Flabby Arms: Dumbbell Exercises You Can Do at Home

A few simple exercises can quickly build muscle in the biceps and triceps, thus counteracting the usual flaccidity in this delicate skin area.

Dumbbell Exercises To Tone Your Flabby Arms

The inner arms are one of the areas of the body most affected by flaccidity. The skin here, as on the inner thighs, is thinner and more fragile, so it loses firmness and smoothness over time.

But flaccidity is also a consequence of a lack of muscle tone. We're using our triceps less and less: we no longer need to push even heavy doors open because they open themselves. Often, it is only when, for example, we are forced to push a car that it becomes clear how weak our arm extensor muscles are.

To shape the arms, it is highly recommended to practice swimming, combining different strokes. But cycling or following a localized gymnastics program can also effectively shape them; the arm muscles are among the most grateful and respond quickly to exercise. These exercises will help you gain tone in your arms.

Arm exercises with dumbbells, barbells, or bottles

By incorporating dumbbells or water-filled bottles into the exercises, you can maximize your results.

It is best to start with light weights that feel comfortable in your hand to ensure that you do not strain your wrist muscles.

As strength is gained, the weight can be increased (for example, from 3 to 5 LB and then to 8 LB), but not so much that the correct position cannot be maintained.

The most recommended exercises are push-ups and extensions, both on the floor and standing against the wall.

With a pair of weights or bottles, one in each hand, and with your arms stretched out and crossed, you should make circular movements backwards.

Another exercise consists of lying on the floor with your arms crossed (and a bottle in each hand) and slowly raising them until they come together, then slowly lowering them again and repeating, always with your arms well stretched out.

Stretching the muscles in the shoulders and arms after a workout aids toning as well.

3 arm exercises to do in 5 minutes

It is important to pay attention not only to the motor aspect of the exercise itself, but also to how we perform it, becoming aware of the sensory development. As an example, we can be aware of the way in which we anticipate the next movement, in feeling how we lengthen and contract the entire musculature and even the skin.

  • Interlock hands at chest level but slightly away from the body, with elbows raised, shoulders down, and collarbones clear. Press palm against palm, keeping the back straight and the abdomen firm.
  • With your arms extended in a cross, flex your wrists and push as if you were between two walls.
  • Then bend your forearms up, clench your fists, and push inward to tone your biceps.

Triceps: The Forgotten Muscle

The triceps is a large three-headed muscle (hence its name) located at the back of the upper arm. It therefore has three origins - in the scapula and two points on the humerus - and a common insertion at the elbow.

The triceps comprise 60% of the muscle mass of the arm, but being an extensor, it benefits from gravity and does not develop much.

To gain strength in the triceps and get a shapely arm, there are very effective exercises if practiced regularly. A classic one is known as "donkey kicks" and consists of moving the forearm forward and backward, flexing the elbow:

  1. The left knee is placed on a bench (aligned with the hip). The left hand is supported in front, so that the back is straight.
  2. Keep the shoulders low and the tummy in while tucking the chin in. The right arm should be securely fastened to the trunk and bent at a correct angle.
  3. Inhale, then, as you exhale, completely extend your forearm forward and backwards, contracting your triceps as you do so.

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How to do bench push-ups?

Another of the most effective exercises are the so-called bench push-ups, ideal for gaining muscle quickly.

  1. Sitting on a bench or similar seat, with your legs stretched out, rest your hands on the bench at hip level, with your elbows pointing backwards and your arms stretched out.
  2. Breathe in, bend your elbows, and slowly lower your body, with your arms close to your body, until you feel a contraction in your shoulders and triceps.
  3. Exhale as you push up until your arms are fully stretched. Do three sets of ten.
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