5 Best Exercises for a Perfectly Toned Body After 40

After 4 decades, the body begins to have age-related changes, but you can keep it strong and fit with physical activity.

The passing of the years is something that cannot be stopped, however, it depends on you in what conditions you arrive, with these 5 exercises tone up and have a great body after 40, you will look sensational and you will stay much healthier.

exercises to tone and have a great body after 40
Take time to stay in shape and take care of your diet, FITBODYUSA share these 5 exercises to tone and have a great body after 40, look great with energy and vitality, physical activity is always important.

Do not be discouraged and do not be forgotten when you reach this age, because you decide how you want to maintain yourself, we share these 5 exercises to tone and have a great body after 40, they are not complicated at all.

Exercise and a good diet are the key so that at 40 you continue to have a lot of energy and stay with great vitality, so it is advisable to dedicate at least 30 minutes a day to physical activity, you can consult a nutritionist or expert for better advice.

Arms and legs

Place a mat on the floor and lie on your stomach, then raise your body by putting your weight on your right arm and your left leg bent, don't forget to keep your back straight, hold your weight for a few seconds and then switch.

Elbows back

Lie face down, then with your back very straight, lift your chin and chest a little, place your hands behind the nape of your neck and bring your arms back as far as possible, being careful not to hurt yourself.


Get two bottles and fill them with water or sand, with those you will have your own homemade weights, now stand very straight and with a bottle in each hand, flex and bring towards your chest, also to the sides and then lower.

Single leg squats

When you do squats, you lower both feet, but here you will do them in a different position, take one of your legs forward and the other back, then bend your knee and lower, since you did it, change your feet and so on until you complete several series.


A basic exercise, lean on the forearm and on the tip of the feet, with a straight back and maintaining the strength in the abdominal area, hold the posture for 10 seconds, then lower, like this until obtaining several series.