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Eating food items or snacks in the night-time is part of the American approach of daily life. After a hard day at work, you arrive home, plop yourself down in front of the TV, and immediately start eating-a bag of potato chips here, a pint of ice cream there, a package of snacks. By the time the night time news comes on, you have consumed inside just a few hours more calories and fat than would be acceptable for the whole day.

How To Stop Night Eating

Evening is the time to decompress, to do things that are personally satisfying to an individual, like making time for tv set, studying, chatting to close friends, and participating with the youngsters.

Unfortunately, whether you are unwinding or performing chores-consuming significant quantities of calories without being conscious is just about the quickest method to sabotage any weight loss plan. It is very frequent to make harmful snack and drink choices between dinner and eating breakfast the next am . This period of time is actually when we have the lowest amount of command over our urges and come up with the most detrimental meal possible choices. Really few people are satisfied and content with celery or perhaps carrot sticks as snacks, especially with large bags of potato chips, pastries, or ice cream close by. In reality, individuals who are satisfied with healthy and balanced snacks probably do not have a weight difficulty in the first place.

Counter to popular viewpoint, just about all of the proof demonstrates that evening hours eating, even right just before going to sleep, carries virtually no effect on bodyweight gain or reduction. The problem is not at which time of the day you consume food, but how many calories you take in in total.

The equilibrium between how much you consume and how much you burn up off will determine whether you experienced a calorie shortage that day, whether you matched up your needs, or, worst case situation, ingested more calories than you used up.

The strategy for evening eaters is not to deprive yourself of all evening foods, but to instead make cleverer alternatives.

In spite of an individual's routine of night time eating, the very first step to getting it under control is to stop bringing "bad" food items into your house. If pastries, sweets, and these creamy ice creams are usually not within your house at 10 PM, 11 PM or 3 AM, you cannot eat them.

Two types of eating patterns occur pertaining to the period of time between supper and breakfast time. The 1st, the "munchies," is the most common, although poorly managed. This is done by men and women who start eating after dinner and snack until they go to sleep. Practically 75% of all men and women with bodyweight difficulties fit into this group and for many, this is the major trigger of their bodyweight gain.

The second type of nocturnal eating occurs when the individual awakens from sleep, taking walks to the kitchen, and consumes anything he or she can uncover. Known as "night eating," this is a well-recognised clinical syndrome. The Night Eating Syndrome (NES) is both a sleep and an eating disorder. Studies from centers that deal with weight problems indicate that 10 percent of obese people suffer from it.

This behavior pattern usually involves significant mood disorder and often responds well to selective serotonin inhibitors (SSRIs, i.e., Prozac®, Zoloft®, etc.). It is often associated with the habit of skipping meals, the absence of hunger in the morning, and severe mood disturbances through the day. In these cases, more than 50 percent of one's daily caloric intake occurs after dinner.

Differentiating between these two types of nocturnal eating patterns from a therapy perspective is important.

People who have the evening "munchies" most probably have lifestyle concerns, and the "munchies" tend to be a dysfunctional habit that they have had all their lives. These people will certainly have to understand how to make better choices. Men and women with NES should first try a few straightforward modifications such as removing high calorie snacks from the home and replacing them with lower calorie, sugar free snacks.

In addition night eaters need to keep some of the carbs like bread in the freezer and do away with leftovers in the fridge since these are the categories of snack foods eaten at night.

If this does not deliver the results, they will need to look for the treatment of a medical doctor who is an expert in this dysfunction.

How To Stop Night Eating

Quick Weight Loss

Digest Diet Grabbers

My first notice of this new book by Liz Vaccariello at Reader's Digest was on the cover of my April 2012 issue of Reader's Digest. Here is what got my attention:

...Revolutionary Diet Plan!
...Eat To Release Fat
...Drop Up to 21 Pounds in 21 Days
...Foods with Surprising Slim-Down Powers

Of course I had to read the excerpt inside and then order the book!

By the way, there isn't any such thing as a Revolutionary Diet Plan inside. There are no such things in general. Even the Atkins diet books (Dr. Atkins' Diet Revolution, 1981; Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution, 2002) were by no means revolutionary. The last truly revolutionary diet plan was probably the HCG Diet by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons in 1954.

How about eating to release fat? Let's say that this should refer to metabolism that drives the mobilization of stored fat. This can be done with an ultra low-carb diet, such as the ketogenic phase of the Atkins Induction Phase. It requires a diet of 20 grams or fewer per day for 2 weeks. Fat metabolism is indicated by ketolysis, which is measured by Ketostix (reagent strips for urine analysis).

When examining the 'Fast Release' Phase of the Digest Diet, I discovered that it is scheduled for the first 4 days of the plan. During this phase, a typical day's consumption looks like this:

Breakfast: Fast Release Shake (fruits, etc., with about 50 g carb)
Snack: Ricotta Boat (bell pepper and ricotta cheese)
Lunch: Fast Release Shake or Soup
Dinner: Fast Release Shake or Soup

I really don't even have to dig into the soup recipes to see that this diet is overloaded with carbs and could not possibly drive ketolysis - meaning selective fat metabolism.

Days 2-4 of the Fast Release Phase are much the same, with the main differences being in the snacks. Day 2 offers a Cheesy Rollup on lettuce; Day 3, a Tomato Cream Spread; Day 4, a Tangy Yogurt Dip.

From what I can tell this is a highly calorie-restricted phase with a lot of liquid intake. Reports of fast weight loss from testimonials are no doubt driven by water loss. Fast weight loss is generally water loss, no matter the diet, including the Atkins Induction Phase.

Quick weight loss, of course, is a nice dream. However, it is accompanied by lots of drawbacks and basically does not work for long term weight management.

How Well Does the Digets Diet Work?

Digest DietWeight loss can be very fast on this diet. The hype about 'up to 21 pounds in 21 days' and 'drop 26 pounds in 3 weeks' is, of course, ridiculous. There are extreme examples like this from a small set of people ... just one in the study group ... so those are outliers. Whether you lose weight at all is the question, and it is an open one.

Whether you lose FAT ... now that is to be determined. I seriously doubt it. Even though fat is the supposed target of this diet, there are no results reported for changes in body fat composition. Just quick weight loss.

If you have just one of the typical recipes as an example of what the Digest Diet advocates for long-term weight management, you will not be successful. Why not? Take a look at the following recipe for 'Pizza with Wilted Greens, Ricotta, and Almonds' and you can see where the main flaw is in this dish.

1/4 cup plus tsp. water
2 cloves garlic
1/2 tsp. chopped rosemary
12 oz. excarole, cut into 1/2 in. wide ribbons
2 tsp. extra-virgin olive oil
1 thin-crust whole wheat pizza shell (12-inch)
1 cup part-skim ricotta cheese
1/4 tsp.fine sea salt
1/4 tsp. black pepper
1/4 no-salt-added tomato paste

See the flaw? This might appear to be a nice, healthful recipe. It isn't.


The Digest Diet is not a sustainable program for weight loss that selectively drives the metabolism of fat.

One more thing. The science behind this diet is nearly absent, even though it is purported to be a comparison of the best science from multiple weight loss diets.

Oh, and the exercise component of the book is even weaker than the diet itself. No science behind the workouts whatsoever!

By: Dr. Dennis Clark
Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com
Author Information: Dr. Dennis Clark provides a scientist's view of the fat loss industry. Be sure to get his free Belly Fat Book to see what good science really has to offer for weight loss.

The Digest Diet - Quick Weight Loss Folly

Have you been searching for an effective diet that can get you the results that you have been wishing for? Do you keep running into dead-end diets that either don't work, they are too difficult to stick to, or you end up regaining whatever weight you've lost? Well, if you have been suffering from those setbacks, and you want to figure out which diet is best for you, then here are 3 easy steps that will help you pick out the right program!

First Things First...

There are a handful of diets that are proven effective, and there are PLENTY that are ineffective, unsafe, and will do nothing but leave you with side-effects and a lighter wallet/purse!

diet choiceEffective diets are NATURAL diets based on boosting your metabolism, eating REAL foods, and dieting in a way that makes it easy for you to CONTINUE living a healthy lifestyle... for life. As you can see, that pretty much rules out most of the diets you see advertised all over the place!

Ineffective diets are UNNATURAL diets based on doing some type of restrictive dieting technique. This could be you eating only one or two types of foods, starving yourself, reducing calories too much, and more. These types of diets will do nothing for you except slow down your metabolism and cause side-effects!

Now, Here Is How To Figure Out Which Diet Is Best For You...

Step 1 - Figure out what goals you are trying to achieve. Are you trying to lose a lot of weight or a little bit of weight? Are you trying to burn off body fat? Are you trying to build muscle? Etc.

This is important, because the better diets out there are tailored towards different people with different goals.
For example, if you are trying to lose a lot of weight, then a metabolism boosting diet would be a good idea. Or, if you only have a little bit of weight to lose, then a natural lifestyle change diet would work better. Or, if you are trying to burn off lots of body fat, then a carb cycling diet would work best.

Step 2 - Do you have a busy lifestyle? If so, then it would be best to ensure that the diet you want to go on is not based around doing things that can make it difficult for you to stick to the diet. For example, eating meals that take awhile to cook and prepare. A good diet that is an ideal for someone who has a busy lifestyle would be carb cycling diets or an intermittent fasting diet.

Step 3 - Consider how much you can invest... on not just the diet... but what that the diet recommends you to eat during the diet. Some diet programs either have prepackaged meals that are sent to you (which are not healthy for you by the way), and this can get REALLY expensive. Not to mention, to get into the diet, the initial price is also expensive. Also, some diets recommend eating nothing but organic foods... and that certainly can get pricey.

In The End...

If you for one, make sure that you are choosing one of the more natural diets, and secondly, you consider those 3 steps above, then you should have no problem easily figuring out which type of diet program is best for you!

To help you make a wise decision, I have for you some non-biased and thorough reviews on the top online diets of the year.

On the next page, you can find out more about which type of diet is best for YOU, and will certainly get you incredible results... lightning fast. Visit: www.HealthyBodyPrograms.com to learn more.

Which Diet Is Best For You? 3 Easy Steps To Figure Out What Diet Will Work The Most Effective

Drinking protein dietary shakes has been around a long time in health and fitness communities, where most protein shake drinkers are body builders, professional athletes, and those who compete in endurance sports.

How To Lose Weight Using Protein Shakes

Now, these shakes have become a craze in the world of celebrities. Fitness experts are now using these dietary shakes to get lean and also to reveal their abs and muscle definition. Hence, managing and controlling extra pounds has been peddled in losing body weight. But how to lose weight with protein shakes is a very contentious discussion, which serious men and women want to specifically know in order to shed off fat.

Truly, losing weight with protein-rich shakes has been considered by some health and fitness communities as one of the most delicious dietary plans, where most describe the diet as healthy, tasty and not restricted.

So how does one person work off excess fat with the popular protein shake diet? The realistic answer to this question is this: CONTROL. Yes, "control" is not wiped out of the picture. Protein diet has been effective for most people. However, in achieving their target weight, people have to go through the process of self-discipline and control. Before you get so excited and indulge yourself immediately into this kind of diet, think more than twice and ask yourself this question, "Am I ready to stick to the recommended plan in order to lose weight with protein dietary shakes?" If your answer is "Yes," then you're almost ready. One last thing is to bear in mind that losing weight through protein shakes will ultimately depend on your self-control. You should not treat your program like an expressway, where all you need to do is drop a toll and get instant access. And again, you need to stick to the recommended plan.

You may be a working mom, a housewife, a busy businessman, or the likes; if you need to lose weight, a protein diet can work for you, especially one which uses shakes. There are a lot of commercial dietary shakes out in the market. But you have to know that you do not need to spend a lot of money to get deliciously healthy mixed protein-rich shakes. Make shakes at home or on the go; they are convenient and easy. Yes, you can lose weight with protein shakes without emptying your pockets like most diets. Here is a quick and easy way to make a delightful thirst quenching (not to mention, "hunger reducing") shake which makes you forget you are having a dietary meal replacement shake.

Chocolate-Banana Protein Shake

-1 cup non-fat milk or almond milk (for lactose free diets)
-1 to 2 scoops of isolated Whey & soy protein
-1 frozen banana OR 2 ice cubes and 1 banana

Procedure: In a blender, add ice or frozen banana to milk or almond milk, then add protein powder and blend. Blend until the texture is creamy and smooth. After that, go ahead and enjoy your drink!

You can modify the above recipe by mixing frozen berries, instead of bananas. You can even pick a fruit of your choice. Berries can be a good alternative for bananas. They are high in fiber and low in carbohydrates.

Protein shakes boost your metabolism, and at the same time, satisfy hunger. Always keep in mind that protein shakes are not magic potions, but they can help you lose and even maintain your weight when worked in conjunction with healthy low-calorie foods. Do not overdo it nor consume too much shake. This is how easy and simple it is to lose weight with protein shakes. It's that easy and simple, but it requires discipline and control. Stick to the basics and you'll definitely have results!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jodi_D_Carwan

How To Lose Weight Using Protein Shakes

The short term benefits are what many people are most familiar with when they think of weight loss surgeries. These include the immediate drop in weight and the overall improvement of the general health of the patient. What some may not be aware of is that these health benefits are often reported for years after the surgery has taken place. In many patients who have their six-year follow up visit, the majority of them has lost at least 20 percent of their pre-surgery weight and has successfully kept it off. In addition to keeping the weight off, they also show drastic improvements in their blood pressure levels as well as their diabetes.

Bariatric Surgery - Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatric surgery is most commonly suggested for patients who have a body mass index of at least 40. The number drops down to 35 if they are experiencing health problems such as diabetes or high blood pressure. In addition to the patient's body mass index, they must also present with other weight related health problems to be considered for this type of procedure. There is also an additional list of criteria that potential patients must meet before they are referred to a surgeon to discuss the different types of bariatric surgeries they may choose from. The most common of these surgeries is the gastric bypass. This surgery involves a surgeon shrinking the patient's stomach my making the upper portion of the stomach approximately the size of a walnut and then connecting that area directly to the small intestine.

Some of the most common weight related health problems that can be alleviated by undergoing bariatric surgery include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, sleep apnea, infertility and respiratory insufficiency. Each of these health problems can be dangerous enough on their own, but when a patient exhibits multiples of these health problems they are in dire need off making lifestyle changes. Bariatric surgery can help reduce the patient's existing high blood pressure and diabetes. It can also help improve the other conditions as well; this is why so many patients may choose to have bariatric surgery.

As with any type of surgical procedure there are always risks involved. If you are concerned about the risks associated with bariatric surgery, you should consult with your primary caregiver or the surgeon that you may have been referred to. They will answer any questions that you may have about the different types of procedures and the risks that are associated with each.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Nina_Mehrabani

Bariatric Surgery - Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery

Are you looking to drop some pounds? If you are, you may have used the web to analysis weight reduction products. When many people consider weight reduction product, weight loss program tablet are sometimes the first thing that involves mind. While weight loss supplements could possibly assist you to achieve your weight reduction objectives, weight loss supplements should not the one weight reduction product that you may wish to look into. A large number of individuals have successfully used colon cleanses, also generally referred to as weight reduction cleanses, to drop some pounds and chances are you’ll wish to take into consideration doing the identical.

Colon Cleanses to Lose Weight: Do They Really Work

Relating to utilizing colon cleanses to drop some pounds, there are many individuals, possibly just like you, who marvel how the whole process works. Before focusing on how colon cleanses could assist you to drop some pounds, you will need to do not forget that there may be a variance. There are numerous colon cleanses that publicize that they are designed to help you lose weight. All these colon cleanses are also generally referred to as weight reduction cleanses. With that in thoughts, you can find colon cleanses that publicize that they are not guaranteed to help you drop some pounds, despite the fact that some of them may.

When utilizing a colon clean, it is vital that you just observe all of the directions given to anyone. As an example, there are several colon cleanses that need that you do not eat something for one or two days. All these colon cleanses are sometimes ones which are in liquid structure. The actual colon cleanses in tablet format could request that you just only eat and drink certain products, like fruit and veggies. When you buy a colon clean that asks to you prohibit your weight loss program, you might be suggested to do and so. This weight loss program restriction is why is it possible for you to drop some pounds, in addition to allow the colon cleanse to properly work.

While you use a colon detox, you might be primarily detoxifying your body. The colon detox will work for you to push toxins out from your colon and sometimes even your intestinal tract. This isn’t only very best to advertise a wholesome well being, however it can also assist you to lose weight. It's been stated that the typical person has anywhere from four to eight pounds of stored waste of their body. When utilizing a colon clean, that further waste will be expelled from your body. This is why many individuals are able to drop some pounds with a colon detox.

If you’ll be able to use a fast colon cleanse, like one which works in three to 7 days, chances are you’ll notice a fast weight loss. There are some individuals who use colon cleanses to shortly drop some pounds before a particular occasion like a marriage or a family vacation. Whilst you could possibly achieve fast weight reduction with a colon detox, it is vital that you just proceed with extreme caution. If you do not change the way that you just eat or add exercise to your every day activities, you may see your weight add back on it as small as a couple of weeks or a couple of days. This typically happens when you have been asked to limit your weight loss program when utilizing a colon clean. Whilst you should not have to keep up together with your restricted weight loss program, you might be suggested to cut back your junk meals intake and begin a every day or at the very least a weekly exercise program.

Since it’s greater than possible for you to drop some pounds with a colon detox, chances are you’ll be curious about giving one an attempt. When looking to buy a colon clean, you could possibly find them accessible on the market in traditional department shops, fitness shops, and well being shops, each on and real world. Before shopping for a colon clean, chances are you’ll wish to seek for product critiques on-line or converse with a doctor. This may help to make sure that you when you do buy a colon clean that your money is properly spent.

Colon Cleanses to Lose Weight: Do They Really Work?