5 Fun Ways To Exercise With Your Dog

Exercise with your dog: a wonderful way to share time together

Did you know that exercising with your dog is beneficial for your health and also for his? There is no better sport than the one you can do with your pet. Do you want to know some of the exercises you can do together? 

Different Ways to Exercise Your Dog


1- Take advantage of your daily walk

The perfect excuse to start doing sport is your dog's daily walk. For going for a walk and for it to be effective, start walking at a good pace, but don't go too fast at first. Set goals and go over them day after day, speeding up the pace little by little.

2- Go for a run

If you already have experience of walking, you can dare to run with him. It is important that you make short stops every 15 or 20 minutes so that the animal can rest. It is also essential that you carry a portable drinking fountain so that it can refresh itself properly, especially in summer. At all costs, avoid having him suffer a heat stroke by hydrating him well and not going out to run during the hottest hours.

3- Go swimming with your dog

If your dog is one of those who loves the water, you will enjoy this activity a lot. Try swimming next to him, throw him a toy so he can fetch it, or make a kind of relay in which he has to come and fetch it so you can throw it to him. This activity will strengthen his joints, and you won't find it hard to exercise because you'll be having fun with your pet.

4- Ride a bike

There are two ways to go cycling to exercise with your dog, the first one is by tying the leash to the handlebars, and the second is without a leash. It will depend on whether your dog is more or less obedient off leash. If you decide to choose the first option, for this activity, we advise you to use a harness instead of a collar, because if you have to stop suddenly, you could hurt your dog's neck.

5- Take him to a dog training camp

It is true that in this activity, the one who is going to do more exercise will be your dog, but you can try to do it yourself too by moving around and running back and forth with him. In these places, there are usually many dogs, so you can let him play with the others when you finish training.

Go out and exercise with your dog and get ready to have a great time. Who better than them to show us a good time? What better way to practice sports by exercising with your dog?

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