30 Day Flat Stomach at Home Workout

With this workout that you can do from the comfort of your home, you will have the figure you dream of in just 30 days and take care of your health.

30 day flat stomach challenge

There are hundreds of exercise routines that promise to help you lose those extra pounds in a short time, if you have tried all of them and you feel that they are not working, we give you another option that will make you have that flat stomach in 30 days.

The best thing about this routine is that you can do it in the comfort of your home and you will see strong results in just 30 days, your abdomen will look like you always wanted and you will feel better, because you will improve your health at the same time.

To start this workout, remember to warm up before to avoid injuries, and be consistent to get the desired results.

Abdominal Plank

With this exercise you will tone your abdomen, place your palms on the floor, elbows in line A and hold the tips of your feet, stay in that position for 10 seconds.

Abdominal Crunch

Start seated and with your knees semi-flexed and feet in the air, breathe, release the air bringing the trunk towards the knees, with hands on the neck, do 10 repetitions.

Mountain Climbers

Lean on the tips of your toes, your hands in a straight line with your shoulders, bring each of your knees up to the man and repeat this step 10 times, your back should be in the correct position.


Lying on your back, with straight legs suspended in the air, tighten your abdomen while you raise and lower legs making the effect of a scissors that opens and closes, the key in this exercise is to tighten the abdomen to contract the muscles, do 10 repetitions of this exercise.

The following days you will increase the repetitions 5 by 5, take a break on the fifth day, continue with your workout and rest again on days 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30.

In addition to having a good figure, exercises such as abdominal crunches, help with lower back pain and the spine to carry less weight, do not forget to also follow the following recommendations to complete this training:

Drink enough water during the day to not dehydrate, also your skin will thank you; watch your diet and eat balanced, remember to include protein and carbohydrates after the routine.

Avoid fats and flours, as well as sugars, this will also help to improve your health avoiding diseases such as diabetes and obesity, accelerate your metabolism by eating 5 or 6 times a day.
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