Super Smoothies For The Immune System

The flu is spreading throughout Europe and we all hope to be spared. For all those who have already done it or want to prevent it, here are a few smoothie recipes with a bunch of good, strengthening ingredients. Cheers!

Super Smoothies For The Immune System

Smoothies are not only healthy, they are also super tasty, quite easy to mix yourself and on top of that they are visually quite something. Here are our 3 favorite recipes and a few tips on how to jump on this healthy super trend.

Green Power

  1. 2x handful of fresh spinach
  2. 1x approx. 10cm of fresh cucumber in small cubes
  3. 1x fresh green, juicy apple in narrow slices
  4. 1x small mint branch
  5. (optional) 4x ice cubes, if your machine can mix them

Strengthening Detox-Smoothie

  1. 1x peel juicy orange and use it completely (do not squeeze)
  2. ½ Juice lemon
  3. ½ Banana
  4. 1x cup of light green tea (should not have pulled longer than 3 minutes)
  5. 100ml almond milk

Summery Stimulant Smoothie

  1. 1x handful of blueberries
  2. 4x medium strawberries
  3. 2x handful of watermelon cubes
  4. ½ Mango

And here are a few quick tips:

A visit to the weekly market just before the stands are dismantled can not only be spontaneous inspiration for the next smoothie, but also saves your wallet.

If you suddenly land at home with 4 bunches of bananas, 5 avocado and 3 boxes of blueberries (from experience: Yes, it happens), then now comes the super trick: wash fruit, if necessary dice it and divide it into glass-compatible, tasty combined portions. These portions can then be individually frozen and defrosted if necessary. For example, you can save time in the morning, ensure a healthy, tasty breakfast, while the freezing condition makes the smoothie even creamier.

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So and now: off to the market and then merry pureeing. Have fun!
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