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Slimming down can be a very hard and tiring experience for people. The sad thing is it really doesn't have to be, with the right knowledge of how to lose weight and following a good plan, absolutely anyone can certainly lose weight! However there are a lot of common mistakes which people make, which critically affect and in some cases even prevent weight loss from occurring. In this article I will discuss some of the most frequent mistakes that will stop you from losing weight and undermine your best weight loss efforts.

6 Absolute Weight Loss DON'TS: 6 Mistakes That Might Be Preventing You From Losing Weight

1. Eating breakfast when you are not hungry

While traditional wisdom as well as some research show that breakfast time is the most important meal of the day, there are people who are simply not hungry for breakfast, even though they didn’t overeat the night before. We just don’t all have the same metabolism and the same hormonal sensitivity to carbohydrates and fats.

Many people push themselves to eat breakfast although they haven’t got any appetite, because they have been told that it is healthy, however in reality this practice can make them gain quite a lot of weight over time.

Based on my experience with people around me, eating breakfast, while not hungry can mean gaining up to ten pounds during the period of just half a year. So when you are trying to lose weight, this habit can really impede your success.

2. Following the latest Fad Diet.

This is probably the worst mistake that is made by a large amount of people, they follow whatever the most advertised and popular diet is at the time. Weight loss diets are incridibly similar to fashion trends, in that they come and go very frequently. Unfortunately due to the amount of money spent on advertising these fad diets, you can be easily pardoned if you have adopted one yourself. The main issue with most of these diets is that they rstablished out unrealistic eating plans to follow which lead to temporary results, which undoubtedly lead to complete relapses leave you back where you started, or sometimes worse off!

Any diet which tells you to completely restrict a nutrient, i.e. fat or carbohydrates, should be avoided at all costs. Restricting your body of these nutrients, which it DOES need, will lead to a shift in your metabolism. This is when you body actually decrease its metabolism to extend survival as it thinks it's being starved! I know it sounds dramatic but it's just the way your body works. now if you eat what you did before you went on this diet which is not healthy and not realistic to stick to, you now have a slow metabolism which means that eat as you were before will in fact cause you to put on more weight than before!

One choosing a diet you should look for a natural balanced one, which requires eating natural foods and doesn't encourage any starvation, whether that be starvation of calories or one of the three main nutrients (fat, carbs and protein). You will find these kind of diet a lot more effective for permanent weight loss.

3. Eating processed or artificial foods rather than whole foods

It's very common to go on a diet and still eat lots of processed foods. You’ve probably noticed many times that losing weight is about eating less. But if what you eat less of are still the same processed foods, you’ll have a hard time losing the weight.

In fact, some studies have shown that a given amount of calories from processed foods will lead to about 55 percent less calories burnt after the meal than the same amount of calories from whole foods. This means diets that feature a high proportion of processed foods may become a factor to weight gain and could be preventing you from losing weight.

Similarly, it has been recently recommended by research that artificial sweeteners modify the microbiome in our gut. Even though these sweeteners contain zero calorie, these changes in the gut are responsible for both high blood sugar and weight gain.

4. Restricting and depriving yourself all day long

It can be very simple to fall into the food restriction trap, with a cycle of eating less, skipping meals, restrictive dieting, then self-punishment in the form of binge eating at night upon realizing this unrealistic diet cannot be sustained for very long.

Researchs have also showe that deprivation causes craving and overeating, espicially if you have been restricting yourself. Your cravings don’t mean you are doomed to be addicted to processed foods or sugar for the rest of your life; they are just a good reminder that you can not enjoy life while experiencing permanent feelings of deprivation.

5. Not drinking enough water.

Drinking enough water is amazingly forgotten by so many people, in fact a lot of the population is constantly walking round in a state of slight dehydration. If you have felt tired and a lack of energy for no apparent reason, or have unexplained headaches, it is more than likely that you are dehydrated. Every process in our body needs water to be completely properly, this includes clearing out harmful toxins, digesting and burning excess fat. If you are not drinking enough water you are seriously damaging your weight loss results.

As an adult you should be drinking at least a litre of water every day, even more if possible. A good way to keep you hydrated during the day is to carry a small water bottle with you, that you can re-fill as required. This will encourage you to keep sipping on it and keep your self hydrated.

6. Lack of sleep (not getting enough sleep)

Researchers discovered that sleep deprivation could impede weight loss and lead people to feel hungrier because of higher levels of the hormone ghrelin. Which means that you will have the ability to lose more excess weight when you get enough sleep because you will feel less hungry and you will eat less.

Studies also have shown that being sleep deprived can result in overeating and cravings for processed foods. Getting the suggested amount of sleep of seven to nine hours can therefore help lower cravings for calorie-dense foods, which will let you lose weight without struggling so much

Learning how to lose weight may be a very a very frustrated thing, but it does not have to be! Now you are aware of these mistakes you can now avoid making them, and if you follow the advice given you will start to see a dramatic improvement in your results! I wish you all the luck in your weight loss goals!

6 Absolute Weight Loss DON'TS: 6 Mistakes That Might Be Preventing You From Losing Weight

Most people have the best intentions for losing weight but didn't last more than a week before going back to old eating habits that got fat in the first place. Why is this? Do people in General just lack the will to lose excess weight? Our lives are depending a lot on the taste of sugar and salt that people can't think of a happy life without including fast food delicious? The perfect solution to this problem is all in your mind.

5 Weight Loss Inspiration Tips That Work

Is the essence of all kinds of spirituality is looking for an internal voice that drives us. Majority of us don't slow down enough to have the ability to hear it. Taking a break during the day as an independent activity or rethink their problems during exercise keep you alive, but it may also reduce your overall stress levels and desire to move foods.

I listed below five simple step procedures to follow will help to stimulate the kind of inspiration to weight loss success:

1 - "Know your goals!"

How many times have you heard this? Again how do you need to hear this before you drown? If you don't have a reason to lose weight, and never will. We should be getting you healthy, but more often than not, there are other reasons. High school reunion? A wedding? Looking good in a bathing suit? Whatever reasons you should know you stimulate factors to reach your weight loss goals. Just knowing you have identified them can be enough to make you think twice before you open that bag of Doritos.

2 - Write down your goals.

It is only if you know what the main goals of weight loss success, more people will be healthy. Search for ancient writing tools one called pencil and grab a piece of paper, and while you're at it. Now write down your goals of losing weight. Do not write them on your computer. Why not? Tip 3 will explain the main reason why, but in addition to that magical thing happens when you write on paper. Your ideas become reality. You now have the proof that you want to accomplish something.

Weight Loss Inspiration Tips That Work - Write down your goals

3 - Take the time to mention this "Why you need to write your goals on a piece of paper."

If you have your goals with you at all times, and you cannot put a computer in your Pocket! Also, if you count texting on your phone, I suppose it's possible. But you have to shuffle through all kinds of messages are recovered, will be lost. And more productive to see your hand in front of your computer. You'll feel more accountable for your actions, your inspiration will be the renewal of the process stay on track with your weight loss program.
4 - Copy the success knowing that others have succeeded can help you visualize your success.

Weight Loss Inspiration

Stories and testimonials of those who have achieved exactly what you want will inspire you to follow in their footsteps. Weight loss has the power to change people's lives. What is the procedure take? Many times it bounces again? What is weight loss supplements worked for them? All the positive results of these people could have experienced the success of your chart.

5 - Look "forward" don't let your past failures dictates how your future will be.

Everyone has the capacity to change and reinvent themselves on a regular basis. So you failed every time I ever tried to lose weight before? Big deal! What are you going to do today and tomorrow to change your track record? No-one can succeed without fail anyway. Use your painful occasions as a starting point for future success rather than allowing it to keep you. Just like you can follow other popular success plans, make sure that your mistakes are not obstacles any more.

You know what to avoid, so take a new path! I failed to lose weight for a long time before he found success in the end. I spent $ 3000 on diets only to lose 70 pounds and get the rights to 80 again! It wasn't even on paper, browse my goals that I decided to try weight loss that has worked successfully for others. Lose 70 pounds in 4 months, but has kept it off for more than 16 years now. The best part is currently supporting others do the same. Nothing happens without fail first and then use this failure of motivation and inspiration for positive change.

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5 Weight Loss Inspiration Tips That Work

One of the most effective and hunger-free ways to attain your weight loss goal is through a high-protein weight loss program. Eating foods that are low in calories and also high in protein can help you stay satisfied much longer while also leaving you with a caloric deficit which is essential for weight loss.

5 Best High-Protein Snacks For Weight Loss

Here are 5 best high-protein fixes that keep the calories down and the air quality up when your body is craving a protein-rich snack:

1- Hard-boiled eggs

Best High-Protein Snacks For Weight Loss - Hard-boiled eggs

Eggs provide an excellent source of protein. At approximately 6g of protein per egg, 5g of fat and not even one gram of carbohydrates per egg. Hard boiling your eggs is a great way to have a quality protein snack that is transportable and ready to eat in seconds.

2- Cottage Cheese

Best High-Protein Snacks For Weight Loss - Cottage Cheese

With just an eight ounce serving of low fat cottage cheese, you can get approximately 28 grams of slow digesting protein. This slow release protein can also help minimize hunger until it's time for your next snack or meal. Add some chopped red or green bell pepper, a few cherry tomatoes plus a grinding of fresh black pepper and you have a protein-packed snack that tops them all!

3- Edamame

Best High-Protein Snacks For Weight Loss - Edamame

Edamame (also known as young green soybeans) are a wonderful protein source, with 11g of protein for every half cup of beans. They also contain lots of other good-for-you stuff such as carbohydrates, omega fatty acids, manganese and vitamin K.

Boiled and salted edamame make a great snack enjoyed by children and adults alike.

4- Greek Yogurt

Best High-Protein Snacks For Weight Loss - Greek Yogurt

Compared to regular yogurt, Greek Yogurt is a very rich source of protein. Especially suited for people who lack protein in their diet such as those who are vegetarian, this yogurt can be greatly benefits them. On average, a 150 gram container of 0% fat Greek yogurt offers 13 grams of protein for only 120 calories.

5- Fish

Best High-Protein Snacks For Weight Loss - Fish

Tuna and salmon both contain 1 gram of protein for only 4 calories. 3 ounces of either fish contains 20 protein grams for a measly 130 calories, so grab yourself some snack-size tins of salmon, tuna or sardines, add a couple of high fiber crackers and feast away!

If you're wondering why we didn't include nuts in our list of high protein low calorie snacks, it's because they definitely are not low calorie. Each gram of protein from most nuts contains 19 calories, and well, that's just too high to be included in this list.

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With so many healthy snacks for weight loss to choose from, one can enjoy a variety of foods without sacrificing one particular group over another. While some healthy snacks for weight loss may be simply low in fats, such as yogurt and cheeses, some foods may directly benefit other total health as well such as the antioxidants in teas. By creating a balanced meal plan along with healthy snacks for weight loss, people can enjoy a healthy lifestyle that contributes to a longer life.

5 Best High-Protein Snacks For Weight Loss