • 1 Half of Grapefruit
  • 1 Egg


Egg And Grapefruit Diet - Mixed Salad

  • 1 cup of Black Coffee   
  • 1 Half of Grapefruit
  • Mixed Greens Salad
  • 1 Tablespoon extra-virgin Olive Oil as dressing


Egg And Grapefruit Diet - Dinner

  • 1 Half of Grapefruit
  • 4 Ounces of any meat, broiled, baked or sauteed in extra-virgin olive oil
  • Mixed Greens Salad
  • Eat all the steamed vegetables you desire.

If you need a snack in between these are things that are allowed. Almost any fruit is going to make a great snack, you can add one apple, one egg without the yellow yoke or a wheat toast. This should only be done if you feel really hungry.

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you will have a real difficult time keeping the weight off, But If you stick to this diet for 3 days you will lose up to 10 pounds in one week

Egg And Grapefruit Diet - Lose Up To 10 Pounds In One Week

You may be surprised to discover that there are foods that can eat that can help melt the stomach fat. It could even include foods that can already stored in the refrigerator or cupboard. Food you can think of that is having little or no nutritional value. In this article, you will discover 10 of the best foods that will help you get rid of belly fat.

10 Best Foods to Get Rid of Belly Fat

1. Green leaf vegetables

10 Best Foods to Get Rid of Belly Fat - Green leaf vegetables

Green leaf vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, kale, raw vegetables salads especially dark green leaf or red lettuce as they are full of fibre, which make you feel full for a longer period of time, should be included in your diet. Iceburg lettuce does not contain a high level of fibre, however there are high levels of vitamin k and lutein which is good for the heart, veins and arteries

2. Beans

10 Best Foods to Get Rid of Belly Fat - Beans

Beans are one of the leanest proteins and they are a good source of fiber, which gives you high energy levels, keeps you feeling fuller and satisfied for longer, making you less inclined to binge unnecessarily. They are also complex carbohydrates, which gives the body the required fuel as and when it is needed. Beans also lowers the destructive LDL cholesterol present in the body, whilst maintaining important HDL cholesterol levels. With all the rich properties mentioned, beans is one of the most efficient food to lose stomach fat.

3. Cereals

10 Best Foods to Get Rid of Belly Fat - Cereals

Increase your fiber intake by eating whole grain breads and cereals. They are high in fiber. More fiber intake makes you feel fuller faster, making you eat less. It curbs your hunger as well. Lower your cholesterol by consuming more soluble fiber. It has been proven that the cereals from whole grains accelerate the process of weight loss, especially fat around the waist. It is best to eat breakfast, so strive to start the day with them.

4. Dark Chocolate

10 Best Foods to Get Rid of Belly Fat - Dark Chocolate

chocolate is not low in calories. However, dark chocolate is known to have at least two major dietary impacts which are capable of reducing obesity either in males or females. Dark chocolate is very high in health-promoting antioxidants and it's pretty difficult to consume high quantity of high-quality dark chocolate in comparison to the one with milk. Thus dark chocolate can curb your insatiable urge for sweet things.
Recently it revealed that occasional nibbling of dark chocolate reduces appetite. For example, if before a meal, eat up a little dark chocolate to fill up you will need a much smaller amount of food.

5. Eggs

10 Best Foods to Get Rid of Belly Fat - Eggs

Eggs are a perfect way to start your day, you should always aim to get protein in every meal and with eggs you get some of the best kind of protein available.

The whole eggs with the yolks are not as bad as you may think if you want to lose belly fat. Many people like to eat just egg whites and that's fine but the yolk has many nutrients and the cholesterol is not the bad kind. It's a good idea to crack a few egg whites and then add 1 or 2 yolks to it. The free-range organic eggs are the best quality too.

6. Nuts

10 Best Foods to Get Rid of Belly Fat - Nuts

Certain nuts contain mono-saturated fats that also help you to beat the bulge, like peanuts, almonds, hazel nuts, dry-roasted cashews, pine nuts, pistachios and walnuts. They keep your tummy full and suppress hunger, indirectly reducing your calories. They burn belly fat and can be consumed as snacks or used as toppings. The dose of a hand nuts is optimal for getting rid of stomach fat.

7. Oatmeal

10 Best Foods to Get Rid of Belly Fat - Oatmeal

Oatmeal as your breakfast is an excellent food that burns belly fat, it's full of fiber that keeps you feel full for a long time. Studies have shown that oatmeal reduces bad cholesterol (LDL) levels and maintains blood sugar levels. It increases the metabolism in your body and helps your body to burn more calories and lose the belly fat. You can mix it with some blueberries. Avoid the sugary type of oats, and if you want to sweeten it, add a bit of honey.

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8. Milk

10 Best Foods to Get Rid of Belly Fat - Milk

Milk is healthy for you, several studies have shown that milk significantly increases the effect of the diets. It is assumed that this is because calcium strongly acts on the breakdown of fat. But usually whole milk is also loaded with calories, fat, and sugar. You can get all the benefits of milk without the drawbacks by drinking skim milk.

9. Olive oil

10 Best Foods to Get Rid of Belly Fat - Olive Oil

Good quality olive oils contain the benefits of vitamins and nutrients. It's rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D, E and K. It, also, contains iron and is cholesterol free. It contains monounsaturated fat which has many health benefits. Start adding a bit of raw olive oil to your salads everyday.

10. Water

10 Best Foods to Get Rid of Belly Fat - Water

Drinking ice cold water or hot lemon water is found to be of more significance in weight loss. Drinking water helps you lose weight by ensuring proper digestion, facilitating a good nutrient uptake, enhancing metabolism and boosting your energy level. Therefore, consume it regularly.

10 Best Foods to Get Rid of Belly Fat

Studies done at Harvard University have shown that consuming whole fruits can help to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes significantly. The same study proved that a high consumption of fruit juice can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes. With such a dramatic difference highlighted between the consumption of whole fruit and fruit juice it should leave you wondering. Studies have shown similar results when it comes to cholesterol levels as well. If you eat a whole apple you will see a drop in your cholesterol, whereas if you were to have some apple juice you may see an increase. What makes the difference? It is the fiber content that makes the difference.

Why Smoothies Are Better Than Juicing

So you may ask why don't juice companies just add some fiber to their juices... When fruits and vegetables are juiced a large amount of fiber is removed. In the process, all the nutrients that are bound in the fiber are lost as well.

Fiber and Short Chain Fatty Acids

If you are still thinking of fiber as just a bulking agent to help you obtain regularity in your bowel movements, you will be happy to know that this is not the only purpose of fiber. Our gut bacteria can actually digest fiber and makes short chain fatty acids out of it. Short Chain Fatty acids have a number of benefits towards your health including;

• Preventing the development of bad bacteria

• Increasing mineral absorption

• Stimulating the absorption of calcium which can lead to improvement in bone density

Fiber and Our Good Bacteria

Fiber is also used by our good bacteria for the maintenance of bowel function and structure. It helps to prevent or alleviate diarrhea and to helps to stimulate blood flow to the colon while increasing the electrolyte and fluid uptake in the colon up to five times. Our good bacteria also use fiber to make butyrate which is the major fuel for the cells that line the colon.

Why Smoothies Are Better Than Juicing

So Why Choose Smoothies Over Juicing?

These findings support the theory that smoothies are better juicing as smoothies incorporate the whole fruit or vegetable into the beverage whereas a juicer only extracts the liquid portion leaving all the fiber and its nutrients that are linked to it behind. If you love juicing and does it regularly but also maintain a healthy diet including a lot of whole fruits and vegetables then you may not have to change your juicing ways. However if you are solely juicing and not consuming a balanced diet you may want to consider changing to more smoothies than juices in light of the information presented above. 

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Why Smoothies Are Better Than Juicing

We all agree: cellulitis is ugly on the thighs, hips and buttocks. You have so often this question: what should I do to overcome? There are several solutions to allow you to get rid of this fat which damages your silhouette.

How to Lose Thigh Fat

Massage: technique of the palpate - roll

This system is to blow the subcutaneous fat through a firm kneading of the skin. Technically, this is taken by the thumb that will roll the fat by building on the other fingers. Mixing must be energetic, so do not miss to use a good slimming oil for more efficiency.

Can I massage my thighs myself? Yes! It is possible to get this massage yourself just like you can ask a third party to do so. The frequency is for 15 minutes every 2 days a month to melt a few centimeters from thighs. Finally, there are also devices that give the same results than manual methods.

Stop cellulite with slimming leggings

Leggings or shorty thinness is also your asset to clear the skin of your thighs. It is manufactured in a special textile and it contains microspheres which the active attacks on fat whenever you move.

Exercises to reduce thighs round

Another way to remove fat naturally is to do physical exercises. The secret here is the attendance. Indeed, more you movements and more you lose thighs. In general, brisk walking is an effective activity to burn your calories. It is a full-fledged sport to practice regularly to see its results.

The plans for tackling fat

Adopt a good diet can also help you to burn fat in your body. If you have a few extra pounds, so feel free to follow the advice of your dietician who will guide you on a diet that suits you the best.

The slimming creams

They are effective for losing thigh without exercise or diet, in a word: without effort. Just apply them on target areas before going to bed and their principles of fat burning work overnight to remove this famous fat.


It's the last resort that remains for those who can not eliminate fat from their thighs naturally, i.e. with the above techniques. This is however quite heavy especially if the fat off is important. It should be noted however that the results are very satisfactory.

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Finally, several methods are available to help you shape your thighs and legs. However you must persevere in your efforts to achieve your final objective which is to remove the fat from your thighs.

How to Lose Thigh Fat

These recipes for healthy living need not to be bland and expensive, here is a list that can help you create the healthy foodie in you.

5 Healthy, Delicious and Low-Calorie Weight Loss Recipes

1. Light Entrees

Let's begin with low-calorie entrees. One popular healthy recipe for weight loss that is both tasty and below 300 calories is, Grilled Chicken Pineapple salad. This healthy food recipe is a combination of all the nutrients you will need but on a minimal calorie intake. Use skinless chicken breast, get some spinach leaves, pineapple bits, and plate with bell peppers. Dress it with orange juice to give that sweet-spicy twist. You can also add onions for an extra surge of spice.

Grilled chicken breast with orange juice

2. Low-Calorie Breakfast

Breakfast might be the king of all meals for the day, but it doesn't really have to be loaded with so much calories. A lot of recipes for healthy living are interestingly delicious; one that you should try is Poached Eggs with Tomatoes and Mushrooms. To set the egg white, you can pour a little vinegar to make the perfect poach. Sauté the mushrooms and tomatoes separately and do not forget to season with pepper and salt. This healthy recipe for weight loss is tastier when you sprinkle a tablespoon of freshly-chopped chives.

Low-Calorie Breakfast - Poached Eggs

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3. Healthy Food Lunch Recipe

It sure is hard to control your hunger pains and food urges during lunch time. However, you should not be disheartened because there are a lot of yummy healthy recipes for weight loss that you can cook for lunch! A usual favorite for the health-conscious women is the Taco and Rice Salad. You can do this easy recipe by first cooking beef along with garlic until brown. Stir in long-grain rice, add seasoning, and top with cheese. Eat with tacos on the side and enjoy!

Healthy Food Lunch Recipe - Taco and Rice Salad

4. Guilt-free treats

Who says you can't divulge on sweets while having a healthy recipe for weight loss? Hang in there because there is hope for those who have a sweet tooth. One recipe for healthy living that you can count on as dessert is the low-calorie Choco Fudge Brownie. How to make it? Create a mixture of cocoa, salt, and flour whisked into a batter. Microwave the dark chocolate and butter at high mode for 1 minute, stir and let it cool. Add a cup of sugar, 1 teaspoon vanilla, low-fat milk, egg, and combine by whisking. Pour the batter into pan and bake for 20 minutes.

Low-Calorie Choco Fudge Brownie

5. Go light during dinner

If you are a vegetable lover, then you will love this healthy recipe for weight loss that you can eat for dinner. The Coconut and Tofu in Curry Sauce is the next big thing on your dining table. This healthy food recipe has very simple ingredients, you will only need the following: coconut milk, curry powder, cubed tofu, tomatoes, mushrooms, and seasoning. In a large pot, combine coconut milk, curry powder, add soy sauce, ginger, and brown sugar. Bring to boil and stir in the tofu, mushrooms, tomatoes, and onions. Cook for 6 minutes until the vegetables are crisp.

Coconut and Tofu in Curry Sauce

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Reaching the goal of losing weight and staying healthy would not be that hard at all with these healthy recipes for weight loss. These savoury dishes will surely keep your taste buds happy, as well as your waist line. Always remember, having a fit and healthy body is not only about exercising - but also requires taking in healthy food recipes regularly.

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5 Healthy, Delicious and Low-Calorie Weight Loss Recipes

17 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

17 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

1. You think you're eating healthy, but aren't. Does your diet consist of a massive amount of "products"? Low-carb or not, you want to eat real food. Flagons of diet soda, plates of pure fiber in the shape of noodles, and loaves of 1g net carb "bread" do not a Primal eating plan make. You're just feeding an addiction and consuming empty calories - sound familiar? Disregard the labels and look inside for what you know to be true: this crap isn't food, and you shouldn't be eating it. It's about way more than just low-carb.

2. You're under too much stress. The stress response system is subconscious; it responds to stimuli and nothing else. Emotional stress, physical stress, financial stress, relationship stress - I hesitate to even make these distinctions, because the body does not differentiate between sources of stress. They all cause the body to produce cortisol, the fight-or-flight hormone that catabolizes muscle, worsens insulin resistance, and promotes the storage of fat. For 200,000 years, stress meant a life or death situation. It was intense and infrequent, and the cortisol release was arresting and extreme enough to improve the chances of survival. Today, our body responds to a stack of paperwork the same way. Traffic jams are like rival war bands. A nagging boss is like a rampaging mastodon, only on a daily basis. Take a step back from your life and take stock of your stress levels - they may be holding you back.

3. You need to watch your carb intake. Carbs are key, as always, especially when you've got weight to lose. Veer closer to the bottom of the curve, taking care to avoid all processed food (hidden sugars). You might also try skipping fruit.

4. You're adding muscle. I always tell people not to get hung up on the scales so much. Those things are useful - don't get me wrong - but they never tell the whole story, like whether or not you're adding lean mass. The PB will spur fat loss, but it also promotes muscle gain and better bone density. If you're feeling good but failing to see any improvements register on the scale's measurements, it's most likely extra muscle and stronger bone from resistance training. You wouldn't know that just from the bathroom scale. If you absolutely need objective records of your progress, get a body fat percentage test (although these might not even tell the whole story) or try measuring your waist.

5. You're not active enough. Are you Moving Frequently at a Slow Pace for three to five hours every week? Remember: the near-daily low-level (between 55-75% max heart rate) movement should be the bedrock of your fitness regimen. It's easy to do (because every bit of movement counts) and it doesn't dip into your glycogen reserves (making it a pure fat burner, not a sugar burner). If you're on the low end of the spectrum, crank it up toward five weekly hours and beyond.

6. You're lapsing into Chronic Cardio. Of course, you can go too far with the low-level movement - you can begin to lapse into Chronic Cardio. When you stay above 75% of your maximum heart rate for extended periods of time, you're burning glycogen. Your body in turn craves even more sugar to replenish the lost stores, so you polish off a heap of carbs, preferably simple and fast-acting. You can continue down this route if you wish - I did, for a couple decades - but you'll gain weight, lose muscle, release more cortisol, and compromise any progress you might have made.

7. You still haven't tried IF. Results vary, but if you've seemingly tried everything else, intermittent fasting can be a great tool to break through a weight loss plateau. Make sure you've fully transitioned onto a Primal eating plan and start small. Skip breakfast and eat a late lunch. If that feels okay, skip breakfast and lunch the next time. Just take it slow and pay attention to your hunger. Eventually, try exercising in a fasted state to maximize the metabolic advantage. If all goes well, your hunger won't necessarily disappear, but it'll change. A successful IF tames hunger, makes it less insistent and demanding.

8. You're eating too much. Low-carb isn't magic. It reins in wild hunger and tames insulin, but calories do still matter - especially once you approach your ideal weight. In fact, those last few pounds often don't respond to the same stuff that worked so well to get you to this point. Eating nut butter by the spoonful and hunks of cheese without regard for caloric content may have gotten you this far, but you've got to tighten things up if things aren't working. And that's the real test, isn't it? There is a metabolic advantage to eating according to the PB, but if the weight isn't coming off, something's up - and calories may need to come down.

9. You haven't overcome bad habits or developed good ones. Be brutally honest with yourself. Do you engage in bad habits? If so, identify them. Make tentative, loose plans to disengage from their clutches, and tell people close to you. Make it public, so you can't back out without losing face. You've also got to develop good ones. Follow roughly similar guidelines as when kicking a bad habit - identification, planning, publication - and you'll be on your way.

10. You haven't purged and Primalized your pantry. Out of sight, out of mind; out of reach, out of mouth. Keep the crappy junk food out of your pantry, if not out of your house altogether. Go down the list and toss the stuff that doesn't apply. As for the rest of your kitchen, check out the fridge interiors and grocery lists of some other Primal folks for inspiration.

11. You've reached a healthy homeostasis. It may be that your body has reached its "ideal" weight - its effective, genetic set point. Reaching this level is generally painless and effortless, but it won't necessarily correspond to your desired level of leanness. Women, especially, tend to achieve healthy homeostasis at higher body fat levels. Breaking through plateaus can be hard enough, but plateaus ordained by the body itself can be nearly impossible. It's probably going to take some serious tinkering with carbs, calories, activity levels, sleep, and stress. If everything else is on point and accounted for, you may be looking at healthy homeostasis. Then, the question becomes: do you want to mess with a good thing?

12. You're low on willpower. Willpower is like a muscle. It must be used or it will atrophy. You've also got to provide fuel for your will - little victories to start out. Go for a walk if you can't muster the will for the gym. Take note that willpower, or lack thereof, might actually be an indicator of your body's needs. If you truly can't muster up the will for the gym, it may be that your body needs to recover. When that's the case, overtraining is a bigger danger than lack of will.

13. You're full of excuses. If you find yourself having mini self-contained internal arguments throughout the day (and you lose), or (even worse) lying to yourself about what you're eating and doing, you're probably also full of excuses. Read this, maybe twice, then follow up with this.

14. You haven't actually gone Primal! We get a good number of new readers on a regular basis, and not all of them take instantly to the Primal concepts. And yet they come back. They read the archives, the comments. Something draws them near, while at the same time keeping them at arm's length. Why is that? What's stopping them? If that describes you, what are you waiting for? Take the plunge. Go Primal for 30 days and see how you like it. I assure you; the many enthusiastic community members are here because it works.

15. You're not getting enough sleep. Chronic levels of sleep deprivation cause the release of cortisol, our old fat-storing friend. The biggest spike in (fat-burning, anabolic) growth hormone plasma levels occurs in deep sleep. And a recent sleep study showed that truncated sleep patterns are linked to weight gain. Get seven to eight hours of sleep a night.

16. You haven't given it enough time. The Primal Blueprint is a fat loss hack, undoubtedly, but it isn't always a shortcut. Some people get instant results from dropping carbs, grains, sugar, and vegetable oils, while others have to take a month to get acclimated and only then does the weight begin to slide off. Either way, though, this is a lifestyle. You're in it for the long run. Approach it with the right mindset and you won't get discouraged.

17. You're eating too much dairy. Some people just react poorly to dairy. We see this time and time again listed in the forums; dairy just seems to cause major stalls in fat loss for a good number of folks. There are a couple speculative reasons for this. One, folks coming from a strict paleo background may not be acclimated to the more relaxed Primal stance on dairy. Reintroducing any food into the diet after a period of restriction can have unintended consequences on body composition. Two, dairy is insulinogenic, which is why it's a popular post-workout refueling tool for athletes. Does a non-strength training PBer need to drink a few glasses of milk every day? Probably (definitely) not.

Bonus Reason: Sprinting is not part of your fitness routine. I've found that many assume that they're getting everything they need from their workouts from plenty of low level aerobic activity and a couple of strength training sessions each week. Sprinting is often overlooked, but it's one of the Primal Blueprint Laws for a reason. Nothing shreds you up faster than sprinting. I'd ease into sprints if you've never done them or are extremely out of shape or overweight. That is, I recommend you have some measure of fitness aptitude before you jump into a routine. But once you're ready do 6-8 all out sprints (with short breaks between) once a week to break a weight loss plateau when all other attempts have failed.

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17 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight